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Europe’s Best Road Trips

If you’re thinking about heading off on a summer holiday this year, then why not try something a little different and take a road trip? It’s the experience of a lifetime, something completely different to your average holiday in the sun. So, release your inner adventurer and take a look at some of Europe’s best road trips that are waiting to be explored this summer:



Start – Reims. Finish – Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.

France is synonymous with wine tasting, rolling fields and wonderful landscapes. There are an abundance of reasons why you should try the Reims to Le Mesnil-sur-Oger road trip. You’ll drive past snow-peaked mountains before sampling some of the finest wines the Champagne region has to offer. The Champagne taster trip will take you 3 days, approximately 53 miles. Whether you’re jetting off on a family holiday, girls trip or couples retreat, there’s a route for everyone in France. So, grab your travel pillow and sat nav, because France is calling you.


United Kingdom

Start and finish – London (via Edinburgh and Cardiff)

It’s not always raining in the United Kingdom. In fact, on the days when the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in sight, it feels just like any other European country. With its quaint villages, incredibly rich history and winding country lanes, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to visit. The London trip via Edinburgh and Cardiff will take you through 3 different countries, each with their own story to tell.



Start – Rome. Finish – Venice.

When you think of Italy the first thing that comes to your head may be delicious food and fine wine. Though you’re not far off, Italy is so much more than what it produces. It boasts iconic monuments, beautiful beaches and idyllic cities. So, make your way from Rome to Venice and explore the snow-capped peaks, plunging coastlines, lakes and remote valleys. Bring your swimsuit, because you’re sure to want to take a dip or two in the inviting lakes and sea as you go.



Start – Roncesvalles. Finish – Santiago de Compostela.

Spain is one of the most perfect destinations to visit if you’re planning on a road trip. With such a diverse landscape and thrilling cities, there’s plenty to discover on your journey. Sample some traditional Spanish cuisine, explore medieval villages and gawp at stunning architecture, all in a day’s work. There’s a road trip for everyone in Spain. So, whether you prefer the look of coastal Galician towns or the hustle and bustle of Madrid’s city centre, what are you waiting for?



Start – Porto. Finish – Miranda do Douro.

Portugal’s eclectic mix of medieval and modern day makes it a simply wonderful place to visit during the summer. The iconic area of the Algarve is well worth a visit, and from here you could even take a boat ride over to the Azures to see what there is to discover. Enjoy tasting your way around several wine regions and feast on traditional Portuguese food at their authentic restaurants. Less is more in Portugal, so ensure you’ve planned plenty of stops so you’re not spending all your time on the road missing all the action.

How is an HID Proximity Card Read?

A contactless proximity card is a low-frequency radio transmitter which connects with a card reader through a code. This code must be up to date and valid for the holder to gain access. If all goes well, the reader will allow the holder to pass through quickly and efficiently.


HID Proximity Cards iClass


HID proximity cards are also known as radio frequency identification cards. Radio frequency is used in a tonne of other products, and it is so well distributed to the point that this technology is actually pretty affordable! Due to its extensive use, the process has been refined so as an HID proximity card is as thin as a bank card. These cards are an advancement from swipe cards – more secure, just as compact and far more convenient!


An HID proximity card contains a chip that has been programmed with a unique code and a printed-circuit antenna. These cards don’t have batteries to charge themselves up, instead, the reader produces an electromagnetic field – known properly as the exciting field. This field creates enough energy for the card to spring to life and send its code. This code is specially encrypted to also communicate the owner’s name and any other additional information needed. This code is then decrypted by the reader, which will consequently allow access.  

These cards are highly secure. This is because the card has to be close to the reader so as the power needed can be generated and the code can be sent. Such a short distance results in a nearly unbreachable signal, making it one of the safest options for access cards!


HID Duo Proximity Cards


HID proximity cards are used for hotel room keys, access to the workplace, elevator use and for parking. They are favoured because they are more efficient than a swipe or scan system – making a company or building more functional and more organised. It is also very easy to alter the code that’s stored on these cards, meaning that access and identification information can be adjusted as needed. You can also see when a card has been used for attempted, and unsuccessful, entry. This is a great safety measure to put in place, as it can suggest when a card has fallen into the wrong hands. HID proximity cards can also be placed on hold or blocked when suspicious activity is going on.

HID proximity cards are read efficiently and securely. With so many benefits and precautions in place, there’s really no reason not to make your workplace more secure by investing in HID proximity cards!  


Still Want to Rent BMW in Miami? Forget It! TOP 8 Cars for Best Beach Rides

Miami is one of the brightest states in the world. Obviously, this is the most popular touristic spot. What do you expect to see and to get? There are many great ideas for Miami trip. You can go fishing, yachting, play golf, and tennis. Also, tourists like playing football, basketball, and auto racing. Sport is not the only attraction in Florida. You are welcomed to take part in the art festivals, cruises, and outdoor events. Beach trips need a good car to get there and for what you are going to do when you arrive. Do you want to rent BMW in Miami and be satisfied with its price? Let’s find out what cars are popular to rent for the beach trip to feel maximum comfort!

Rt. 66 Rendezvous, 2006


  1. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep is considered to be the best car for a beach ride. It is good for traveling with friends and family. The car construction is easy washable that is good at different weather. Four wheels, two extra doors, much space, and drain plugs let you feel comfortable when driving. The car is equipped with an audio system so that you can travel with your favorite music.


2015 Jeep Wrangler

  1. Chevrolet SS Convertible

Just imagine a blue vintage car and white leather interior. Isn’t it impressive? The car is speedy and powerful to take the hardest road. It’s ok if the weather is hot. The convertible car allows you to turn the roof up or down as you want. Also, the car is good for a romantic trip to go to the beach and have a picnic there.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser is considered to be the most popular car to take for rent. Toyota line is the most gorgeous one. You have enough space to take 5-6 passengers and as much luggage as you want. Of course, the large car needs much space when you park it. But when you are going to visit wild places or a hidden beach, there is nothing more reliable and convenient than your Land Cruiser. Want to take your dog with you? No problem!

  1. Honda Element

The car is designed special for outdoor camping. It will be really easy and maximum comfortable to spend time at the ocean with Honda Element. Why is it the best beach car? Of course, you can rent BMW in Miami and take much use of it. But BMW doesn’t give you a full urethane floor, water-resistant seats, and 75 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The car is easy to wash and clean up. The large cabin makes your passengers seat, sleep, and stretch out. You can even stand up inside the car.

Overland Expo 2009

  1. Ford Flex Limited

This Ford is more than a car, but a comfortable space ship for 7 passengers. The car is large and powerful. This means you will never have problems with sand when driving at the beach. The roof is panoramic and massive so that you can see everything around. Anyway, SUV car must be perfect for the beach trip. So, it is better to rent BMW in Miami only for a city ride.

  1. Land Rover Defender Convertible

This convertible Rover was built in 1994. It is a nice vintage car now. So, why is it so good for a beach trip? First of all, the car is convertible. This is the best variant for a hot Miami weather. The car attracts you with speedy driving, eight rear jump seats, and removable roof. Don’t be surprised that such a big car can be really fast. It will never disappoint you when you are in a hurry. That’s why don’t follow the European rules to rent BMW in Miami. Try Rover!

1963 VW Beetle convertible

  1. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen is a popular car to drive in the city and out of it. There are many car models so that you can easily pick one for a beach ride. If you are going for a romantic trip or just a tour for two, you should pay attention to Beetle. This car is not only small, maneuring, and beach-ready. It has a convertible top that you can turn up or down according to the weather. The car power is about 210 horses that is a record for a beach car.

  1. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Traditionally, Jeep car is always respectable for the beach or office. Try Wagoneer, which is the best for surfing the sand. The car is large, but powerful and smooth-going. There is enough space for your surf board, picnic set, a couple of kayaks, and other beach gear you may need.

If you know nothing about the cars and want to rent the best auto for the beach ride, don’t limit yourself in choice by one or two car brands familiar to you. There are many interesting car that are worth your attention.

Why are Banners Excellent for Advertising?

Depending on your age, you will have probably seen thousands of banners and not realised they have been implanting indelible messages in your brain. How many bus services across the UK have displayed a banner advertisement? How many times have you watched a football game on TV and witnessed all of the banners surrounding the pitch? Try to name some of the products advertised on those banners and recall if you have ever used those products.

Banners at sports stadiums are not placed to fill spaces around the pitch. Of course, the club gets revenue from selling prime advertising space. It is nothing compared with how much the company that is advertising receives in the form of extra income from increased sales. One particular paint brand has been advertised for years at major football stadiums. There is a good chance it’s the paint you decorate your home with. Is it the best paint on the market? Probably not, but it’s the paint product best known because of how the company effectively uses banners for advertising.

Banner printing provides excellent results

The range of digital printing machines for banner printing has grown exponentially over recent years as banners have come to the forefront of advertising campaigns across the country. You can have banners printed on very flexible materials that are lightweight and durable. If you need very wide and long banners, professional banner printers can produce banners of all sizes with fantastic artwork designs.

If you have your own artwork, the banner printer will reproduce your images in crisp form to meet your expectations. Most banner printers offer artwork designs based on the parameters of your ideas, which they then translate into pictures and words depending on your requirements.

A good banner printer will offer you a range of banner supports such as frameworks and roll up or pop-up devices enable the display of the banner.

If you are placing your banner in a public area, you may want to seek permission from your local council office to avoid any disappointments and embarrassment if you are asked to remove the banner for some reason. The local council is not concerned about structures that are easily removable and are not placed for more than a day or two.

Who uses printed banners?

If you are a business owner looking to gain extra exposure for your products, banners offer a good advertising solution. Public authorities like hospitals make great use of pop-up banners as a welcoming gesture or to give directions to different departments.

Schools and universities can make good use of banners, particularly freestanding pop-up banners that are essential for advertising events and social gatherings. Large banners supported by a lightweight framework are perfect for product launches.

Some printed banners can cost as little as thirty pounds and provide the perfect solution for family announcements such as birthday and anniversary greetings.

A professional banner printer will supply you with a cost-effective method to present your message or products in a professional way.