Working Within the NHS

Working within the NHS is undoubtedly unique and different to many other career options up and down the country. Not only do you have to maintain commitment to your many patients and the system itself, but it follows years of intense studies. However, the support and assistance provided by the NHS, as well as the more emotionally rewarding benefits, undeniably makes working for this health care system worthwhile and fulfilling.

After completing many years of training and learning, and gaining an understanding in medical life, choosing a specific career path within the NHS may seem daunting, and with any job, especially the application process. But what with the impressive array of different areas of study, your hard work will most definitely be put to good use. Of course, researching all kinds of careers within the NHS is certainly advisable- who knows? You may end up preferring pharmacy jobs to those in radiography or biomedical engineering!

Part of working in the NHS is the huge community that supports you, with their commitment to the staff and proving the best working environment. There are many benefits for all kinds of situations, such as on-site nurseries for those with young children who are struggling to find the balance between work life and home life. Similarly, many employers within the NHS offer flexible working hours, as well as pension support. Most importantly however, the NHS recognises the incredible work and effort from the staff, and offers a guarantee of 27 days of holiday, and following a decade of dedication to the health care system, 33 days of holiday per year.

Not only does working within the NHS mean that you gain a huge number of skills, such as the ability to communicate with those around you flawlessly, and handle a stressful environment, but it offers the ability to transfer these skills up and down the country. Once establishing a career in the NHS as perfect for you, a job can be found in hospitals nationwide, and what with the multitude of different fields, your choices are almost unlimited.

Of course, working in an environment where communication is absolutely essential means those who plan to pursue a career in the NHS must have the ability to talk to those around you flawlessly. And so, for those of you who appreciate the huge need from the most vulnerable and struggling and wish to help and support them with enthusiasm, the NHS is most certainly for you!

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