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Tips For Returning Employees to The Office After Lockdown

Tips For Returning Employees to The Office After Lockdown

Lockdown has come with a lot of questions, and it won’t be a surprise if your employees have more when returning to the office. But there aren’t too many rules to enforce in the office environment, there are guidelines you should adhere to, in order to keep your employees safe after COVID-19. Here’s a look and how you can make everyone feel comfortable in their daily routine. 

Only Come in When Completely Necessary

Just because offices are reopening doesn’t make it essential to be in there. If your staff can work from home, let them. Naturally when getting back to normality there will be meetings and other staff functions that might be essential, but for the most part if your business has the ability to function from home, carry it on for as long as possible.

You could even consider splitting the team up and have half in on certain days and swap to boost team morale while adding desk space to your office. This is a particularly good option for businesses with little space.

Buy Smart

If you’re looking to invest in new essentials for the office think about how suitable it is in current circumstances. Designer furniture such as desks, sofas and tables should be easy to clean for employees to share, create hand sanitiser stations and have face masks available incase staff forget theirs. You want to really review your office as it stands and make sure everything is set up to make staff, clients and customers as comfortable as possible.       

Smart Thermometers could also be purchased to make staff comfortable with who they’re working alongside, simply check with everyone each morning and everyone can feel a little more relaxed.

Find New Ways to Boost Morale

While the idea of working from home for three months sounds wonderful, in reality working independently for that long can’t be boring. Getting staff back into the normal routine is key and some morale-boosting games, competitions or just social break can really help remind staff of how positive the workday can be.

Signs and reminders

While everything from face masks to hand sanitiser is fairly obvious by now, adding signs around the office is essential. From both a safety and security perspective it keeps your staff fully aware of all the rules and keeps the business protected from any potential legal issues too.