Keep Track Of Your Baby’s Health by Tracking Its Kicks

Keep Track Of Your Baby's Health by Tracking Its Kicks

Pregnancy is a huge task for every mother. The entire trimester thing can be more painful than joyous. However, this time is not entirely full of physical and mental misery, it’s actually fun too! Just when you baby starts to kick you will know the fun part of it. The kicking of your baby inside of you is a normal sign of your baby’s health. Keep track of those tiny little kicks by a baby kick counter.

The Start of Kicking:

Your pregnancy kick counter will start at the beginning of your 3rd trimester. Be ready for your little brat to literally act like one. However, if you’re not paying enough attention, and made yourself busy watching those tear-jerking soap operas on TV. You might not feel the first kicks of your baby. So, be attentive. Otherwise, if you’re overweight, you might not feel this sensation. As you are gradually edging towards your due date, your baby might take time in kicking. So don’t get alarmed and use a baby kick counter for the kicks.

Baby Kick Generators:

  • You can keep track of your pregnancy kick counter, at some special times. Times like, mostly when you’re resting.
  • You’re laying on your left or back
  • The time between 9 pm to 1 pm when your movement is less
  • You’re eating or drinking something cold or sweet
  • If you yell, sing, make loud noises or listen to music.
  • These are the crucial times your baby might nudge inside of you.

Kick Counting Definition:

A baby kick counter is as simple as it seems. You just keep the track, every time your baby kicks, or punches and tumbles. You will know the movements for sure. There are useful apps for it too. You can download one in your mobile, and count every time your little brat kicks. This is the way, you will know your baby is absolutely healthy and no danger is looming over him or her.

The Counting Technique:

There are some easy techniques that you can use to count the baby kicks. Like,

  • An exact time is needed. The first time you felt the kick, remember the time and choose a time around that one. Don’t get tensed if your baby doesn’t kick in the afternoon, because they might be sleeping at that time. So it’s the best to wait until the evening when your baby is awake. Sit tight with your pregnancy kick counter app and start counting.
  • Take a position. Sit or lie down in a position that is comfortable for you and your baby. Mostly begin with this baby kick counter thing when you’re relaxing. Don’t go for it when you’re washing, or doing some house chores.
  • Count the time gap. Keep track of the time gap between your baby’s kicking. The time the baby takes to kick 10 times at least. It can be 2 hours or sometimes it can be within 30 minutes.

This is the normal calculation in pregnancy kick counter. However, if your baby doesn’t kick within the two hours of your given time, wait another hour for it. If it still doesn’t start, contact your doctor immediately. The sooner you do that; you will get to know the cause of it and the health of your baby.

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