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Top 5 reasons why visiting Croatia during summer is a must


Like a deciduous tree that keeps to itself over winter reserving its best version for the heat of summer, Croatia is an amazing country that turns headlines across international tabloids on account of its hot season appeal. Its winter lure is commendable but there’s no doubting its excellence in summer and here are five reasons why that is so:

1) Finger-licking Mediterranean cuisine


Seafood is understandably the country’s specialty given its enormous 3,500-mile coastline and a similarly massive history fashioning various dishes with exemplary native spins. From king crabs to fresh oysters and all sorts of underwater delicacies, there’s nothing you won’t find on the menu courtesy of the fertility of the neighboring Adriatic Sea. Besides a diverse and delectable collection of seafood, its wine heritage is similarly to die for with the country honing its wine fermentation skills way before even France knew what wine was. So you are sure to get a taste of fine dining offering an experience into a gastronomy industry that is counted among Europe’s and the world’s best.

2) The Dalmatian Islands

The Dalmatian Islands

Count up to one thousand and you’ll still be two hundred short of how many beautiful islands and islets there are in the endless aqua waters engulfing the country. You’ll get various experiences across islands including calm hidden away gems with nothing to offer but spades of seclusion and untouched nature to modern hubs such as Hvar renowned for partying like there’s no tomorrow. Croatia’s archipelagos are gorgeous as they are numerous ensuring not only an abundance of choice but also pristine quality as well.

3) The “Game of Thrones” experience

Game of Thrones

HBO’s GoT has been all the rage this year with its final series not quite living up to the expectations of the worldwide fandom. While you may have been disappointed by the last chapter, you’re sure to be impressed by real-life versions of scenery used to depict famous locations like “King’s Landing” and the “City of Meereen”. Such sites are littered across Dubrovnik and pockets of other locations around the nation with there being tours providing walks through all your favorite GoT sets. While looking around, you might even look into a nearby house for sale and get yourself residence close to the “Iron Throne” or somewhere else overlooking turquoise horizons and storybook sunsets.

4) Enchanting beaches


Sitting back on a sandy beach in a picturesque location somewhere is basically what keeps us going through winter and Croatia has no shortage of excellent world-class sandy shores. We would expect nothing less of a coastal nation herald as the continent’s sunniest and blessed with striking nature. Zlatni rat and Bacvice beaches are only two popular choices on a list running into dozens encompassing everything from nudist beaches to night joints.

5) Round-the-clock celebrations


If you are the party lover who can stumble from one party to another all seven days of the week, then you and Croatia are a match made in heaven. Carpe Diem on the island of Hvar is party central during summer bringing together talented artists and DJs from the continent and beyond. Besides Hvar, Split and Zadar towns also have a busy nightlife while popular events such as “Yacht Week” become the norm across islands and towns in the country.

And we’re only just getting started as there’s plenty of summer delight in Croatia. It is one of the world’s most popular summer vacation destination with its rich Roman history, friendly population, peacefulness, affordability, security and many other factors making the Dalmation nation the apple of millions of eyes.

What to see and do in Split


Split is the second-largest city in Croatia. With a population of over 178 000 citizens, Split is one of the best places to visit in Croatia. It’s located on the Adriatic Sea’s eastern shore, just four hours away from Dubrovnik. Whether it’s the beautiful sights, medieval streets or long list of attractions, Split has a lot to offer to the travelers. Among some of the attractions that you can expect to see in Split are “Diocletian’s Palace”, “Saint Domnius Cathedral”, “Kasjuni Beach”, “Mestrovic Gallery”, “Riva”, “Beach Bene”, “Park Marjana”, “Marjan Hill Stairs”.

Once annexed by Italy, this popular tourist attraction is visited by thousands of different tourists from all over the world every year. It has an intraregional transport hub that makes it the perfect link to the Apennine Peninsula and Adriatic Islands. If you are planning a trip to Croatia and need some information about accommodation, food or travel, then this article is for you. Here are the most helpful sites that can help you with your journey to Split, Croatia.



Croatia has some of the most unique dishes in Europe. The likes of “Crni riot” (which stands for black risotto), “Strukli”, “Bakalar”, “Peka”, “Pasticada”, “Scampi”, “Brodet”, “Grilled Fish” are just some of the many traditional foods that you must try when you’re in Croatia. For that reason, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy the Croatian cuisine in a chill and calm environment such as “Brasserie on 7”, “Bokamorra”, “NoStress Bistro”, “Mazzgoon”, “Bokeria”, “Korta”, and “Boban”. Many websites like “EliteTraveler” and “TimeOut” have very useful information for all the good restaurants in Split.

Croatia Split


If you are looking for accommodation in Split, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Many websites, such as “”, offer a list of popular choices when it comes to accommodation. Prices range from €40, €60 or €90. And of course the level and quality of service follow the prices.

Split Croatia


Traveling in Split can be challenging but it’s certainly worth it. Renting a car is relatively easy and most of the car rental companies have offices in the town, especially near the Split airport. Driving in the city is possible, however, parking near popular attractions such as the “Split Old Town” or “Diocletian’s Palace” is not possible. The Split public transport system only has a bunch of buses that run from 5 am to midnight but it’s very helpful.

The other means of transport that can be used in Split are Luka (ferry harbor), as well as, Metropolitan which is divided into two tariff zones. Taxis and buses are also available and among some of the best transport apps in Split are “Uber” and “Split Bus”. The latter is meant to help both locals and tourists with the public transport. It shows city maps, free parking spots, and tariff zones among many other things.

Hope this article will help to all of you interested in visiting this beautiful city.

Best Tips Of Road Preparation For Young Drivers

Best Tips Of Road Preparation For Young Drivers

Hello there guys! I hope that you are in a pink of health and are ready to face the daily challenges in life. Today, we will be discussing some of the best road trip preparation tips that are essential for young drivers. When you’re planning for a road trip, it’s best to make sure that you take these road trips preparation tips into account so that you will be able to arrive at your desired destination comfortably and safely. Besides that, if you don’t have any transportation yet then it’s best to get one in a car rental website such as Without further ado, let’s discuss each of the road trip preparation tips one by one!

Tip 1: Always make sure that you have sufficient energy to drive

The first thing that you may want to keep in mind is the fact that most of the young drivers don’t have the required amount of energy to drive for a long extra mile. You need to know that it is important for young drivers to make a plan in advance before doing anything and making a plan is not just about packing the essentials that you need. You also need to make sure that you have the minimum amount of energy to drive and to ensure that you have enough energy for your journey, it’s highly recommended for you to have some rest the night before.

Best Tips Of Road Preparation For Young Drivers

Tip 2: Avoid Highway Hypnosis

It has been known by many that there is a condition called the “highway hypnosis” which is a common condition faced by a lot of young drivers nowadays. This condition happens when a person has not been physically prepared for the energy endurance demands of an extended distance. According to the statistics, it has been found that more than 60 percent of young drivers said that they used to drive to their desired destination in a drowsy condition. Having that numbers in mind, it’s highly recommended for you to take some steps to make sure that you are prepared for a long drive before you even begin to drive to your destination by bringing along some coffee cans in your car.

Tip 3: Store Some Energy Reserve

It’s best to always think about the state of exhaustion that you think you will face later on during the journey before you begin to drive and not after that. It’s highly recommended for you to have at least seven hours of sleep for two nights in a row before you go for the road trip so that you will be able to store some energy as a reserve in your body. The best way for you to have an energy reserve is by sleeping in the morning after you have a perfectly good night’s rest and not after you came back from a long day of work.

Best Tips Of Road Preparation For Young Drivers

Tip 4: Avoid Driving between 1 to 3 pm

Apart from that, it’s best if you could take some breaks during your journey so that you may be able to maintain a good level of alert as well as keeping yourself fresh with perhaps a cup of coffee. Just in case you don’t know when is an ideal time for you to take a break then consider taking a break every two hours and try your very best to avoid driving to your destination between 1 to 3 pm. This is because this is when the temperature of the body is lower which causes people to be naturally in a state of drowsiness.

Tip 5: Bring some water to stay Hydrated

This is one of the most important tips that you need to follow as having a good water supply will ensure that you will be able to stay hydrated during your journey. However, the only disadvantage of drinking a lot of water is that you will need to make some additional bathroom stops but it’s actually good as some people refuse to take some break and ended up in a car accident. Hence, by drinking water, you will be able to remind yourself to always take some break during your journey.

Best Tips Of Road Preparation For Young Drivers

Other Tips to Stay Alert on Your Journey

  • Bring some healthy snacks along
  • Put an energizing scent in your car
  • Maintain a good driving posture
  • Keep passengers entertained with some music

In a nutshell, it’s always important to make sure that you are physically fit for the journey before you even begin the journey. Apart from that, you should always remember to prioritize the safety of you and your loved ones first before anything else. Remember, a car accident is not something that you want to have on your journey so keep in mind that safety matters. Just in case you don’t have any transportation yet then try to rent a car in car rental websites such as



Looking for a good camping spot, go to St. Louis. You can find the best camping in Missouri here. Choose one of many spots to visit with your friends or family. Pay your special attention to Contryside Escape, Lakeside Camping, and the most popular Fantastic Horse Farm. Why do people like camping? As a rule, they use passenger van rental in St. Louis to get the most comfortable van for a certain number of passengers. It is important to have a comfortable car, neither big no small to be easy to park and carry luggage and all your necessities. How do you think, is it difficult to drive a van? Of course, the thought of driving a van for the first time can be scary. Stop panic! Modern vans are just like regular road cars. They have GPS, air conditioner, stability control systems, safety airbags, good sound, and everything for your comfortable trip.


Answer these questions before rent a van:

  • How long and how far are you going to travel?

  • How many trips do you plan to take?

It is important to answer these questions before contacting a van rental company. Why? It’s because nobody wants to be charged for extra miles. You may check, the mileage allowance can be different for different rental companies. If you are planning a long distance trip you can take extra miles and pay for it. If you don’t want to overpay, try to find a car with unlimited mileage.

Two Bongos are better than one !


  1. Plan your road trip in details

Everybody knows that planning and preparation is the most important thing for all travelers, especially when you are driving such a large car for the first time. Plan your route in details, or just draw it on your map. Let it be a main route with all stops for dinner and rest, and so-called alternative route. Mark all big shops, gas stations, and roadside motels on your way.

  1. Use six gears!

If you are good at mechanic driving, you should learn one more thing. Most vans have six gears unlike the standard 5 gears. Of course, it doesn’t mean much for controlling your car, but it plays an important role in saving fuel. It is better to test your car before start driving it so that you have some time to get used to a new gearbox.

  1. Don’t exceed speed limits

No matter if you are driving a van or a small car, watch the road and read the road signs. It is especially important to keep speed limits when driving a van. Remember, that it’s not a race and you are driving a large nonmaneuver car.

Speed Limit 30

  1. Turn corners carefully

Obviously, larger cars are less maneuvering and a bit difficult in controlling. Remember that a larger car need more space to make a turn. It is especially important to remember when you have cars forward and behind. Don’t be too slow but careful.

  1. Pick the van of the right height

If you are going to rent a van in St. Louis, you should know that the vans differ by height. The highest vans are too tall to take low bridges and tunnels. Also, you should be careful when entering parking, camping spots for not to damage your car roof or property of another.

  1. Track the weather!

Weather conditions are always important for car travelers. It is twice important to track the weather when you are driving a van. Of course, the safety rules are similar for all cars. You should slow the car down and leave large margins between the vehicles. Remember, a larger car can cause more damage. Also, high winds and fog can be dangerous for your large car.

Driving in the rain

  1. Don’t overload your van

It is not a problem to drive a modern van. But there is difference between driving an empty or overloaded car. It is especially difficult for beginners in van driving. Simply, your overloaded car is heavy and that makes a problem of controlling, making turns, maneuvering. What to do? Try to leave even greater margins than usual and watch your speed.

  1. Pack carefully!

Packing is an important part of pre-travel preparation. As we already know, the overloaded vans are dangerous on the road. When rent a car, put questions about its maximum loading capacity. Of course, a van is the best car for campers. You want to take a tent, sleeping bags, kitchen equipment, warm blankets and clothes. Don’t forget about food. Don’t take too much food because all popular camping spots are organized with shops.

It’s ok if you are going to drive a van for the first time. It is not difficult at all if you follow the safety rules. Actually, these rules are not much different from standard safety regulations. Just be careful! You are driving a van!

Honor Our Nations Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery

It can be easy to lose sight of what’s made the United States the way it is today if you are not a member of the armed services or know anyone who is. While there have been decided ups and downs to the prestige and esteem we hold service members in, it can be a powerful experience to consider the price many have paid to give us the way of life we enjoy today.

A trip to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, can be a learning opportunity for you and your family. You can start your trip at the Welcome Center at the cemetery to get some information about the protocols for respectful behavior that is required from the visitors in the cemetery. Food and beverages, except for bottled water, are not permitted on the property. You should check for any scheduled funerals or other ceremonies to avoid problems. Many visitors use the information on the Arlington National Cemetery website to plan an itinerary for a visit. These are some of the most popular locations in Arlington National Cemetery:

  • Welcome Center
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • Changing of the Guard
  • Memorial Amphitheater
  • Memorial Arboretum
  • John F. Kennedy Gravesite
  • Memorials
  • Monuments

Where To Stay

If you’re visiting from out of town, there are several hotels in Arlington, VA, that accommodate solo travelers, families, and larger groups. The Hyatt Place Arlington/Courthouse Plaza is one popular choice. It’s close to Arlington National Cemetery and other area attractions. It offers guests spacious rooms, 24/7 on-site dining options, and free Wi-Fi. Le Méridien Arlington is a slightly upscale hotel that is centrally-located near Georgetown, Washington, DC, and Arlington. Its well-appointed rooms and fitness center make it a popular choice.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

There is a changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which occurs hourly or every half hour during different seasons. The soldiers of the 3rd US Infantry Regiment, who are also known as The Old Guard, protect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The tomb represents the gravesites of all US soldiers who could not be identified with a name for a burial. The ceremonies at the cemetery commemorate the personal sacrifices of the US soldiers.

Memorial Amphitheater

The Memorial Amphitheater is one of the places for memorial ceremonies, such as on Easter, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. There are several inscriptions on the Memorial Amphitheater, which are details about US wars and quotes from former US leaders. Some of the inscriptions are quotes from the former US Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. George Washington fought for independence for the United States during the American Revolutionary War. Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States during the American Civil War.

Memorial Arboretum

The Memorial Arboretum enhances the cemetery with the beauty of nature. The trees and plants surround the monuments and memorials, such as the Nurses Memorial and the Battle of the Bulge Memorial. There are more than 30 special monuments and memorials in the military cemetery. The monuments for the group burials are used to mark the graves of soldiers who were buried together, such as the soldiers from the USS Serpens who were killed when the ship exploded and then sank at a beach on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Remember the Personal Sacrifices of the US Soldiers

You can visit several monuments and memorials in the cemetery. There is the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial for a group burial for the victims of the attack on the US Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Two former US Presidents, William Howard Taft and John F. Kennedy, are buried in the cemetery. The monuments and memorials can inspire visitors to remember the personal sacrifices of the US soldiers who had served in the US Armed Forces.

5 Alternative Ways to Commute to Work

Commuting to work can be stressful and costly. But there are plenty of ways to make it fun and at the same time to save money. Here are 5 alternative ways to commute to work in the city, that not only can make your day exciting, but also save you some cash and time.

  1. Electric skateboard

This one is my personal favorite, not only because it is maneuverable and fast, but it is quite fun to use, too. It will also help you save money on commuting. There are foldable electric skateboards which are pretty practical. After using the device, simply fold it and put it in your backpack. That’s it. You can carry it on with you everywhere. Actually, you can bring it with you even on the airplane (this is completely legal). Electric skateboards have a 6 – 12 miles range and top speed up to 22 mph.

  1. E-bike

Cycling is another option. It’s been an alternative way for commuting for many years now. This is completely understandable, considering its cost-saving and health benefits. If you have a long commute, electric bicycles are the better choice, though. They can give you a break when you are tired. When you need to rest, just switch to the electric motor. You could even take it with you when using public transportation. E-bikes are a great solution for the so-called “last mile”.  They have 30-50 mile range from one battery charge and top speed up to 30 mph.

  1. Electric scooter

Many people are starting to realize riding electric scooters to work has some serious benefits. They are affordable and fun. Besides, you can choose from a great range of electric scooters. They are equipped with handlebars and hand brakes. They are easy to handle. Also, there are foldable models. With a starting price at around $100, they are really affordable.

  1. Walking

If you are not far from work, you could consider walking. You will avoid traffic jams, won’t spend any money on transportation and you will become healthier. Even if you have to walk a couple of miles, it won’t be an issue. You will be able to get in the right mood for doing your job later or to relax on your way back, after a long, busy day.

  1. Carpooling

Using this option will help you avoid driving every day. It is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment (having fewer cars on the road means improved air quality). Carpooling works best for people who live in places where transit service is limited.

There are a lot of commuting options, as you can see. You can choose the one that fits you best, based on your budget and fitness level. The options listed above will help you save money, reduce stress and have more fun on your way to and from work.

Europe’s Best Road Trips

If you’re thinking about heading off on a summer holiday this year, then why not try something a little different and take a road trip? It’s the experience of a lifetime, something completely different to your average holiday in the sun. So, release your inner adventurer and take a look at some of Europe’s best road trips that are waiting to be explored this summer:



Start – Reims. Finish – Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.

France is synonymous with wine tasting, rolling fields and wonderful landscapes. There are an abundance of reasons why you should try the Reims to Le Mesnil-sur-Oger road trip. You’ll drive past snow-peaked mountains before sampling some of the finest wines the Champagne region has to offer. The Champagne taster trip will take you 3 days, approximately 53 miles. Whether you’re jetting off on a family holiday, girls trip or couples retreat, there’s a route for everyone in France. So, grab your travel pillow and sat nav, because France is calling you.


United Kingdom

Start and finish – London (via Edinburgh and Cardiff)

It’s not always raining in the United Kingdom. In fact, on the days when the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in sight, it feels just like any other European country. With its quaint villages, incredibly rich history and winding country lanes, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to visit. The London trip via Edinburgh and Cardiff will take you through 3 different countries, each with their own story to tell.



Start – Rome. Finish – Venice.

When you think of Italy the first thing that comes to your head may be delicious food and fine wine. Though you’re not far off, Italy is so much more than what it produces. It boasts iconic monuments, beautiful beaches and idyllic cities. So, make your way from Rome to Venice and explore the snow-capped peaks, plunging coastlines, lakes and remote valleys. Bring your swimsuit, because you’re sure to want to take a dip or two in the inviting lakes and sea as you go.



Start – Roncesvalles. Finish – Santiago de Compostela.

Spain is one of the most perfect destinations to visit if you’re planning on a road trip. With such a diverse landscape and thrilling cities, there’s plenty to discover on your journey. Sample some traditional Spanish cuisine, explore medieval villages and gawp at stunning architecture, all in a day’s work. There’s a road trip for everyone in Spain. So, whether you prefer the look of coastal Galician towns or the hustle and bustle of Madrid’s city centre, what are you waiting for?



Start – Porto. Finish – Miranda do Douro.

Portugal’s eclectic mix of medieval and modern day makes it a simply wonderful place to visit during the summer. The iconic area of the Algarve is well worth a visit, and from here you could even take a boat ride over to the Azures to see what there is to discover. Enjoy tasting your way around several wine regions and feast on traditional Portuguese food at their authentic restaurants. Less is more in Portugal, so ensure you’ve planned plenty of stops so you’re not spending all your time on the road missing all the action.

Still Want to Rent BMW in Miami? Forget It! TOP 8 Cars for Best Beach Rides

Miami is one of the brightest states in the world. Obviously, this is the most popular touristic spot. What do you expect to see and to get? There are many great ideas for Miami trip. You can go fishing, yachting, play golf, and tennis. Also, tourists like playing football, basketball, and auto racing. Sport is not the only attraction in Florida. You are welcomed to take part in the art festivals, cruises, and outdoor events. Beach trips need a good car to get there and for what you are going to do when you arrive. Do you want to rent BMW in Miami and be satisfied with its price? Let’s find out what cars are popular to rent for the beach trip to feel maximum comfort!

Rt. 66 Rendezvous, 2006


  1. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep is considered to be the best car for a beach ride. It is good for traveling with friends and family. The car construction is easy washable that is good at different weather. Four wheels, two extra doors, much space, and drain plugs let you feel comfortable when driving. The car is equipped with an audio system so that you can travel with your favorite music.


2015 Jeep Wrangler

  1. Chevrolet SS Convertible

Just imagine a blue vintage car and white leather interior. Isn’t it impressive? The car is speedy and powerful to take the hardest road. It’s ok if the weather is hot. The convertible car allows you to turn the roof up or down as you want. Also, the car is good for a romantic trip to go to the beach and have a picnic there.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser is considered to be the most popular car to take for rent. Toyota line is the most gorgeous one. You have enough space to take 5-6 passengers and as much luggage as you want. Of course, the large car needs much space when you park it. But when you are going to visit wild places or a hidden beach, there is nothing more reliable and convenient than your Land Cruiser. Want to take your dog with you? No problem!

  1. Honda Element

The car is designed special for outdoor camping. It will be really easy and maximum comfortable to spend time at the ocean with Honda Element. Why is it the best beach car? Of course, you can rent BMW in Miami and take much use of it. But BMW doesn’t give you a full urethane floor, water-resistant seats, and 75 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The car is easy to wash and clean up. The large cabin makes your passengers seat, sleep, and stretch out. You can even stand up inside the car.

Overland Expo 2009

  1. Ford Flex Limited

This Ford is more than a car, but a comfortable space ship for 7 passengers. The car is large and powerful. This means you will never have problems with sand when driving at the beach. The roof is panoramic and massive so that you can see everything around. Anyway, SUV car must be perfect for the beach trip. So, it is better to rent BMW in Miami only for a city ride.

  1. Land Rover Defender Convertible

This convertible Rover was built in 1994. It is a nice vintage car now. So, why is it so good for a beach trip? First of all, the car is convertible. This is the best variant for a hot Miami weather. The car attracts you with speedy driving, eight rear jump seats, and removable roof. Don’t be surprised that such a big car can be really fast. It will never disappoint you when you are in a hurry. That’s why don’t follow the European rules to rent BMW in Miami. Try Rover!

1963 VW Beetle convertible

  1. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen is a popular car to drive in the city and out of it. There are many car models so that you can easily pick one for a beach ride. If you are going for a romantic trip or just a tour for two, you should pay attention to Beetle. This car is not only small, maneuring, and beach-ready. It has a convertible top that you can turn up or down according to the weather. The car power is about 210 horses that is a record for a beach car.

  1. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Traditionally, Jeep car is always respectable for the beach or office. Try Wagoneer, which is the best for surfing the sand. The car is large, but powerful and smooth-going. There is enough space for your surf board, picnic set, a couple of kayaks, and other beach gear you may need.

If you know nothing about the cars and want to rent the best auto for the beach ride, don’t limit yourself in choice by one or two car brands familiar to you. There are many interesting car that are worth your attention.

These One-Piece Swimsuits Are Way Sexier Than Bikinis

Summer season is finally here, and it is time to enjoy some wonderful time at beachside with friends. Most of the people these days are planning their vacation destinations where they can feel free from the routine workload and other worries of life. But once your tickets are booked, the next challenging task for every traveler is to pack the bag.

One of the biggest confusions that ladies have in their mind is usually about their dressing. Some of you might be planning to buy bikinis to highlight the sexier side of you but have you heard that one-piece swimsuits are the latest trend to define beauty on the beachside. Indeed, if you want to look sexy in the real sense and want to turn heads around, it is time to buy some of the best collections of one-piece swimsuits.

Below we have mentioned a few reasons to consider one-piece swimsuits over bikinis for your next outdoor adventure tour:

Swimwear or Leotard:

Girl, Swimsuit, Water, Beach, Woman

Yeah! You heard the right thing. One can use these cool dresses like swimwear or as a leotard as well. With this amazing feature, these clothes become the best choice when you are a long vacation and want to enjoy convenient adventure hours. It keeps you ready for the swim in the coastal town at any hour of the day. You can pair them with some unique high waisted shorts and get ready to explore the world without any restriction.

Deep V Neckline style:

From past several years, trends reveal that ladies are always in love with the deep v style clothing. Manufacturers these days are designing one-piece swimsuits with the same appearance. The neckline design is considered as the most flattering choice for ladies, and naturally, it makes them look far sexier than the common style bikinis. Indeed, you must try these catchy and comfortable suits during the upcoming vacation season.

Stay tuned to its other half:


While wondering out on the islands and beach sides, we often misplace things in excitement. But the worst thing that can happen to any adventure lover is missing or losing the other half of the bikini; especially when it has a very particular design and pattern. In order to avoid such incidents, it is better to wear one-piece suits that stay with you all the time because they are connected.

They are comfortable:


Last but not the least thing to know about one piece swimwear is that they are comfortable to wear. Manufacturers at Ice Design prefer to design these cloths using top-notch fibre materials so that users can enjoy the incredible experience without worrying about any harm to their skin. Moreover, you can buy these one-piece swimsuits in a variety of pattern, size and colour range with ease.
If you want to look stunning during your beachside outings, it is good to buy a bright and unique pattern of one-piece swimsuit online. Professionals will ensure fast delivery at your doorstep.

15 Tips While Traveling to Ladakh

Widely renowned as the Cold Dessert of India, Ladakh is located in Jammu and Kashmir and is a dream destination of many travelers. Lifestyle in Ladakh is largely influenced by Tibetan culture and is home to many Buddhist monasteries. Because of the tough climatic conditions, it is necessary to take some precautions during your Ladakh tour.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you book your Ladakh Tour Packages:

  1. Because of a large variation in altitude in Ladakh, a contrast in climate is quite natural. Temperature can stoop quite low, sometimes even in summers. Therefore, travelers must be properly equipped with heavy woolens at all times.
  2. Since tourism is comparatively new in Ladakh, there are certain regions in the Inner Line that require a permit that can be obtained easily through registered travel agencies.
  3. As you trek higher, the oxygen level decreases and exposure to such low levels of oxygen can cause Altitude Sickness. So, it’s better to adjust yourself to the weather conditions for 2-3 days before you start trekking.
  4. Keep your identity proofs with yourself at all times. You may be asked to produce copies of your ID proofs at various checkpoints.
  5. Keep enough stock of drinking water and other necessities such as a first-aid box, medicines and, dry fruits in your backpack.
  6. Being a politically sensitive area, certain places in Ladakh have some Photography restrictions. Always look out for signboards which warn you of such restrictions before you take a snap.
  7. Make sure that you carry enough Indian currency while traveling to Ladakh as shops and eateries don’t accept credit cards here.
  8. Banking facilities are limited to Leh and Kargil only. Remote areas of Ladakh do not Have ATMs/Banks.
  9. For medical facilities, there is a well-equipped hospital in Leh (SNM Hospital). Small clinics and dispensaries are also spread across Ladakh and Kargil
  10. The only mobile connection which will work in Ladakh is a BSNL post-paid connection. So it is advisable to get a BSNL connection before you travel to Ladakh to ensure connectivity.
  11. Leh, which is the capital city of Ladakh, is the only place in Ladakh connected to internet facilities. Internet won’t work anywhere else, so you should perform all your internet related tasks before proceeding further.
  12. It is advised to carry bottled drinking water with you whenever possible since the water in Ladakh is very polluted.
  13. The majority of the hotels here are family run establishments and offer personalized services. Opting for homestays is a great way of getting acquainted with the Ladakhi people.
  14. Due to heavy snowfall in winters, the condition of the roads can be very bad. Roadblocks and landslides are frequent as well. So one must be ready at all times.
  15.  The people of Ladakh are quite mild-natured and peace-loving. Behave nicely and try to strike a friendship with them, they can help you at times of need

Hope these points help you before you embark on your Ladakh Tour.