How to Spice Up the Flavour of Instant Noodles

Being a college student is a bit challenging task for you because you no longer can enjoy the tasty dishes made at home. You need to stay away from your home cooked food for months, need to be on budget and the taste of hostel food does sync well with your taste buds. But now you have the best and affordable option to stop your hunger cravings.

The tasty noodles can be a perfect substitute to go for. The Ramen noodles are tasty yet cheap in prices. It is never going to disappoint you. All you need warm noodles which get cooked in two minutes and can put an end to your cravings.

Now you can easily learn how to spice up the flavor of your instant noodles. As you know, the Ramyun Noodle is a Japanese dish that includes wheat broth, noodles and different additives like seaweed to quality pork and some tasty green onions. It comes with an endless number of possibilities.

When you will get this packet of cup noodle, you will get all the basic information as to how to make it. This can act as a delicious and authentic meal and at the same time, it is healthy and safe for all. The different ways as for how you can make it tastier and better are,

  1. Add your favorite vegetables: yes, the addition of fresh veggies can really make it more delicious and tastier in less time. As per your taste you can add broccoli, carrots, peas, tomato, onion, and others for getting some additional nutrients.  
  2. Soya sauce: If you are the type of a person who likes to eat more salt, the addition of soy sauce can do this job better. It will change the color of your noodles and can enhance the taste in the easiest way.
  3. Seasoning packet: Although it comes with one small pack of seasoning, you must not use the full packet. You can mix it with some of your sauces like mayonnaise, tomato sauce, red chili and others. Adding a bit of vinegar can also help.

  1. Adding greens: The green vegetables act as a healthy meal plan and adding them in your noodles can offer you the best nutrition and can change its color. You must chop them beforehand and fry them on low flame. Once they are cooked, start cooking your noodles and add them in between to cook with noodles.
  2. Crack an egg: Eggs have a better taste. You can either hard boil them or can crack them in the noodles while cooking them. Make sure you mix them properly so that it doesn’t get stick to your pan. This can also add on creaminess to your ramen noodles.
  3. Butter: You can add a tablespoon of melted butter on your noodles, once it gets cooked properly. This will surely melt in your mouth and you will get a different taste.

So, whenever you crave next for a delicious food, try out these instant noodle ramen recipes and select any of the methods to enhance its taste.  

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