What You Should Pack For A Beach Vacation

What You Should Pack For A Beach Vacation

When the heat and humidity become too much to bear, beach serves as an ideal vacation spot in summers. After all, what better way than this to beat the heat and that too with your girl gang? Sounds pretty cool and tempting, no? We bet you are drooling over the idea.

As soothing and fun the word beach alone sounds, a trip there can turn out to be a full fledge disaster if preparation isn’t done right. No matter how many days you intend to spend there, planning ahead of the day of departure is always a good idea to have the best trip possible.

Keeping in mind the ‘beachy’ needs, we have compiled for you a comprehensive guide, which can be used as a checklist. This way, you can make your trip a massive hit and yeah, thank us later.

Let’s do it, girls!

Clothing Items:

If you plan your clothing ahead of the time, we guarantee that you won’t miss out on any essential item as well as won’t end over packing.

Let’s start from the top. The first item that must go in your bag is a hat.

This piece is a must-have. It is an all-rounder and here’s why. You intend to be makeup free on your trip? No worries, just pop this on along with sunglasses. This is enough to make you appear as fully decked up!

Secondly, just crop it up, ladies! If there is one place where your crop top will look hit, it is the beach. They won’t take much space in your bag and combined with shorts, it will make a super stylish and comfortable combo.

Thirdly, make sure you have packed some cutesy dresses and off-shoulder ensembles. They make great for those breezy photo shoots and naturally, would give off a graceful appeal when worn with correct statement jewelry and footwear.

Also, you can pack some comfortable, breezy tank tops. They are pretty cute and cool to sport on a beach. You can always wear some jewelry, such as long necklaces or feather earrings to add a little sparkle and a pop of color in your look. You can pair them with high-waisted shorts for a more attractive look.


No outfit is complete without footwear. In fact, your shoes play a big part in making your outfit a hit or a miss. When it is a beach, flip-flops are your ride. This is by far the most practical footwear to take on a beach. If flip-flops don’t appeal to you, you can pack slip-ons.

They look cool and uber chic! Not only this, but thong flats and gladiator sandals also work just fine. Colorful, trendy and glamorous, this is what they are about and makes them perfect for the beach.  They can easily make your dresses and maxis stand out. These are your ultimate key to look effortlessly elegant.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm:-

Enjoy while being careful. Don’t forget your skin. In fact, pay it extra attention when you hit the beach. You don’t want it to get too tanned or get sunburned. Hence, pack sunscreen and slather it over your face and body to keep the sunburns at bay. Put some lip balm to keep your lips protected and soft. Sun can be cruel, lovelies! Once this is on, you can sweat it out on the beach like YOLO!

Beach Towel:

Since we are talking about skin, it is important to note that not every fabric works well for the skin. Therefore, we recommend you to go for pure cotton Turkish towels to take on the beach. They are looped with knotted tassels which makes them super functional. You can rock it as a sarong, too! Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors and designs to choose from.

Portable Chargers:

Expect the worst when you are on a trip. The battery of your cell phone can die any moment. It might not even occur to you amidst all the fun that you are running out of it and when it suddenly gets off, all the hell breaks loose! So, it is always wise to take a power bank with you.  In addition to this, a work-related emergency might come anytime, so it’s good to have a back-up should a need to charge your laptop arises.

Through a portable charger, charge your gadgets anywhere, anytime like a queen!
Speaking of gadgets and chargers, make sure they are water-proof or cover them up with specially designed protective covers.

Beach Umbrella:

To help reduce your skin’s exposure to the sun, consider carrying a beach umbrella along with you. It will keep you cool and as fresh as a flower. Typically, an umbrella with a diameter of 5-8 feet is used to cater for 1-2 people. When you purchase one, check whether or not the pole and fabric are well connected.

 A Big Tote Bag:

Last but not the least; you need a big fat tote bag to just chuck everything in. A tote bag does all the talking! It is the most versatile item that a girl could ever own in her cupboard. Durable and super spacious, you can stuff the most used things in it for you to quickly access them. Your go-to makeup, the sunscreen, the sunglasses, magazines or books to read on the beach; a tote bag such as Street Level leather Tote has enough space to store everything!

So, are you sure about the seashore now? Well, let’s start packing. And here’s a friendly reminder. If you need to stock up on crop tops, tanks, shorts or swimwear, head over to Sophie and Trey and grab your most wanted items at unbeatable prices.

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