4 Women’s Watch Brands with a Twist

It’s easy to fall in love with your watch regardless of whether you prefer a traditional style or a smartwatch. It’s an accessory that you can use to highlight your style and show off a small part of your personality. However, some girls can struggle to find a watch they love because it looks more traditional. Here’s a look at some watch designers that are creating styles with a twist on the conventional.



A Danish watch brand that offers both simplicity and complexity simultaneously. The design of the watch is usually just two colours, the face being one, and the rest of the watch is another, which makes the watch sound very basic. The unique design comes from the hour hand being a metal ball rather than a regular hand, and its highlighted by the minutes hand a conventional style. Its bold, simple design that will catch anyone eye, and the detail of the hands will keep their gaze. Buying a Picto watch shows that you’ve put an extra bit of thought into your choice of a timepiece and it’s unlikely that you’ll bump into anyone with something similar.


Storm Watches

A style of watch that you can continuously change. Storm watches offer interchangeable straps so if you taste changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it’s a perfect designer to suit your needs. They provide multiple straps you can purchase separately and a variety of alternate styles, so if you want a regular leather strap in the day for a dress watch, or a rose gold watch in the evening, you won’t need to buy multiple watches, just straps!



The AARK collective offers a massive range of simple and complex timepieces. Using alternative, yet familiar pattern on the watches, an AARK watch could have a turtle shell casing or a wave formed hour hand for a slight alteration on what would be seen as a traditional watch. AARK’s vast collection of alternative watches makes it a tempting brand to browse through and it can match up with both smart and bohemian jewellery, and they are sold at a price point that is both realistic but also gives you the sense of buying a quality timepiece.



The twist on this brand will likely be the favourite. It offers a premium watch at some of the lowest prices imaginable. Watches from as little as $18 that have an ultra-thin gold casing with a mesh strap. Browsing the website immediately gives you the feeling of viewing a luxury brand, but the price tag you expect just isn’t there. The watches are conventional in their styles, but still has a beautiful finish.


Four brands to browse and fall in love with, it can be easy to pick out a watch in some cases, but finding one you keep and like for at least a few years can be tough at times, make sure you consider the price when committing to an alternative style at a high price.


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