Men’s Guide For Dressing Smart Casual

There is an art to dressing smart casual. It can be difficult to get it right while also looking stylish. Smart casual can be defined as ‘somewhat formal, whilst also being casual.’ This can be difficult to get right as these looks are somewhat conflicting. However, there are many style tips that you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe that can make your smart casual look incredibly stylish. Revamp your wardrobe today by making these small changes to your shopping journey and adding these classic staple picks. 

Collared Oxford Shirt

This is one of the best classic picks to start building a smart casual wardrobe. Oxford shirts are a great pick as they last a long time due to the way of making the fabric. The collars are incredibly smart and can be a great staple piece. They are really versatile and can be paired with so many different types of outerwear and styles of trousers. Invest in a few oxford shirts in different colours to be able to mix and match your everyday smart casual outfits. 


Flannels can be a great pick in terms of smart casual outfits. They are less formal than oxford shirts, so this can be a great pick to make your everyday look a bit more casual. They are very on-trend for winter as well, and go great with black jeans and a smart coat. Flannels are also available in a multitude of different colours, so you will always be able to find a style that suits you and your wardrobe palette. 


Chinos are a great alternative if you find jeans too casual but don’t want to wear formal trousers. Chinos are very comfy, but also look incredibly smart. You can wear them in plain black for a classic look, but they are available in a range of colours from tan to burgundy. They look great with a multitude of different outerwear and types of shoes. 

Smart Shoes

Investing in a good pair of smart lace-up shoes should be a must-have staple when it comes to building your smart-casual wardrobe. A good pair of shoes can go with almost any other item of clothing, and investing in sturdy leather shoes can also protect and nurture your feet. Black and brown brogues are a great pick for a pair of smart, well-made shoes. 

Dark Coloured Jeans

A lot of people think jeans can’t be smart casual, but it’s only a matter of finding the right pair. Dark-coloured, slim fit jeans are a great pick when it comes to men’s smart casual wear. In summer, pair these with a polo shirt. In winter, these look great with an overcoat, jumper, oxford shirt and smart shoes. 

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are sometimes considered sportswear, but more and more men have been wearing them as smart-casual wear. They are very breathable in the summer, which is great if you’re working in an office. They are available in a range of different colours, which means you will always be able to find something that suits you. 

Stylish Blazer

A stylish blazer is incredibly versatile and goes with anything. This is the number one pick for men’s smart-casual wear. For a more formal look, you can pair this with a collared shirt and chinos. However, if you want to add a bit of street flair to your smart casual wear, pair your blazer with a heavyweight oversized t shirt and slim fit black jeans. 

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