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5 Living Room Coffee Table Ideas


You can’t have a living room that’s completely furnished unless it has a coffee table. Period. Coffee tables aren’t just a fashion requirement; they’re a necessity; you can’t possibly expect to serve guests drinks without giving them somewhere to rest their mugs after a sip or two (well you can, but you definitely shouldn’t).

But choosing a coffee table for your living room is no simple task, largely because there are just So very many to choose from. Fortunately, all coffee tables can safely be categorized into five groups, so you can take a look and figure out what style of coffee table would look best in your living room.

The Traditional Style

Sometimes it’s best to appreciate things in their simplest forms. If you’re one of this mindset, then the traditional style might be just for you. This no-nonsense approach in design may appear to be un-innovative at first glance, what with the appearance being that of the most generic coffee table you could think of (just a plain, small wooden circular or rectangular table), but sometimes a simple wooden table is really all you need to compliment your living room décor truly.

Beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder, and the vintage feel of a traditional coffee table is all some people might need to feel complete. And though it’s not true for all occasions, the paradoxical quote “less is more” does apply well to the design of a traditional (mostly wooden) coffee table.

The Contemporary Style

Want to expand out of wood regarding choice for materials, while still maintaining the minimalistic design approach of a traditional coffee table? Well, then the contemporary choice might be the one for you. Contemporary coffee tables come in materials like glass and metal along with wood, and these materials are mostly used in combination with one another to make the tables.

Glass tops are pretty common among contemporary styles, so if you prefer coffee tables of this kind then the contemporary styles might be worth checking out. The designs of contemporary coffee tables do occasionally diverge from the from the traditional mold of a simple rectangular or circular table, but they’re never too outrageously different from the classic shape.

The Modern Style

Here’s where designers start to get creative. With a free range of materials to use, ranging from the more common choices like wood, glass and metal to more exotic materials like plastic, carbon fiber or even stone, as well as no restrictions to stick closely to the traditional design mold, there’s a wide range of designs a modern coffee table can take. Their edges are sharper, with surprising twists and turns in shape, so much so one could finish two or three cups of coffee and have nothing but the design to keep him preoccupied as he studies it closer with every sip.

Modern coffee tables also dare to break the custom of having coffee tables in far more vibrant colors and some cases even being of more than one color, unlike contemporary and traditional tables that stick mostly to the base earthy colors.

However, it is worth mentioning modern coffee tables aren’t too wacky in their designs. They’re designed more like architectural pieces, with basic geometric shapes largely being used to compose their designs, instead of pieces of art where there is no restriction on creativity, and one can make whatever he wishes. This honor goes to the novelty coffee table.

Novelty Coffee Table

The novelty coffee table is where a designer truly lets his creativity loose. As long as the end product can support a fair number of mugs and therefore fulfill its purpose, no creative idea is off the table (pun intended). You can have tables that have their legs molded to look like a particular figure or object, like a table whose legs are shaped like an octopus’s tentacles, or just have a glass top on an entire figure altogether, like a man on all fours or a couple of soldiers carrying the table above their heads.

You could have tables that repurpose old and unused items, like a table made of recycled bicycles (once more, pun intended) with a glass top secured at the handlebars, or a barrel or even a roulette table. The possibilities here are endless! Just as long you make have something that can hold up coffee mugs like any normal table, any piece of art can be a novelty coffee table.

The Bespoke

Despite all the variety provided by the above types, you may want something that’s a lot more personal for a coffee table. A table that meets every single one of your requirements, from the colors and materials, down to the exact measurements you want it to be. And the only one that can fulfill all of these requirements is a bespoke coffee table.

There is no denying how perfect of a fit a bespoke table can be for your living room (mostly because it’s designed for your living room, and your living room only). All you need to do now is find a carpenter with the required skill set, and you’re good to go. Before long you’ll be enjoying your new coffee table with a delicious cup of your favorite coffee blend.

High-end looking home without breaking the bank

Improving your home’s value is no easy feat. Whether you want to sell it soon, keep it as a safety net, or simply make it beautiful, fixing up your house will take a lot of time, resources, and ingenuity. But, don’t worry, all is not lost – you won’t have to get into more debt and become a bank’s slave in order to pull it off.

Some homeowners decide to prepare their homes for the market by investing massive sums of money, hiring a ton of contractors, and in general practically building it anew. And while building projects really will make your home more beautiful, it’s not all you can do. Some simple things can mean a lot, things you don’t even notice. Below are some tips on how to increase the beauty of your home, without breaking the bank.

Spruce it up a little – Paint and small repairs

The first thing you should do is keep it clean. On one level, this is quite obvious – a dirty house that gets clean becomes nicer. However, there is another aspect to this. Dust will stick, dirt can stain your floors permanently. Mold that forms in some parts of your garage will ruin the walls. If you let things get too dirty, you will find it very difficult to get things under control.

Next, and much more important – small fixes. So, paint the whole place, inside, and out. A fresh new coat of paint will make your place look brand new. Fix your drywall, any cracks or damage to your walls will make your home look much older than it actually is. The same goes for any cracked tiles. Replace your faucets, tighten any loose screws and spigots, fix any creaking chairs, even your table legs…

Check your windows, see in what shape they are in. Get as much natural light into your home as you can. Get your carpets deep cleaned, and get a fresh coat of lacquer or varnish over any wooden objects you have.

Work on your garden and yard

Now of course, regularly mowing your lawn will help make your backyard look much nicer. However, you should also think about planting some flowers, or maybe even get a tree there. A nice pond set, with beautiful decorations, will make things even better.

Working on your yard will do wonders for your home’s aesthetics. Things like installing a yard barbecue, a nice patio or pagoda, or a swing set. You can always add opening roof systems that could help you survive the hot Summer days outside without overheating. On the plus side, it would add a nice touch of modernism to your garden.

Any kind of projects, like making a small, open guesthouse, a sort of “home away from home” thing that is right there can give you some extra privacy, help you make the perfect spot for garden parties, and will in general just look absolutely stunning.

Big projects -Fix up your roof and driveway

People see one of these two things first when they look at your house. They either see your roof, or they notice the curb of your home. Now, if you want to increase curb appeal, you should get a couple of things right. Paint your front door properly. Another thing is a little detail like your doorknob. Sure, from afar people don’t notice, but once they’re close, a shiny and classy looking door knob can make an excellent first impression. The same can be said about your door knocker, and about your mailbox. These little things add up and are actually cheap to get a handle on.

On the other hand, something a bit bigger is fixing up your roof. First, clean the whole thing properly. Clean the gutters, remove all the needles and broken tiles and shingles. Algae and mildew build up quickly as well, as does dirt. If needed, install new gutters, and repair any damage. Finally, if you are truly up for it, you should remove and replace the shingles. A good idea is to get some durable and high-quality shingles that will last you a lifetime. They may cost a pretty penny at first, but it really comes through in the long term.

Fixing up your driveway is another big, but relatively cheap project you can take on. All those cracks and fissures are not that pleasing to the eye. However, unless you have experience working with concrete, this may be a project best left to the professionals.


And there you have it folks, a couple of ways you can spruce up your home, make it prettier than ever, without breaking the bank. Remember, you want to think about the long-term for bigger projects, and be thorough about the small ones. So regularly do small repairs around the house, and clean spaces that you know for a fact people won’t even notice. These things creep up on your as time goes by. The little things matter, as you will certainly notice once you replace some old tidbits like your door knobs or your mailbox. And for the bigger projects, they will always be dirt cheap in the long run.

How Much does a safe room cost?

In the event of a thunderstorm, you have roughly 13 minutes to lock yourself up in a safe place as the winds strike. You are most likely going to think of your house or a sealed room in your home as the safest place to survive.

These may help. However, in the event of a powerful tornado or hurricane that encourages the winds to dance at more than 250 miles per hour, the odds of survival in a wooden house go down. Such fierce winds can tear the house from its foundation.

This is why a safe room is helpful. It is designed to help you survive a catastrophic event or an intruder attack by holding you and your family members securely. Safe rooms, also known as panic rooms, can be both above the ground or under it.

It is best to get them constructed when you are getting your house built. However, you can also get a panic room installed later on. But what are their prices? Let’s walk you through the costs of a safe room and the factors that determine the final investment.

The average cost of a safe room

According to Home Advisor, the national average cost of a safe room stands at $5,847. Since several factors such as the size impact the final price, the expense can range between $2,082 – $9,613 with the low-end investment totaling to only $500 and the high end jumping to $19,700.

However, this isn’t a cost that you should worry about since it is a necessity. More than 1,000 tornadoes strike in a year on average as per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In 2018 alone, a total of 1,406 tornadoes hit the US. This sets the need for a properly-constructed, safe panic room.

Typically, there are two sizes of a safe room – 8 by 8 foot and 14 by 14 foot. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says that an 8 by 8-foot safe which can double as a utility room or closet comes between the price of $6,600 to $8,700.

A larger version of the panic room that is 14 by 14 foot is tagged for a cost between $12,000 to $14,300. Naturally, you will have to decide how big a safe room you need in your house or outside of it.

This chiefly depends on the number of people in your family. Large families need larger safe rooms to beat the raving winds or a theft. The main purpose of this room is to hold you until the weather calms. Or, in the event of an invasion, until the police arrive.

Factors that affect the price of a panic room

In addition to the size of the safe room, several other points chip in their role to determine the final amount. These pointers are:

  • The type of the door used
  • The location of the room in your home
  • The type of foundation on which the panic room in constructed
  • The number of exterior walls used in the construction of the room

Costs can also vary as per your state. Getting a panic room constructed in your existing house typically costs more than getting it constructed for a new house. This cost will vary as per the size and the construction type of the safe room.


If you use more existing walls in your home, then your cost is generally lower. Put simply, the cost of a safe room for an existing house isabout 20% higher than a safe room construction on a new property.

You can refer to this safe room cost calculator for a better estimate. As per this calculator, an8 by 8-footpanic room with concrete walls costs $8,100 new cost and $10,600 forremodeling cost.

Similarly, a 14 by 14 safe room with concrete walls costs $13,100 new cost and $15,900 for remodeling in an existing house. Cost estimates for other wall types such as a wood frame with CMU infill, insulating concrete form, concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls, and so on are also given.

When to get a safe room constructed on your property?

As mentioned, the costs of a panic room that is built on a new property are lower than remodeling an existing wall in your home. Keeping this in mind, it is best to get the room constructed when the blueprint of property is under preparation. Unless you already have a house and are considering a panic room now.

During the construction phase, you need to keep your panic room’s addition to your property under wraps. Bring in a security firm and work with an architect who works on secure facilities.

Your safe room is intended to protect you in events of theft or intrusion too. Therefore, you need to keep its construction hush. This is why the designer often doesn’t tell the contractor about the panic room. Moreover, the blueprint of the house may even show the room as a mechanical room.

You can also ask the architectural and security firms to sign confidential agreements. If you don’t want built-in safe rooms, you can opt for a reinforced concrete box, costing $7,000. All these options are Above the Ground Safe Rooms. However, you can also choose underground safe rooms too.

Underground bunkers tend to be costly though. A minimal bunker can take more than $38,000 in expenses. Besides, such an investment in a worthy one. After all, it is the security of a person that is at risk. What’s more, safe rooms can also add to the value of your property.

Some types can be removed and moved to your new property. The in-built panic room types can boost the property’s value by 3.5%according to Simmons. High-quality tornado safe rooms can return as much as 84% of their investment, making it a solid expenditure.

Bottom line

You can always get an estimate of a safe room’s price. However, the exact cost surfaces after you factor in multiple pointers. You may also obtain funding from FEMA to get a safe room constructed if you are short of cash.

Shoppers’ Paradise: 5 World-Famous Malls to Enjoy It

If shopping is your way of life, and visiting malls is the best therapy for you, then go on your vacation to one of the places from this list. These 5 excellent shopping destinations are represented by some of the largest department stores in the whole world. In addition, these are the most beautiful, charming and most famous places in the world, with many interesting sights, and outstanding opportunities for relaxing. So choose one of the following shopping spots, and don’t forget to grab a bigger bag…

Mall of America, Minnesota, USA

Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, this huge mall is considered to be a real shopping paradise. The unique location of the shopping center just a short drive south of downtown makes the Mall of America a really attractive place to shop. It’s not the largest, but it’s definitely among the most visited centers in the world. With a huge interstate highway on the one hand and a modern international airport on the other – the shopping center is always full of shoppers. The fact is that it’s very convenient to reach the city by plane, then pick up car rental SIXT at Minneapolis Airport and go to Mall of America for unforgettable shopping!

Mall of America Signage

You can easily spend there the whole day traveling around numerous floors and boutiques of the center, where countless entertainment, discounts and sales are at your disposal. All these features can make your shopping experience even more amazing and interesting. In addition, on the south side of the shopping center there’s Minnesota River, where you can relax on the shore, surrounded by gardens and calm blue lakes.


Cabot Circus, Bristol, UK

Cabot Circus

Within a short walking distance from Bristol city center there’s the stately shopping center called Cabot Circus. It’s so big it looks like a separate city. With hotels, cinemas, shops, restaurants and entertainment centers – you can easily get lost if you don’t follow signs and right directions. A trip to the Cabot Circus shopping center can be one of the greatest adventures, because at every corner you can find something interesting. After shopping, you can relax at the waterfront, visit the huge Castle Park, or simply admire the many modern and historic buildings with colorful facades, as well as numerous panoramic bridges and other attractions situated nearby.


Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Mall is one of the world’s most gorgeous shopping spots. This is a real masterpiece in terms of modern architectural achievements, which includes a complex for winter sports, hundreds of exotic traditional markets and luxury stores of world famous brands, as well as a giant ocean aquarium.

It’s spread over a vast territory which is equal to the size of 50 football fields, and even if your vacation in the UAE doesn’t concern shopping, this Mall is worth a visit as one of the grandest attractions of Dubai. This shopping and entertainment complex has more than 1,200 shops along with various cultural and entertainment facilities.

The Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue

Those who are looking for entertainment in the UAE won’t remain indifferent. Dubai Mall offers an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, which is open to the public. For visitors, the first in the Middle East Sega theme park, as well as a huge cinema with 22 screens are open. Holidays with children can be held in the local KidZania children’s entertainment center.

As for shopping in Dubai Mall, you should visit the world’s largest indoor gold market called Gold Souk. Also, there’s a dedicated area devoted to 70 boutiques of such elite world brands as Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Galliano, and Givenchy. In short, if you want to find all the UAE stores in one place, then go to the Dubai Mall.


King of Prussia, Philadelphia, USA


In the northeast of Philadelphia, just a few minutes’ drive from the city center, you can enjoy shopping at King of Prussia, which is one of the largest US shopping centers. The complex includes three floors with shops, the surrounding parking lots, many entertainment centers, and restaurants. King of Prussia is really huge – you will need a lot of time to get from one end of the shopping center to another. Meanwhile, it can be a really exciting walk, because you will be surrounded by a real paradise of luxury shops, the best restaurants and other interesting services. Entertainment is an integral part of the atmosphere at King of Prussia Mall. Some of the local stores are the oldest in the country and give the shopping center an unrivaled historical background.


Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The giant city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia features a corresponding shopping center, which is considered to be one of the biggest shoppers’ spots in the world. Its name is Berjaya Times Square. This is a giant skyscraper with two towers and almost 50 floors, extending into the sky for more than 200 meters. On the area of ​​about 320 thousand square meters you’ll find about 1,000 shops, restaurants and cafes, a cinema, a bowling alley, and a hotel. This shopping center is the whole small town where there’s everything you need.

Berjaya Times Square. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Berjaya Times Square is among the greatest world’s shopping centers, where you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories, electronics, souvenirs, cosmetics, interior items, jewelry and much more. The set of brands is standard: all possible affordable European brands, plus chic boutiques. After shopping, visitors can have a snack in one of the restaurants or cafes.

On the tenth floor you’ll be able to visit the main entertaining feature of the shopping center – the country’s largest indoor amusement park. It covers the area of ​​13 thousand square meters, where you can try 14 different attractions, including a roller coaster.

Unique but Comfortable: 6 World’s Extraordinary Hotels

Over the past few years such a direction as a vacation in unusual hotels appeared in tourism. In search of thrills, people book rooms in hotels located on trees, under water, at the North Pole, in the desert, on uninhabited islands and much more. Of course, the number of such hotels is not infinite, but again and again we continue to discover new amazing places.

Here’re some of the most unusual accommodation options for your vacation. You will probably need a car to get to some of them, thus here you can always book a suitable vehicle in any desired location.

  1. The Balancing Barn, United Kingdom

The owners of this unusual hotel, located a few kilometers away the coast of Suffolk, approached the business very creatively. They took as a basis the usual English barn, where the grain was once stored. As a result, this hotel, designed for 8 people, has the length of 30 meters – 15 of them are on a hill, and the second half hangs unobtrusively above the ground, creating the illusion that even a little bit more and it will collapse.


However, you should not worry: the concrete foundation is strong enough to hold the house in that position. This is the perfect place for the fans of the countryside!

The hotel won many awards for its unusual design, so the owners decided not to stop there and create a few more hotels featuring a unique design.

Address: Thorington, Halesworth IP19 9JG

Cost of living: $38.90 for person per day


  1. The Wild Brown Bear Hotel, Finland

Located near the Russian border, in the Karelian Forest, the Wild Brown Bear Hotel allows all travelers to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, walk along the spongy moss carpet, try real wild blueberries, lie down under the Karelian birch and feel like a hero some fairy tales.

Wild Brown Bear Hotel

This hotel is designed for those who want to face the extraordinary nature of these places. Especially for you, the hotel can arrange an “away” night – you’ll spend this time in a specially equipped place in the forest and can watch brown bears and wolverines. Also, it’s possible to go on a small sightseeing tour by kayak or bicycle.

Address: Kostamustie 5644, Kuhmo Vartius, Kuhmo 88930

Cost of living: $213 for person per day


  1. Saratoga Hotel, Cuba

Built in 2005, Saratoga Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Cuban capital, and this is its main extravagance. When you live on the upper floors in luxurious rooms and you look out of your window at the poorest district of Havana – this causes a unique feeling.

Hotel Saratoga

(photo by stefanfejfar)

The hotel is located in the western part of the historic center near the Plaza de la Cathedral and José Marti Boulevard. The interiors created by European designers are simple, elegant, spacious and extremely comfortable. The only thing that is not very good is food. Unfortunately, in this regard, the service is still far from perfect.

Address: 603 Paseo de Martí, La Habana

Cost of living: $238 for person per day


  1. andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is part of one of the most popular nature reserves in Tanzania. Magnificent bungalows built on stilts, and finished in colonial style. From the outside, they look like the huts of the Masai tribe, who are indigenous to Tanzania. The walls are made of stone, and the roofs are covered with banana leaves.

Africa safari lodges

However, all this is minor compared to what you see inside. Antique furnishing, Persian carpets, crystal, giant mirrors – it feels like you are in royal mansions. Each room has its own butler, who fulfills all the whims of the guests: he gives tea, prepares a bath, makes a fire in the fireplace, brings fresh flowers every day and decorates the bed with petals.

The most interesting place is the terrace for observing the animals. You can see a calm walking lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino or elephant.

Address: Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Cost of living: from $720 for person per day


  1. Hotel Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

Hotel Palacio de Sal is located on the shores of the Uyuni salt marsh. The uniqueness of this hotel is that the building itself, and the beds in it are entirely made of salt blocks that are connected together by water.


(photo by Jhonny Bolivia)

Only two things in the hotel are made of other materials – this is a tin roof and toilets. In addition to the salt bed for the night, this hotel offers its guests the services of a salt spa. There are not only cosmetic, but also medical procedures.

You can also play golf on the salt field, which is available from May till November. In the rainy season, the Uyuni salt marsh turns into the largest mirror in the world, and at the end of the autumn thousands of flamingos arrive there.

Address: 25 Km de Uyuni 25, Potosí

Cost of living: from $100 for person per day


  1. Great Orme Lighthouse, United Kingdom

The Great Orme Lighthouse Hotel is located in the old lighthouse, which was built in 1862 in the north-west of the country. Until 1985, it was used for its intended purpose and warned ships of the approaching cliffs.

Great Orme Lighthouse

Then, it was acquired by Fiona Kilpatrick, who decided to make it a hotel. She turned all the external premises and the upper part of the lighthouse into a viewing platform. Just two kilometers away from the hotel there’s the famous Victorian resort of Llandudno, where all entertainment venues are concentrated: pubs, restaurants, theater and shopping centers are among them. Here you can play golf, tennis, go sailing or fishing.

Address: Great Orme’s Head, Marine Dr, Llandudno

Cost of living: from $129 for person per day






USA Car Rental: The Secrets of a Budget Trip

For many of us, car rental is not interesting until we go on vacation. As soon as you have planned your trip, you start thinking about how and where to rent a car. Regardless of whether you need to pick up car rental in Ames IA, or Los Angeles, it will be a great way to travel throughout the United States.

Unfortunately, we often spend too much time and money when searching for the car that we don’t actually need at all. Do you want to find out how not to overpay on car rental and make your trip budget? Then the following tips will help you to greatly save on car rental in the USA…

  1. Don’t book a rental car through a travel agency.

National green

(photo by Sandra Mello)

How do travel agencies make money? Everything is very simple. They earn on commissions that are got from customers. The rule is: the higher the price of the voucher – the greater the profit of the agency. Any travel agency wants to earn as much as possible, so you are often imposed such additional services, as buying a ticket, excursions and car rental. With car rental, they also tend to make a profit. In fact, you need only a few minutes to book a rental car. What’s more, you can order a certain car that you want to drive in the country of upcoming stay.


  1. Book your car as early as possible

Intel Demo

Similarly to air tickets, the closer the date for which you need a car, the more expensive car rental. The biggest increase in the cost of car rental can occur shortly before such holidays as Christmas. The fact is that at such dates the demand for rental cars is very high and the companies that provide rental vehicles are not averse to making money on this, raising prices for services. Indeed, despite the increase in prices, people will still rent cars for any money.

Therefore, booking a car in advance will save you money and provide an opportunity for a greater choice of cars.


  1. Compare offers of different companies

Comparing different car rental deals is a great way to find a company that offers the best rental prices. So, check out several car hire providers at once in order to visually compare their conditions and select the best company, or just use a special car rental aggregator. When choosing a service provider, pay attention to the following items: no booking fee and no payment for canceling a reservation.

RCF: Alamo Rent A Car

Also, don’t forget to clarify where you need to pick up the vehicle. The most convenient way is to choose a company that has the opportunity to provide you a car at the airport, railway station or at the hotel.


  1. Check out different pick up locations

Do you know that car hire at the airport is much more expensive than the service of the same company in city? This is due to the fact that car rental agency pays a lot of money to the airport for parking, and various additional fees. Therefore, the cost of services at the airport is much more expensive.

Ready to go

(photo by Steven Brandist)

In addition, the company sets a higher rental rate, because of the convenience for the client. Of course, if you order a car for one or two days, the difference may not be significant between the company working at the airport and the same company offering services in the city.

However, if you plan to rent a car for a week or a longer period, the overpayment can be significant. So, before booking a car at the airport, compare the prices of different providers and locations. It’s possible to order a much cheaper car in the city, even with the condition of delivery of the vehicle to the airport.


  1. Don’t forget to refuel the car

Some car hire providers can charge a higher fee if you return your car with not a full tank of gasoline. Therefore, before dropping off the vehicle, don’t forget to fill the tank at the nearest gas station. In some companies, in the case of not filling the full fuel tank, you will be charged twice as much as the gasoline price in the region of your stay.

Gas Station

Of course, take a check at the gas station, so that in case of a dispute about the amount of fuel you can prove that you have fulfilled all the conditions of the contract.


  1. Consider an economy car

You don’t have to take a car that consumes a lot of fuel. If it makes no difference to you by what car to travel on vacation, then rent a compact or economy car. As a result, you can save money.

2012 Ford Focus ST

Of course, the Mercedes S-Class looks impressive and you will certainly feel comfortable in it, but if you don’t need such a model, then this is a great way to save some money. By the way, you can spend it on other pleasures on vacation.


  1. Pay attention to insurance

Island Vehicle rentals

(photo by RarotongaAirport CarHire)

Car insurance terms may vary depending on the state, but in general, almost all rental cars have damage insurance called CDW. Specify the size of the liability limit for damage in the event that you become the cause of the accident. It’s necessary that the minimum liability limit was not less than $1000-2000 dollars. Otherwise, even for a minor scratch in an accident, you can pay a lot of money. You can also buy extended insurance of your liability to third parties, but its price will be little higher.


Expanding your Casual Wear

Due to a fusion of comfort and fashion, combined with the ever increasing popularity of streetwear. Casual wear is becoming acceptable, fashionable, and most importantly an absolute pleasure to wear. If you are wanting to get some more comfort wear, or perhaps you are only just starting on this comforting journey, here a few pieces to keep in mind.

A multitude of trackies is a must. Now don’t go too crazy and only ever wear tracksuit bottoms, but understand that different occasions call for different bottoms. For example, it’ possible to get a couple of nice big branded tracksuits that will be good for nights out and general socialsing. But, when you’ve got a day off and you just want to chill, you may want to veer away from the designer tracksuits and get something that gives you absolute comfort. This can still be high end, with tracksuits coming in all manner of fabrics, such as cashmere.

Sliders, a few years ago were relegated to poolsides and what you would pack when you were going on that holiday in the sun. Nowadays, Mens Slydes and others have transformed sliders into a highly sought after fashionable piece of footwear. If you want to expand your casual wear don’t be afraid to make your next trainers purchase a sliders purchase instead. Today, they are acceptable in many more places than the pool, with many celebs being seen wearing them as their day to day wear.

Sportswear can separate a lot of people, in terms of teams and what people think of them as fashion pieces. An area that appeases both camps of the latter of these two rivalries, is the rise in vintage sportswear. You can get anything from high end sportswear, to vintage football shirts.  And although from time to time you can feel guilty about the lack of exercise being done in them, sportswear is super comfy while bringing something a bit different to your wardrobe.

In a more general sense, try and work out what casual wear you like to wear, and if there’s something you wear a lot, get a piece or two similar, then with the rest try and work out what area of clothing is missing in your comfort wardrobe, and see what comfort wear might be past its best and work out if you want to get something similar to or diversify into a new realm of comfort.

How to Make Streetwear your New Suit

It’s a new year and a new season of clothing, and time to work out how to balance out your smart, workwear clothing, and the more casual side of your wardrobe. Streetwear usually lands within the latter of these two categories, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Streetwear, as it becomes a much more popular genre of clothing in its own regard, is naturally becoming more nuanced, with companies such as Blood Brother offering this hybrid of streetwear sensibility with high-end fashion.

This blurring of lines between smart and casual is of course nothing new, smart-casual is a concept that has been around for decades. But what we are seeing here today is part of a much larger trend, as offices in cities throughout the world are turning their back on the suit in favour of more casual clothes. As this occurs, other clothing markets are able to fill in the gap left by suits, offering high-end quality clothing that is associated more traditionally with casual wear.

 Yet this often creates a fine line to tread. So here’s some ideas to keep your streetwear on the smart side of things. Firstly, the classic baggy look associated to streetwear can be combated by matching your baggy jumper with some well fitted jeans, this will make a nice contrast and not allow the bagginess to get out of hand.

Before you embark on this though, make sure to read the room. This trend of things becoming more casual is not completely universal. Make sure you are aware of the dress code if your workplace has one, and use your own common sense in working out what other people to seem to wear, it will be fairly easy to work out where the line is soon enough.

Make sure to not go overboard with brands. Try and limit your outfit to one obvious piece of streetwear. This will allow the rest of your outfit to neutralise the streetwear, while also allowing your streetwear to stand out and be the focal point of your outfit.

Stick to the mantra that less is more when it comes to adapting streetwear for the office. Maybe leave the brighter more out there pieces at home and go for some of your black, white and grey streetwear. Try and push the boat out slowly and see what feels like the right fit with your office. Over the days and weeks you can see what sets the right tone and what you feel comfortable in yourself. Remember that a lot of streetwear relies on understating, don’t lose this aspect when moving it to an office situation.

Digital Marketing Strategy for your Website Design

Digital Marketing strategy for your website design

A lot of businesses, be it big, small or medium, have their own websites. Some of those websites do not even function properly and have a really bad design. This is not really their fault.

Most clients that give out their technological requirements to a web design agency, is majorly because they themselves do not have enough knowledge about web design. So businesses end up collaborating with lousy developers only to cut some cost. These developers are also not proficient enough to help with the digital marketing strategy. Today, we will take a look at some important digital marketing tips that must be considered when designing a website.

Collaborate with a professional designer

The initial step is to find the most suitable designer for your website. This is not something that you decide once and just go on with it. This needs your attention and creative inputs as well to match the designer’s innovation and skills. If you have the right website designer to partner with, you can allow them to take you in the right direction. You must communicate what your company is about, what are the values that you are trying to match, and what business you do. This way you can let web design drive your marketing strategy.

Utilizing the power of design

Once the bond between you and your web designer is established, you can start utilizing the power of design to drive your marketing strategies. This is where you can allow your website designer to get completely involved in your digital marketing strategies and efforts. Designers are definitely much more creative and innovative compared to regular people. So if you are looking to create something revolutionary, look for a great designer. Hire a web design agency that can interpret your vision and translate it something extraordinary and make your users understand and appreciate your website.

Creating your first experience

When it comes to having a website and your business depending on your website, it is really important to create a good first experience. You need to offer a positive experience otherwise you will lose a lot of potential customers because of the bad design. A lot of businesses go through this daily. If you think your landing pages need a change, make sure that you tell your web designer about this. Tell your website design agency about your goals for the landing page, and the designers will tell you the right solution to figure this out.

You cannot make changes every few days and expect it work. If you do this, then you must accept that your business is running at low efficiency and is unable to convert traffic. You must also get the designers involved to create banners for your pay-per-click campaigns. Even if you need to add images or videos to your website, make sure you inform your web designer. The only way to be successful is to allow your web designer to get involved at every stage. This will help you establish your brand and create a business identity.


To be successful at attracting traffic to your website and turning that traffic into sales, you really need to partner with the best available web design agency. For this, you will need to take their creative inputs as well and involve them at every stage of web design. You must understand where you are lacking when things are not working out. You do not have to be lousy just because you do not know how to do it. Hire a good web design team that will help you create a good website.

Why People Use CBD Oil as A Post Workout Supplement

Now, most of you know that CBD is getting huge popularity since last few years. The major reason for being such a popular drug is its importance with various health benefits. One of the common health benefits includes the muscle recover which is being used as the post-workout supplement.

There are various countries which have even made it legal to sell CBD products for medical purpose. CBD Oil Canada web portal permits you to buy it to cure body ailment. But when it comes to muscle recover; most of you wonder who CBD actually works for your muscle?

Lest find out!

CBD as Performance Booster:

Most of you might know that CBD Oil is being used as a performance booster by the athletes. Its regular consumption gives you the option to boost your immune system and omit anxiety from your body. This strengthens your potential and hence increases your overall performance. However, being a drug, it is not permitted in many sports.

CBD for Muscle recovery:

When it comes to muscle recovery, there are three major pointers that need a strong relation within, i.e. muscle fatigue, inflammation, and CBD. The muscle fatigue generally arises when you lift heavyweight or undergo intense training on the ground or at the gym. In either case, you also face inflammation.  To cure this problem and bring your body to the normal stage, you need to strengthen your immune system.

Taking CBD drug is highly beneficial as it correctly tackles the muscle fatigue and cures inflammation in your body. The regular intake of CBD products activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your Endocannabinoid system that transfers positive signals to your brain and gives relief to your body against fatigue and inflammation.

How you can take CBD:

Those who are new to CBD drugs must note that there are multiple ways to take it. The CBD products are available in the form of CBD Oil, Pills, Tablets, Vapes and even skin cream. In case of muscle inflammation and muscle fatigue, you can use either CBD Oil orally or can apply CBD rich skin cream to get positive results.

CBD For Healthy Life:

If you think of having a healthy life, you can even use CBD for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not essential to hit a gym or do heavy workout to get positive results from CBD. Instead, you can take the small dose on daily basis to cure common ailments. The intake of CBD drugs is highly effective in treating many-body problems including:

  • Anxiety
  • Low blood pressure
  • Stress
  • Joint pain
  • Diabetes
  • PSTD
  • Cancer, etc.

Final Verdict:

Those who have already learned a lot about the Endocannabinoid system are now taking CBD in the correct way and getting positive results in their daily life. So, if you are also looking forward to adding CBD Oil in your post workout diet, it’s important to consult your trainer before adding it. The right dosage is important as it may not suit your body in high dosage.