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Experience The Advantages of A Bali Honeymoon

A recipient of Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award 2017, Bali takes your honeymoon to the next level. Known for being an exotic paradise, the island offers everything that you would look for in a perfect honeymoon getaway. Bali will momentarily make you forget about your fast-paced life and the monotonous routine. Known as the “Island of the Gods.” The island is synonymous with leisure and rejuvenation. At Bali, you get to experience romantic landscapes, laid-back ambiance, exotic culture, delicious cuisine, and tranquil turquoise waters. Having your honeymoon in Bali offers a wide range of benefits compared to going on a romantic getaway in Europe or the United States.

A Tropical Paradise

A honeymoon in Bali is more affordable than in Australia, New Zealand, or the United States. Bali is known for its beaches but the island has plenty more to offer for new couples. One of the top destinations for newlyweds is Uluwatu. For some peace and quiet, the secluded beaches of Balangan and Suluban are among the beautiful in the island. Uluwatu has a laidback romantic air. Couples can book themselves on one of the several hotels located on the island. The Hotel Alila, for instance, allows couples to spend precious moments and take a dip at its infinity pool.

Variety of Options

Although Bali is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, there is a bevy of activities that newlywed couples can indulge in. For a rejuvenating honeymoon, newlyweds can pamper themselves at the Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbaran. Both husband and wife can take a flower bath made of 500 roses while enjoying some strawberries and champagne.

Another honeymoon destination that the newlyweds can go to is the Pura Besakih Temple. Considered as one of the most important temples in Bali, this is a place where the couple can ask for blessings for their togetherness. The temple has more than 28 structures built on seven ascending stairs. The backdrop where the temple is set is simply astounding.

For the adventure loving couples, Nusa Lembongan is the place to be. It offers opportunities for snorkeling and diving. The mushroom-shaped island is small enough to be explored in 3 to 4 hours.

Best Time to Visit Bali For Your Honeymoon

While going to Bali for your holiday can be done the whole year, the best time to go is during the summer season. For honeymooners, March and October are the best months. During this time of the year, the crowd is lesser compared to the peak season.

Bali is such a great honeymoon destination for a variety of reasons. There are great restaurants, excellent shopping, great attractions to visit, and others. Whether you want to just chill out and relax on a private pool or go island hopping with your spouse, there are different honeymoon packages that you can work out with honeymoon planners. Most of them have partnerships with hotels and other honeymoon destinations so they can design the perfect package that will make your honeymoon truly memorable.

Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

If you are planning to visit Singapore, then you should of course find which are the best places to see in this amazing city. Singapore is a city of contrast, a combo of natural and urban attractions and definitely one of the most common destinations for a bucket list. There are definitely many things to see in this city and below you will find the top 3. So, let’s check them out.


Marina Bay


Marina Bay is considered as Singapore’s tourism epicentar and is a must for first-time travelers. There are many things you can do here both during the day and night time. You will find the best places to eat in Singapore and thus try the best Singapore dishes. If you decide to go on during night time you will be treated to nightly light show put on by Marina Bay Sands that will leave you amazed. Marina Bay is the center of some of the city’s main points of interest and there are many opportunities for entertainment including the world’s largest floating stadium – The Float at Marina Bay, the ArtScience Museum etc.

Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

The Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest observation wheel and one of the must-see attractions in this city. It is 30 meters taller than the famous London Eye and offers breathtaking panorama views of city sights, at any time of the day, including the Marina Bay, Empress Place, Singapore River etc. The best views may be seen around dusk, when the sunlight gives millions of sparkling lights.


Gardens By The Bay


Another famous attraction you must-see in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. It is located next to Marina Bay Sands and represents a colorful, futuristic park, that has been crowned World Building of the year at the world Architecture Festival 2012. This place is full of hundreds of trees and plants and it is perfect both for kids and adults. Also, there are supertree structures that provide an existing skywalk over the gardens.

Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

Singapore is definitely a great destination to visit, so make sure you add it to your bucket list. You will be amazed by all the things you can see there. Also, Singapore is a well-known food destination, so if you are a foodie, you will be fascinated with all the delicious Singapore dishes you can taste.


So, how about you start planning your trip to Singapore?

How to Get from Split to Zadar


Zadar is a beautiful city that is characterized by alluring Venetian remains, Roman ruins and an ancient architecture that makes it seem like a town straight out of the history books. If you’re in Split and would like to make your way to this winsome town, the following guide should steer you in the right direction.

1) To Zadar by bus


The Split-to-Zadar route basically offers two possible alternatives, the first being traversing the coastal contours in about four hours courtesy of a couple of stops along the way and the second being a 1.5-hour shorter trip that is more straightforward. The longer route affords more scenic pleasures so if you have some money and time to spare, take the first bus. If not, the second option should suffice. A single ticket will set you back about € 11, or 80 kunas in the native currency, with bus travel proving the cheapest way to travel.

Worth keeping in mind is that if you are aiming to get to Zadar from Split airport, the airport is on the periphery of the town so you’ll need to take a taxi- of which there are plenty of at the airport- to the main bus terminal which is located next to the Split Riva. This should only take you a couple of minutes since the terminal isn’t too far away.

2) Opting for a private transfer


While conventional means of transport are fairly good at getting you from one point to another, none is quite as effective as a private transfer. It affords not only a comfortable and luxurious option to bridge the distance between these two historic towns but also other bonus features namely catered accommodation, free Wi-Fi and express travel. Packages are normally cheaper with more people on board as you’ll pay about € 130 for a three-seater vehicle while an 8-seater alternative will cost you just € 145 which brings the individual charges to less than € 20.

3) Leasing a car


If you like to be more handsy with your trip and take a couple of detours along the way as you please, then rent a car in Split and take on the tarmac yourself. The road has two options as highlighted in the travel by bus option and again which route you’ll take is up to you. The E65 offers a direct path of travel but if you’d fancy an extended view of Croatian’s coastal aesthetics, then take the longer one.

4) The train is not a bad option either


Only that it is. With a journey spanning a duration upwards of 420 minutes, travelling by train is for the hardboiled traveler with loads of time to spare. Nonetheless, the train trip to Zadar is quite seamless and uneventful.

Travel by sea is not possible, that is if you are looking for commercial ferries plying the route. However, it is very much possible by renting a yacht in Split and traversing the sea in the comforts of your own vessel. While unconventional, this makeshift fifth option is a great way to get to where you’re going whilst sampling the archipelago treats that litter the Adriatic waters in between.

How to Pick Appropriate Travel Clothing for your Dog

Planning your first ever trip with your canine friend? Day in day out, your furry friend can greatly benefit from the protection of clothing, just as much as you do. While sportswear and costumes add fun to events and holidays, good travel clothing is all about helping your dog better adjust to climatic changes and enjoy more time outdoors. Therefore, you must know how to pick appropriate travel clothing for your dog. We thought it is better to ask the professionals, so we had a conversation with Martine Funari, CEO at Fluffy’s Pet Shop. Here are some of the most important tips that she mentioned:

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Cold Destinations

When exposed to the cold, it may only take a couple of minutes for your adorable dog to become dangerously chilled. Unless your dog is a breed that naturally adapts to cold weather, your pet will most probably need something to keep it warm. Like humans, dog breeds with short hair are more susceptible to the cold. It’s therefore prudent to choose a winter coat to keep your pet warm. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets can also work effectively to conserve your best friend’s body heat.

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Tropical Climate

Under extremely hot climate, your dog can suffer heatstroke. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in protective clothing.  For dogs with white skin and those with excessive fur loss, they need maximum protection against harmful UV rays as they are more susceptible to skin cancer. You can also add light protective clothing such as a cotton jersey or light t-shirt. This type of clothing can help prevent sunburn, as well as keep your dog cool by reflecting the sun’s hot rays.

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Rainy Weather

Nobody enjoys being drenched, over-chilled, or just plain filthy. Pets don’t either, so it’s only right that you buy clothing that will keep your dog dry and comfortable. Investing in a rain coat and a heavier sweater will be thoughtful.

Additional Tips for Other Items to Buy

  • Boots: If you’ll be walking on rocky paths, across hot sand at the beach, through snow, or on sizzling summer sidewalks, boots should be on your priority list. They will provide your dog’s paws with excellent protection against these extremes and other hazards.
  • Pyjamas: It is not usually easy for pets to keep a blanket over them throughout those chilly nights. It’s therefore advisable for you to include pyjamas in your dog’s travel bag.
  • Personalized reflective gear: This is an important addition if you’re planning to walk around with your dog in the evening to enjoy the local nightlife in a foreign town or city. It will come in handy in the event your dog gets off leash, as it helps with night-time visibility.
  • Emotional support bandana: If you are battling an emotional and mental condition, you can travel with your dog for emotional support. You can buy an emotional support bandana for your dog. This will also make it easy for other people to know why you are travelling with your dog.

While most dogs readily accept and appreciate being clothed, some may take a while before getting used to the idea of getting dressed. If yours is in the latter category, you shouldn’t give up on it. With a little patience and practice, your canine friend might come around. You can try to offer treats to encourage cooperation.

Remember that there’s no harm in clothing your dog, whether it’s for function or fashion. What’s of essence is for your dog to wear clothes that are appropriate for the destination you’re both visiting. Be sure to properly measure our dog before ordering its clothes to ensure that they will be comfortable in them.

Working Within the NHS

Working within the NHS is undoubtedly unique and different to many other career options up and down the country. Not only do you have to maintain commitment to your many patients and the system itself, but it follows years of intense studies. However, the support and assistance provided by the NHS, as well as the more emotionally rewarding benefits, undeniably makes working for this health care system worthwhile and fulfilling.

After completing many years of training and learning, and gaining an understanding in medical life, choosing a specific career path within the NHS may seem daunting, and with any job, especially the application process. But what with the impressive array of different areas of study, your hard work will most definitely be put to good use. Of course, researching all kinds of careers within the NHS is certainly advisable- who knows? You may end up preferring pharmacy jobs to those in radiography or biomedical engineering!

Part of working in the NHS is the huge community that supports you, with their commitment to the staff and proving the best working environment. There are many benefits for all kinds of situations, such as on-site nurseries for those with young children who are struggling to find the balance between work life and home life. Similarly, many employers within the NHS offer flexible working hours, as well as pension support. Most importantly however, the NHS recognises the incredible work and effort from the staff, and offers a guarantee of 27 days of holiday, and following a decade of dedication to the health care system, 33 days of holiday per year.

Not only does working within the NHS mean that you gain a huge number of skills, such as the ability to communicate with those around you flawlessly, and handle a stressful environment, but it offers the ability to transfer these skills up and down the country. Once establishing a career in the NHS as perfect for you, a job can be found in hospitals nationwide, and what with the multitude of different fields, your choices are almost unlimited.

Of course, working in an environment where communication is absolutely essential means those who plan to pursue a career in the NHS must have the ability to talk to those around you flawlessly. And so, for those of you who appreciate the huge need from the most vulnerable and struggling and wish to help and support them with enthusiasm, the NHS is most certainly for you!

Keep Track Of Your Baby’s Health by Tracking Its Kicks

Keep Track Of Your Baby's Health by Tracking Its Kicks

Pregnancy is a huge task for every mother. The entire trimester thing can be more painful than joyous. However, this time is not entirely full of physical and mental misery, it’s actually fun too! Just when you baby starts to kick you will know the fun part of it. The kicking of your baby inside of you is a normal sign of your baby’s health. Keep track of those tiny little kicks by a baby kick counter.

The Start of Kicking:

Your pregnancy kick counter will start at the beginning of your 3rd trimester. Be ready for your little brat to literally act like one. However, if you’re not paying enough attention, and made yourself busy watching those tear-jerking soap operas on TV. You might not feel the first kicks of your baby. So, be attentive. Otherwise, if you’re overweight, you might not feel this sensation. As you are gradually edging towards your due date, your baby might take time in kicking. So don’t get alarmed and use a baby kick counter for the kicks.

Baby Kick Generators:

  • You can keep track of your pregnancy kick counter, at some special times. Times like, mostly when you’re resting.
  • You’re laying on your left or back
  • The time between 9 pm to 1 pm when your movement is less
  • You’re eating or drinking something cold or sweet
  • If you yell, sing, make loud noises or listen to music.
  • These are the crucial times your baby might nudge inside of you.

Kick Counting Definition:

A baby kick counter is as simple as it seems. You just keep the track, every time your baby kicks, or punches and tumbles. You will know the movements for sure. There are useful apps for it too. You can download one in your mobile, and count every time your little brat kicks. This is the way, you will know your baby is absolutely healthy and no danger is looming over him or her.

The Counting Technique:

There are some easy techniques that you can use to count the baby kicks. Like,

  • An exact time is needed. The first time you felt the kick, remember the time and choose a time around that one. Don’t get tensed if your baby doesn’t kick in the afternoon, because they might be sleeping at that time. So it’s the best to wait until the evening when your baby is awake. Sit tight with your pregnancy kick counter app and start counting.
  • Take a position. Sit or lie down in a position that is comfortable for you and your baby. Mostly begin with this baby kick counter thing when you’re relaxing. Don’t go for it when you’re washing, or doing some house chores.
  • Count the time gap. Keep track of the time gap between your baby’s kicking. The time the baby takes to kick 10 times at least. It can be 2 hours or sometimes it can be within 30 minutes.

This is the normal calculation in pregnancy kick counter. However, if your baby doesn’t kick within the two hours of your given time, wait another hour for it. If it still doesn’t start, contact your doctor immediately. The sooner you do that; you will get to know the cause of it and the health of your baby.

Best Types of Weddings in Bali

In Bali, there are many types of weddings you can choose from. Each type offers something special. Of course, it would depend on what you prefer. After all, some couples may prefer a simple intimate wedding while others would go for a giant beach wedding. This is one time when you must be patient since it’s an event that doesn’t happen very often. Here are the types to choose from:

Villa Wedding

Exchanging vows in your own private villa will be an unforgettable experience. Alongside your own private pool and nice paintings, it’s a ceremony that you thought would only exist in dreams.

Chapel Wedding

Religious people will be happy to know that there are many chapels in Bali to hold your wedding. If you want a traditional wedding, this is your best option. We’re not talking about ordinary chapels. The interiors were magnificently designed by experts.

Cliff Wedding

Imagine the amazing views while getting married by the cliff. All pictures taken by the official photographer will be a work of art. Your guests will certainly want to get their pictures taken as it will be something they’d want to keep. Hence, your wedding will live in their memories for the rest of their lives. Your guest will definitely experience one of the best sunsets in Bali. There’s even an option to arrive on your wedding day aboard a private helicopter. Now, that’s riding in style.

Beach Wedding

If it’s one thing Bali is famous for, it’s the white sand beaches. Therefore, you’re definitely going to think of having your wedding held at one of them. Good thing, that’s a possibility as a lot of people have already done it. There’s no doubt it’s one of the most ideal settings to exchange vows.

Jungle Wedding

For those who love to explore, the jungle is a nice place to hold your wedding. Of course, you need to hire people to make sure the wildlife doesn’t interfere with the ceremonies. After all, Bali Jungle is a place where a lot of tourists go to explore the waterfalls and the animals that call the place their home. The theme would be wonderful and guests would come in their most creative jungle attire.

Whichever type you choose, it would be a great idea to book a package at You can give them your budget and they’ll give you a package you’ve always dreamed of. They also have connections with several of the city’s top professionals including makeup artists, photographers, and performers. Hence, you don’t need to worry about where you can find those people. They will all make sure your wedding will be a memorable once in a lifetime event. They’ll even design the backdrop that will be put in the background of the stage of your wedding in Bali.

BaliWedding has partnerships with a large number of venues. Therefore, you’ll have so many to choose from and all of them are great options. You can certainly sit down with them to talk about what’s good regarding each venue. Still not impressed? Take a look at their Instagram account and see how they’ve impressed more than 200 couples who chose to have their wedding in Bali. There’s no doubt they have a lot of experience booking weddings for couples. They’ll listen to your preferences and give you the best options that nobody else can. No matter how big or small your wedding is, they’ll be more than happy to arrange everything for you. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is looking good for your big day.

10 Colors You Can Wear at Your Wedding Instead of White

keep it breezy with florals

Gone are the days when wearing anything other than white to your own wedding made you chattel for gossip and the target of snickers from the wedding crowd. Though white remains synonymous with weddings that does not mean that you cannot rock any one of these other colors to your wedding and still look like a vision.

1- Go Bold with Red

go bold with red

Though red is the staple color for Asian weddings, you too can join the bandwagon by ditching the traditional white for a smashing red dress. Designers like Vera Wang have included red dresses in their collection which has given rise to the popularity of some gorgeous wedding gowns in this color. You can even draw inspiration from Kat Von D who wore a Victorian style red dress for her wedding.

2-Go Gothic with Black

 go gothic with black

There’s no reason you can’t wear your favorite color on your wedding day too. Though going for a black wedding gown is an unconventional choice, if you have the perfect accessories to pull it off, then you can make it work. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Avril Lavigne, numerous celebrities have rocked this color on their nuptials and there is no reason that you can’t do the same. You might worry about your friends (especially the bridesmaids) to have chic black dresses to match with your beautiful black theme, and they should easily be able to find pretty lace dresses at a cute online boutique.

3-Channel Royalty with Purple

channel royalty with purple

What girl does not want to feel like a princess on her wedding day? And what better way to channel that than by wearing a color that has long been attributed to royalty. If you need any inspiration for this gorgeous hue, look no further than fashion icon Victoria Beckham who rocked this color to her wedding ceremony.

4-Shine bright with Gold

 shine bright with gold

What better occasion to channel your love for all things gold than your own wedding. While wearing a gold dress for everyday events might be a bit much, it might be the perfect choice for your wedding. Just look at Jessica Simpson who wore a gorgeous gold speckled gown to her wedding with Eric Johnson. Or, you could even take inspiration from the South Indian Tradition of wearing white and gold saarees at weddings.

5-Keep it cute with Pink

keep it cute with pink

You can never go wrong with a pink colored dress for your wedding. This color has been creeping into wedding dresses and also has been touted to replace white as the staple wedding dress color. From Jessica Biel to Anne Hathaway, numerous celebrities have chosen this color for their wedding gowns.

6-Make it pop with Yellow

 make it pop with yellow

If you truly want to make heads turn at your wedding, then choose a yellow dress. Not only will it make you look bright and sunny but you can rest assured that none of your friends might have a similar dress at your wedding. Just take style cues from Amber Tamblyn who rocked a short yellow dress on her special day.

7-Keep it breezy with florals

 keep it breezy with florals

Florals are one fashion trend that never goes out of style, so why not make it a part of your wedding? Floral wedding dresses make sure make you look ethereal by cloaking you in numerous colors instead of just one monotone. Just sneak a peek at how gorgeous Poppy Delevingne looked at her wedding while wearing a floral number.

8-Channel sophistication in Green

 channel sophistication in green

Make people go green with envy as you ditch convention and wear a green dress to your wedding. You can look completely smashing in green like Cynthia Nixon who chose this unconventional hue for her wedding.

9-Go unconventional with metallics

go unconventional with metallics

Metallics are no longer relegated to just clubs anymore. Gunmetal gowns are making a splash on runaways and you can easily find a spectacular dress for yourself in this trend. Just see how Cynthia Bailey rocked a gunmetal gown and you too might just forego the traditional white for this unique color.

-10-Go crazy with colors

go crazy with colors

There is no rule that states a list of colors that you can and cannot wear to your wedding. You want to wear a two-piece in lilac or a fitted number brown, the choice is totally yours. Nothing looks better on a bride on her wedding than happiness and if your happiness lies in a gown with all colors of the wind, then go for it.

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Beautiful

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Beautiful

Small changes make a huge and unexpected impact.

Making your kitchen look beautiful is a lot more than just choosing the right appliances, tiles, tools, and cabinets.

Here are a few designer tips to make your kitchen look fancy and up to date.

1. Add a new Layer of Paint

Painting your kitchen is very easy, even the laziest person can do it by themselves. Painting your kitchen cabinets is the simplest and effortless way to bring a new look to your kitchen. If your cabinets are dark colored, paint them with a coral shade to add a pop of color to the dull room.

Justin Riordan, senior designer at Spade and Archer Design in Portland, share some secrets of how to modernize your kitchen with a plain white color.

Wash the cabinets with TSP, make sure to wear gloves and a veil for protection. Choose the perfect white color from the color pallet. If you want to be creative then select a tea pink shade. Prime the cabinets first, once it’s dried, apply a single layer of paint. Let the paint dry before you apply the second layer. Make sure your strokes are light and in vertical directions.

2. The Hamilton Beach Toaster

Apart from being a toaster and toasting bread, this Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven will simply make your kitchen look more expensive and fancy than ever before.

The material used in the making of this toaster is rare and costly. Coffee houses and restaurants prefer purchasing this Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven as it is easy to use and transforms the entire interior look.

3. Purchase a new backsplash

If you’re excited about upgrading your kitchen, then invest in a new and shiny backsplash.

A brand new and well-organized back splash can instantly change the look of your entire kitchen and make it look as modern as a brand new one.

CEO of modern design and remodeling suggests, updating the back splash with a unique material. You can utilize geometric tiles, or lightly shaded glass sheets as a replacement for a fancy back splash.

These materials are not only cheap but both long-lasting and easy to take care of. You can also use porcelain tiles.

The backsplash is the first things that a person will look at in your kitchen. If you’re trying to portray a personality then invest in a good quality and fancy backsplash.

4. Change your Hardware

When you pay importance to your kitchen tools and appliances as much as you are concerned with the interior, you will see how fun it is to shop for even the most unnecessary things that could make a huge difference.

Hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen. Sometimes it may take 6 years for you to replace the broken knob, but when you finally do it, you will see how a small thing can change the look of your kitchen.

If you’re a wise spender then invest in good culinary, new cabinets, potholders, knives, doorknobs and a good floor polish.

However, if you’re low on cash, purchase a few cheap spray paints from the local store and paint all your hardware for a glossier look.

5. Reconsider storage

The idea of making changes to your cabinets and hardware might sound funny to you but accurately making changes to your stock can either make or break the entire kitchen look.

Add a few extra cabinets, add a glass or wooden dining table in the kitchen for quick bites with your family. If you’re still using the traditional stove then switch to a modern one. An electric stove with a built-in oven is both useful and fancy.

If your kitchen windows open into the backyard, you might want to add a flower vase and a few herb plants next to the window. This will not only make your kitchen smell nice, but you will also have an unlimited stock of fresh herbs available at all times.

What’s even more important is how you maintain the changes you have made. Set aside a day every week to clear all the cabinets and clean the racks. Wash the floor, the stove, and regularly polish the backsplash and tiled floor for a shinier and glossy look.

Classic American Street Food

Classic American Street Food

Two main trends of modern American street food are ethnic food and food trucks. Ethnic cuisine was found previously only in the corresponding Vietnamese, Indian and other enclaves, but now it is easily found on the central streets. At lunch breaks, Americans line up for Indian samosa or meat, prepared in Korean style. Mobile mini buses today could be found near your office, tomorrow – on a parking near the ocean, and on the weekend – on the farm market. Their menu consists of fast food, the assortment of which knows no bounds. The cost of running such a business is not comparable with the opening of the restaurant. It helps people to embody the most unbelievable culinary fantasies: a hot dog could be covered with truffle sauce, and mango jam could be added to beef. There is a relatively small selection of dishes in each food truck, but in New York or Los Angeles, it is completely compensated by their variety and quantity. In some food trucks, everything will be connected with milk – milkshakes, hot sandwiches with cheese and just a glass of hot milk. In others, you will see only burgers. If you find yourself in New York State, look around. Perhaps the food truck with the most tasty fast food is parked somewhere near. Use car rental in Buffalo Airport and travel down the state of New York with comfort.

Here is the list of the classic street food, which could be found at the USA.

  1. Hot dog

You cannot imagine American street food without a hot dog. Hot dogs are sold at small food trucks on the streets of any of the city’s districts. 1-2 minutes for cooking, a few dollars, and you get a hot dog in a paper package and a few napkins. It should be noted that a hot dog in the US consists only of a bun, sausage, ketchup and mustard. Here, salad, cheese, fried mushrooms, carrots and French fries are not put at the hot dog.

Hot Dog in Prague

You need to try this simple, classic hot dog and you will understand why an average American eats at least 60 hot dogs a year!

  1. Pizza

Despite the fact that the birthplace of pizza is Italy, its homeland is definitely New York. In no other city in the world, do not prepare as much pizza, as New York pizzerias do. You can buy pizza everywhere: in a restaurant, pizzeria, on the street in food trucks, in a store and even in a pharmacy (at the fridges). Pizza in New York has become so popular that it even got its own variety – a New York pizza that is characterized by large, thin and flexible slices. You can buy not a whole pizza, but only its slice. Moreover, since the size of the slices is impressive, you can easily eat up by ordering only two of them.

  1. Falafel

These fried balls of chopped chickpeas are one of the favorite street food dishes in the USA. Many Americans adhere to the vegetarian food system, and many of them want to try it as well, so this dish is more than relevant and popular. You can buy falafel in food trucks or in small eateries, which specialize in this it. There are plenty of dishes with falafel: ordinary falafel balls, falafel with rice, falafel in the egg role, falafel with salad or falafel in pita bread. The cost depends on the dish – from three to 5 dollars.

Classic American Street Food

  1. Burgers

You can find numerous different types of burgers in the state of New York. There are several popular chains of eateries with burgers, such as ‘Five Napkin Burger’, ‘Burger King’, ‘Shake Shack’ and others. You can see food trucks with burgers on the street, mini burgers in restaurants and in small food shops. The size of burgers in the USA is huge so it could be hard to eat it at once.

Classic American Street Food

  1. Bagel

It cannot be said that bagels are as popular as burgers, but still there are dozens of food trucks with this dish on the streets! This kind of bun became one of the symbols of American modern cuisine. Bagels are preferred mainly for breakfast. The basis of the bagel filling is cream cheese, and then you can add everything that you like. The invariable classics are a bagel with cream cheese and salmon or a bagel with pepperoni sausages and a salad.

Classic American Street Food

  1. Coffee

The last item in our list is this fragrant drink. Can you imagine a person in the USA without a cardboard cup with the Starbucks logo in the hand? In New York, people drink a lot of coffee, especially in the morning, to wake up after a sleepless night. It is difficult to guess how many thousands of coffee houses and coffee-points can be found on the New York City map. Even if you are not a coffee fan, it is still worth trying. Just to make up your mind about it.

In conclusion, it should be said that portions of street food here are huge. During the first few days in the USA, you will always be pleasantly surprised by them. If you ask the seller of a food truck to put you more meat, salad, cheese, sauce, whatever – he or she will do it without taking an extra charge. Be prepared that eating the whole portion straight away can be difficult, which means that you will need to carry with you a package/box with food.