6 Things To Fix Before You Put Your House On Sale

6 Things To Fix Before You Put Your House On Sale

Improving the presentation of your house before putting it up on the real estate market is important for the net value of your home, making it a valuable investment. From repairs to cleanliness, every little aspect plays a role. You can do most of these tasks yourself and can even seek professional help if needed.

Below is a list of top six things you should put on your checklist while you are preparing to sell your house. Most of these tips are easy but can guarantee a lucrative offer.

Fix the doors and windows

When it comes to doors and windows, pay special attention to the front door. After all, this is the place from where your buyer will enter the house. Thus, it should be well painted and accessible. Fix broken frames of the doors and windows around the house. Make sure the doorbell is working and check outdoor lighting and shingles as well.

Broken or damaged doors and windows can give out a bad impression. It can also affect your position to negotiate the price.


Cleanliness is crucial if you want the buyers to think that the house is looked after well. Win points by deep cleaning and de-cluttering the house.

Clean carpets and rugs and eliminate odors, dinginess, or stains. If you have packed boxes of your stuff, make sure you organize them neatly in a corner.

Tidy each room and rearrange the closets, cabinets, and the garage. If doing this all by yourself seems too daunting, don’t hesitate in hiring a professional cleaning company.

Fix the lighting

Check the lighting fixtures to see if all the bulbs are working. Decorative light fixtures can brighten up any space and make it appear more appealing. It also gives your home a fresher, cleaner look. Therefore, install appropriate lighting, and replace old bulbs if needed.

If you find certain lights too bright for a certain space, consider replacing them with low-key lighting for a cozy ambiance. Use accent lighting to highlight special points around the house to improve curb appeal.

Check the bathrooms

Dirty or broken bathrooms can be a major turnoff for buyers. In fact, it is the bathroom where most house-selling deals are finalized. If you win your buyers heart here, there will be extra brownie points for you!

Check if your bathroom needs plumbing repairs. Freshly clean your bathroom before the buyers arrive and make sure it is completely dried. Replace the rugs, old shower curtains, and even the bathroom fixtures if needed.

Repair the foundation

If your house needs foundation repair, Fort Worth TX options will surprise you. You can find many reputable companies here that can fix the problem and even offer a great lifetime warranty.

Weak house foundation can put your deal at stake. It is important to ensure that your house is beamed properly. Let the professionals inspect for space damage and fix the foundation in no time.

Check your backyard

Most likely, the buyers will inspect your entire house, including your backyard. So, make sure it appears both functional and spacious. If you really want to entice your buyers, consider potting new plants and keep the landscape neat and trimmed. Let the buyers comfortably tour the yard.


The first step is to inspect your own property and highlight the areas that need to be fixed. See if you can take care of these problems on your own. Do not try too hard to save money by doing every task yourself though. After all, a little investment can earn you bigger dollars if you succeed in enticing the buyer.

So take your time, conduct a detailed research, and don’t hesitate in seeking help from professional repair companies for the tasks you cannot handle on your own.  

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