How to live as a survivor of myeloma

If you are suffering from myeloma the golden rule would be to stick to the best multiple myeloma treatment hospital in India. During the course of the treatment, it can destroy or remove cancer. In fact, the course of the treatment could be exciting and stressful at the same time. The treatment might be over but you cannot rule out the possibility of cancer returning back all over again. All this works out to be common in case if you are a victim of cancer.

There are some people from whom cancer is not going to go away completely. They are going to be into chemotherapy along with drugs. Radiation therapy along with a host of treatments and this would keep cancer in check. In order to cope up with cancer, it could be very stressful and damaging at the same time. Once the treatment is over returning back to the normal life does present its own set of challenges as well.

Once you are done with the treatments it is very important that you need to be part of the follow-up appointments.  Once you are about to visit a doctor they will do a general physical exam and figure out on how you feel. With the evolution of X-ray and MRI scans, more details can be found out as well. At certain times it is necessary that follow up treatment is needed or not. You would need to figure out whether cancer has returned or any type of side effects has returned or not. It is that time that you would need to have a clear cut discussion with your cancer team. Do discuss with them any questions that you have in your mind as well.

In the midst of this be aware that any form of cancer treatment does have its own side effects. Some are going to last for a few weeks to months and some may go on to live a permanent scar as well. It is not only about the physical side, but the mental aspects of a cancer surgery that you need to be aware of as well. No point you should hesitate to discuss with your health care team if you have any side effects. They are going to discuss on what would be the best course of recovery as well.

You would need to discuss with your doctor about a survival plan . This does need to include the following

  • A detailed plan for the follow up tests along with procedures
  • A schedule stating that the type of tests that you might need in the future. Early detection is the key as well as considering the long term impact of cancer on your health as well
  • The list of long term effects of cancer and this would mean what to watch out for. Then you need to discuss with your doctor
  • Physical activity along with diet restrictions that you need to follow

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