12 Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth Strong

A healthy mouth will always lead to a healthy body. Looking after your teeth is the single preventive measure which you can do by yourself. Below are some of the simple, natural ways to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Dr. Madhvi Nagpal provides you with the easy to do at home remedies for your teeth.


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  1. Brush Your Teeth

    Brushing twice a day should be a rule for your overall health of the mouth. Brushing for about 1-2 minutes is required. Your toothbrush must be replaced after every 6 months. Start your brushing from the back of your mouth by holding the brush at a 45-degree angle. Downward strokes are to be made. Always avoid over-brushing your teeth.


  1. Floss

    Flossing is the most important thing to prevent tooth and gum disease. It will clean the most difficult surfaces of teeth like contact areas. People ignore this simple task and don’t do it properly. Take about 18-24 inches floss and wrap around your thumb and fingers. Hold it tightly in a C shape around each tooth below the gumline. Move it in up-down and pull-push motion.



  1. Taking Care of Your Tongue –

    Cleaning of the tongue improves oral health. Get a stainless-steel tongue scraper which will make it much easier. It will remove the bacterial growth that leads to bad breath, decay, and other oral problems. Make sure you place the scraper at the back of the tongue, then pull it to the front edge of the tongue and discard the deposits. Repeat it twice gently and protecting your taste buds.


  1. Watch Your Diet –

    Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy body and teeth. Munching on raw fruits and vegetables removes plaque. Apples, pears, onion, celery, yogurt, strawberries, etc. make teeth strong and have a major effect on teeth by triggering saliva and eliminating debris from your teeth.


  1. Limit Sugary Foods and Drinks –

    Eating too much of sugar cause tooth decay and sensitivity. Sugary and carbonated drinks also a threat They make things worse by increasing acidity. Bacteria will make the enamel weak over time.


  1. Herbs and Spices –

    They are known to freshen the breath. The antibacterial properties keep teeth and gums healthy. The clove will cure tooth pain. Aloe Vera will reduce gum inflammation. Mint leaves will freshen breath. Turmeric will control plaque. Herbal, red, white or green tea is known to be excellent palate cleansers.

  1. Add Natural Supplements –

    Vitamin A, C, D and K, magnesium, fluoride, cod liver oil, gelatin is some of the minerals which will keep teeth and gums healthy.


Get Regular Checkups –

It is recommended that you have a dental checkup every 6 months, if you have gum disease, then every 3 months. A regular visit to the dentist will keep plaque away and mouth free of any tooth or gum disease

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