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Looking for a good camping spot, go to St. Louis. You can find the best camping in Missouri here. Choose one of many spots to visit with your friends or family. Pay your special attention to Contryside Escape, Lakeside Camping, and the most popular Fantastic Horse Farm. Why do people like camping? As a rule, they use passenger van rental in St. Louis to get the most comfortable van for a certain number of passengers. It is important to have a comfortable car, neither big no small to be easy to park and carry luggage and all your necessities. How do you think, is it difficult to drive a van? Of course, the thought of driving a van for the first time can be scary. Stop panic! Modern vans are just like regular road cars. They have GPS, air conditioner, stability control systems, safety airbags, good sound, and everything for your comfortable trip.


Answer these questions before rent a van:

  • How long and how far are you going to travel?

  • How many trips do you plan to take?

It is important to answer these questions before contacting a van rental company. Why? It’s because nobody wants to be charged for extra miles. You may check, the mileage allowance can be different for different rental companies. If you are planning a long distance trip you can take extra miles and pay for it. If you don’t want to overpay, try to find a car with unlimited mileage.

Two Bongos are better than one !


  1. Plan your road trip in details

Everybody knows that planning and preparation is the most important thing for all travelers, especially when you are driving such a large car for the first time. Plan your route in details, or just draw it on your map. Let it be a main route with all stops for dinner and rest, and so-called alternative route. Mark all big shops, gas stations, and roadside motels on your way.

  1. Use six gears!

If you are good at mechanic driving, you should learn one more thing. Most vans have six gears unlike the standard 5 gears. Of course, it doesn’t mean much for controlling your car, but it plays an important role in saving fuel. It is better to test your car before start driving it so that you have some time to get used to a new gearbox.

  1. Don’t exceed speed limits

No matter if you are driving a van or a small car, watch the road and read the road signs. It is especially important to keep speed limits when driving a van. Remember, that it’s not a race and you are driving a large nonmaneuver car.

Speed Limit 30

  1. Turn corners carefully

Obviously, larger cars are less maneuvering and a bit difficult in controlling. Remember that a larger car need more space to make a turn. It is especially important to remember when you have cars forward and behind. Don’t be too slow but careful.

  1. Pick the van of the right height

If you are going to rent a van in St. Louis, you should know that the vans differ by height. The highest vans are too tall to take low bridges and tunnels. Also, you should be careful when entering parking, camping spots for not to damage your car roof or property of another.

  1. Track the weather!

Weather conditions are always important for car travelers. It is twice important to track the weather when you are driving a van. Of course, the safety rules are similar for all cars. You should slow the car down and leave large margins between the vehicles. Remember, a larger car can cause more damage. Also, high winds and fog can be dangerous for your large car.

Driving in the rain

  1. Don’t overload your van

It is not a problem to drive a modern van. But there is difference between driving an empty or overloaded car. It is especially difficult for beginners in van driving. Simply, your overloaded car is heavy and that makes a problem of controlling, making turns, maneuvering. What to do? Try to leave even greater margins than usual and watch your speed.

  1. Pack carefully!

Packing is an important part of pre-travel preparation. As we already know, the overloaded vans are dangerous on the road. When rent a car, put questions about its maximum loading capacity. Of course, a van is the best car for campers. You want to take a tent, sleeping bags, kitchen equipment, warm blankets and clothes. Don’t forget about food. Don’t take too much food because all popular camping spots are organized with shops.

It’s ok if you are going to drive a van for the first time. It is not difficult at all if you follow the safety rules. Actually, these rules are not much different from standard safety regulations. Just be careful! You are driving a van!

Is your car ready to go on a road trip? 7 Checks you need to make

Are you planning a road trip soon? A road trip sounds like the perfect family outing after spending months cooped up inside the home during winters. However, before you plan to get away from it, all make sure that your car is ready to handle the long journey. After all, who wants to stop at the mechanic midway? A pre-trip auto checkup can ensure that your trip is smooth and fun-filled.

You need to be even more careful if you are driving the same trusted old car for a long time. So, how do you know if your car is ready to ‘hit the road’? Here is a list of 7 auto checks:

1- General inspection

The first step is to give your car a thorough inspection. Look out for signs of potential problems. Is there any questionable noise coming from the engine? Are there any signs of fluid leakage? Is the outer-body of the vehicle in perfect condition?

A general inspection of the vehicle is a great way to spot any problems that you might otherwise miss.

2- Clean it up

Who wants to spend hours inside a dirty car? Make sure you clean it up from outside and inside before the trip starts. Begin by taking the car for a wash and wipe and getting the insides cleaned too. A great way is to keep a portable trash can or bag in your car so you can keep the car clean along the way too.

3- Make a trip to the mechanic

Now, this is one step that you can’t skip. Make an appointment with your car’s mechanic and give your engine a much-needed service and general checkup before you start your journey. Refill all the essential car fluids such as oil, brake fluid, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, windshield fluid, and transmission fluid. Change the dirty air filters as they can affect the performance of your car’s engine.

4- Check the tires

Tires are the key to a safe and comfortable road trip, so it’s important that you check their condition before heading out. You don’t want to waste precious fuel by driving on underinflated tires. On the other hand, overinflated tires are even worse for the car’s health. This is why, make sure that you check the tire pressure every 1000 miles or so, depending upon the length of your trip.

5- Carry a battery booster

Even though car batteries are generally low maintenance, it is always a good idea to keep a battery booster to jumpstart your car in case you need it. You might face unpredictable weather during your road trip, so make sure that your car’s battery has the power to handle all the excitement.

6- Don’t forget the small details

Don’t forget to check the small parts such as lights, wipers, horns, and other electrical tidbits as they can cause bigger problems than you think. Keep spare bulbs in case you need them and an extra pair of rubber lining for the wipers, in case you face a rainstorm.

7- Keep an emergency kit

You can’t head out on a road trip without keeping an emergency kit. Ideally, there should always be one in your car at all times. Keep a universal screwdriver, a strong flashlight, spare batteries, first aid supplies, and other essential tools in it. Jumper cables and towing straps are also a lifesaver when you’re in a sticky situation.

Road trips on old cars can be tricky. We recommend taking even more care of your car if it has been your trusted companion on the road for a long time. If you want to know how much is my car worth, then log on to We Buy Cars Today. Their online valuation tool can give you the best price for your car within minutes.

It might take a day or two to prep your car before you are ready to go on a road trip, but it is much better than having an adventure ruined by a problem that could have been prevented.

Are there any more things you like to check in your car before heading out on an adventurous road trip? Let us know: