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3 Ways To Transform Your Gym Routine

Getting into a good gym routine can be difficult, however we are here with three simple tips to transform it so you fall in love with exercise again! Exercise is so important for you, from increasing your bone density to building muscle, reducing the risk of chronic illness and helping mental health, so incorporating it into your life is really key. Follow these three steps and get ready to fall in love with exercise! 

Keep Variety In Your Routine

The first thing you should do to transform your gym routine is to make sure you’re keeping variety in your routine. You need to make sure that you are mixing it up throughout the week, so you might be doing weights three times a week, but then do something different on the other days, like go for a swim, a hike or have a cardio day. Not only will this help you to maximise your health, but rather than doing the same repetitive thing all the time, it will keep you engaged. 

We understand that consistency with your routine is also important in terms of progression, as you want to be doing similar exercises each week so that you know when you are able to lift heavier or run further. A great way to mix things up whilst maintaining this consistency is to have 2 or 3 core exercises for each muscle group that you stick to every week and you can benefit from the progress, but then have 2 or 3 exercises that you change every 4-6 weeks. This will help you to train a wider range of muscles, whilst also keeping you engaged mentally. If you run regularly, change out one of your long distance runs for some powerful sprint training. It is so refreshing to change things up slightly, so keeping variety in your routine is a great way to transform your gym routine. 

Train With A Friend On Heavy Days

Another great thing to do to transform your gym routine is to train with a friend on heavy days. So many people like working out on their own which is absolutely fine, but it can hold you back from reaching your potential in some areas. For example, you may feel like you can be lifting more on bench press, but are too nervous to ask a stranger to spot you and it’s not safe to increase the weight without that support. There are many different exercises like this, so a great thing to do is train with a friend on heavy days. They can spot you and you will be surprised at how much the moral support and the safety net of them spotting can improve your performance. So, give this a try and you may find a whole new lease of life with your gym routine! 

Get A New Outfit

This may sound trivial, but when you are working out in an outfit that doesn’t make you feel confident, doesn’t fit you properly or doesn’t support you, it can be so difficult to reach your full potential. You are unlikely to really put your all into the exercises, no matter what they are, so it’s time to invest in some new gym leggings, sports bras, shorts or joggers that fit you great, are squat proof and give you the support to smash any fitness goals you have. This is also really great for motivation, as when you know you love an outfit, you’re going to want to put it on and get in the gym! 

Tips On Finding Confidence After Having A Baby

The act of giving birth is a hard yet rewarding procedure. Every woman faces permanent changes to their appearance as a result of having a baby, which can have a knock-on effect on their confidence. If you are like many other women you might be searching for a solution to solve everything. It is not a way to live your life in anxiety and self-hate, but finally reaching the point of loving yourself again is the ultimate goal. 

Whether you are struggling to shift the remaining pounds, or you are finding it hard to accept this new body of yours, it can be a stressful time. If you are low on ideas and are looking for some inspiration to feel like yourself again, consider the following tips:

Avoid Any Negative Self Talk

When we are in a low mood state about our body or our hormonal changes are taking over, it is very easy to talk negatively to ourselves. This might include telling yourself that your body looks terrible, which can initiate feelings of anxiousness and embarrassment. When you slip into this mindset you should restrict yourself from saying bad things about yourself. This creates the idea in your mind that your opinion is exactly what you look like, and there is no change possible. Instead, look at your body with gratitude and stop yourself from saying negative comments.

Start Gentle Exercising 

If you are thinking of starting an exercise routine to get your body back to peak fitness, you should first create a plan. Getting back into a healthy routine is a great way to get your confidence back and keep busy with your daily tasks. Possibly ask a friend to join you during your workouts when you can spare time away from your baby. Even going a few times a week for 30 minutes will make a huge difference. The act of simply showing up will create a positive perception in your head that you are determined and on the right track. You may even wish to spend more time walking instead of taking part in rigorous exercise.

Consider New Mum Groups 

New mum groups aim to act as a safe space for new mums to share their troubles and anxieties. Often a lot of women within the groups are facing the same problems, but it is a creative support system for finding solutions and helping each out find the light even when things seem dark. There are loads of new mum groups operating within local areas, so do some research and find the closest one to you.

Get Your Body Back

It is normal to have permanent effects on your body after having a baby. Unfortunately, not all postpartum bodies will reverse back to how they originally looked, and that is why a lot of new mums today are opting to get mummy makeovers. They are essentially plastic surgery that aims to manage loose skin, stretch marks, the fullness of breasts, and many other results that are a result of giving birth. Only consider this option if you do not see yourself having kids too soon after, and also if you have the money to finance the procedure. 

Simple Ways To Look After Your Oral Health!

Oral health is so important that we should all be making it a priority, and we’re here to show you how! There is often a lot of overwhelming advice out there that can make it difficult to know where to begin, but we’re here with simple tips that are so easy to fit into your current routine and can make a really big difference to your oral health. So, let’s get into it and find out what you can be doing to look after your oral health! 


Visit Your Dentist Every 6 Months

The first tip we have is to visit your dentist Solihull, LA or London based every 6 months! This is the perfect amount of time between appointments to make sure that any issues can be identified by your dentist quickly, so that the treatment needed is less invasive and also less expensive. You should also see your hygienist twice a year, as they will remove any buildup of tartar on the teeth, which is what causes the enamel to weaken, leading to tooth decay. This is one of the best things you can do for your oral health, as they can also identify if you are neglecting any areas of your oral hygiene and they can provide advice on how to improve it. So, if you haven’t got an appointment booked in, make sure that you get yourself an appointment! 

Avoid Sugar Where Possible

Next up, you should avoid sugar where possible, as when the sugar is in your mouth, the natural bacteria in the mouth reacts with the sugar which produces an acid. This then causes tooth decay over time. So, as you can see, sugar isn’t good for the teeth! That is why cutting it down as much as possible is important. We know that it is very difficult to cut it out altogether, so just try to reduce it to a minimum and after you’ve eaten or had a drink of something sugary, have a good drink of water to try and help rinse away some of the excess sugar. Just make sure that if you do eat or drink something sugary, that you leave it at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth, as your teeth will be vulnerable after consuming sugar so it is best to leave them a while before brushing. 

Buy Products With Fluoride

Our last tip is to buy products that contain fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen the teeth enamel, so when they are exposed to something damaging, they are more resistant. Whilst it can’t reverse damage that has been done, it can help to protect your mouth from further damage in the future. Toothpaste and mouthwash that contain fluoride won’t be more expensive, it’s just that not every product contains them. So, when you’re next shopping, take a look at the ingredients and just make sure that it contains fluoride. This can make a big difference to the health of your teeth, mouth and gums! 

5 Foods and Drink You Should Avoid For Your Health

5 Foods and Drink You Should Avoid For Your Health

There are plenty of foods out there that you should avoid because they damage your health. Some are a lot worse than others. That is not to mention that you cannot have them every once in a while. 

Sugary Drinks

This was always going to be at the top of the list because of the amount of sugar that is in them. Consuming drinks that are high in calories could heavily increase your calorie intake for that day. This is because your body does not register them as food which means you will not feel like you have had enough. 

There are many fizzy drinks out there that have a ridiculous amount of sugar in them. Many problems come with fizzy drinks such as fatty liver disease. If you do want to drink a fizzy drink then consider the diet versions of them as these have no sugar and, are much lower in calories. 

White Bread

Your white bread is your unhealthiest out of the rest of the bread. White bread is starchy which, is linked to diabetes, heart disease and weight gain. Not to mention that they can cause your blood sugar to spike as well. 

There are plenty of healthy alternatives out there such as whole-grain bread, brown bread and,

Ezekiel bread. There are also plenty of gluten-free loaves of bread out there which, is good for those that have issues with gluten. 

Pastries, Cookies and Cakes

This is another obvious one that you should have expected to be on the list. However, there is nothing wrong with having these every once in a while. Just make sure you do not have them too much as you will start to realise that you are putting on weight. 

They are many pastries, cookies and cakes that are packed with sugar. Not to mention the added fats, refined wheat flour and, preservatives. They are only damaging if you have them on a regular basis.

Gluten-Free Junk Foods

As mentioned earlier, many people do not react well to Gluten. Some people try to find gluten-free alternatives which can be high in sugar and refined grains. Not to mention they will be processed junk foods.

They can trigger rapid spikes in blood sugar and are low in essential nutrients. You are better going for foods that are naturally without sugar. 

Fruit Drinks and Smoothies

Many people assume orange juice, apple juice, and many others are healthy because they contain fruit. Fruit juices are full of sugar because it is something that brands add to make them taste sweeter. 

Although they are full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, they are also full of natural sugar as well. Sometimes, your fruit juices can contain just as much sugar as fizzy drinks. This goes for smoothies as well, they are full of natural sugars that can be bad for your teeth because of the amount of fruit you put in them. They can turn your teeth yellow which means you could need Invisalign treatment after a while. 


There are plenty of foods and drinks that damage your health, it is just about making sure which ones are better than the others. Remember, there are often healthy alternatives out there for your unhealthy foods so make sure you look out for them. 

3 Ways To Be Healthier In The Office

3 Ways To Be Healthier In The Office

The majority of our working week is spent at work, which means we need to maintain our positive lifestyles even when we’re in the office. Certain jobs provide a clear definition of how it can be harmful to our jobs, but for office employees it can prove a little more difficult. However, there are many downfalls to office jobs including stress and unhealthy snacking.

Whether you work from a home office or find yourself commuting to the office itself, there are always methods that can be introduced to make your office space cleaner and healthier leading to better wellbeing and improved physical health.

Sit Less Often

Believe it or not, sitting down for long periods of time during the working day can have serious implications to your physical health. Sitting for long periods can have us easily feel back pain, neck pain and other physical issues. Your eyes can become easily strained as you rarely take your eyes away from the computer screen. This is why it’s important that you do so in your normal working schedule.

Include Nature

Plants and flowers in an indoor environment has been known to improve productivity and allow for better air circulation in the office. Considering many offices tend to be on industrial sites or in busy city centre areas, it can be easy for the air to become polluted in your four walls of an office, even if you can’t see it. 

Psychologically, it can also help to improve productivity as plants can relieve stress and anxiety that humans feel throughout stages in the day. For the most effective greens, we suggest using leafy plants that are green in colour rather than those with a less obvious appearance such as a cacti. Also, try to avoid flowers that have a strong sense of smell as this can often be distracting for employees.

Promote Healthy Eating

As employees are not regularly active throughout the day in the office, it can be easy for them to succumb to snacking and grabbing chocolates from the vending machine. There’s also the common habit to eat your lunch at your desk which doesn’t allow your brain to turn off from work and escape to recharge. To prevent this occurring for your workers, offer break out spaces for them to get away from the office for a bit and encourage them to take a break. There’s also the option to offer breakfast or canteen lunch where they can have their meal in the morning and then pay for healthy lunches in the afternoon. As an employee, you could also take steps into your own hands and re-energise yourself through high strength fish oil supplements. Sometimes it can be difficult to gain the vitamins and minerals you need in your normal diet during a busy working week.

Surrogate Qualifications and Surrogacy’s Impact To Intended Parents

Surrogate Qualifications and Surrogacy’s Impact To Intended Parents

Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction process where the intended parents partner with a surrogate to carry their child in her womb until birth. Intended parents utilize surrogacy to build or start their families when their capabilities are being limited by certain circumstances and situations. Before the carrier takes on the task, there are rigorous surrogate qualifications that she has to go through. Surrogacy is a year-long process that can be stressful if the intended parents do not fully understand the journey ahead of them.

The first and least common type of surrogacy is the traditional surrogacy. In this case, the intended father would donate his sperm to be inserted into the surrogate’s egg. Since the egg used in the process comes from the surrogate, this means that she is the child’s biological and birth mother. In order for the intended mother to have custody of the child, she needs to legally adopt the child. The intended father who donated the sperm is the child’s biological father. In the case that the intended father cannot donate his sperm, a sperm bank donor will be utilized. It is not common due to the emotional and legal complications brought by these procedures.

The second, most common, and more appealing type of surrogacy is called gestational surrogacy. It is a method that would need legal and medical expertise to help the intended parents navigate the system. They also need a strong support system when going through this process.

In the gestational procedure, an in-Vitro fertilization or IVF process is deployed. In the IVF process, the embryos are made in a laboratory at a fertility clinic. Sometimes the intended parents utilize their own genetic material for the process. This means the intended mother could let the medical experts use her egg and insert it to the surrogate, while the intended father can donate his sperm. In the event that the intended parents cannot provide their own genetic material, they can still proceed with the process through donors. The surrogate has no biological relations to the child since her egg is not used in the process. One to two embryos created at the lab will be implanted into the gestational surrogate who will carry one or more babies to full-term pregnancy.

Why should couples choose surrogacy?

Surrogacy gives opportunities for individuals and couples to build their families. Surrogacy helps people to have their own children no matter what their ages, sexual orientations, backgrounds, and health status. Most intended parents can be:

  •  Heterosexual couples who are struggling with infertility issues or risky pregnancies.
  • Intended parents who have a health condition or genetic defect that they do not want to pass to their child.
  • Intended mothers who do not have the ability to carry a child.
  • Same-sex intended parents.
  • Single people who want to have a child of their own.

How can surrogacy have an impact on surrogate mothers?

Anyone choosing to become a surrogate knows that it is a life-changing journey. Surrogate mothers are selfless and generous in their bid to help other families have their own children. Many surrogates have formed lasting bonds with the intended parents and even remain part of the family’s life even after the baby is born.

A surrogate applicant must be fully prepared when deciding to go through with the process. There are rigid surrogate qualifications that have to be met. Not everyone can be a surrogate as there are requirements and qualifications that must be met before the process moves into the next phases of the journey.

Surrogates must pass the surrogate qualifications of surrogacy agencies. They must be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Every agency has its own requirements but most of their lists would be similar. The universal requirement for every surrogate is that she must have a previous successful full-term pregnancy.

Intended Parents Are Advised To Partner With A Reliable Agency

Building a family through surrogacy is a fulfilling and emotional path to parenthood. Intended parents place their trust in the process as they invest their hard-earned money in the hopes of building a family. Some couples tend to do the process independently. However, those who are not fully acquainted with the process will have difficulty in doing it independently.

Partnering with an agency helps intended parents have a partnership, support system, and expertise that will be difficult to acquire on their own. An agency has access to surrogates, legal teams, medical experts, and fertility laboratories. Working with a surrogacy agency helps intended parents to have a more relaxed surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Benefits Of Working With An Agency

Surrogacy Benefits Of Working With An Agency

Looking for a surrogate mother is not an easy task, which is why many intended parents seek the help of a surrogate agency. Once you have made the difficult resolution of opting for a surrogacy procedure to build your family, the road ahead can be confusing and daunting. You will spend a long time considering various emotional roller coasters that you have to go through, along with your family and the people that will be involved in the procedure. You may also be unsure about the practicalities and processes involved in a surrogacy procedure.

There are multiple surrogacy benefits you have considered but there are also pitfalls you want to avoid which is why you are advised to work with a reputable surrogate agency.

When pushing through the procedure, there are many decisions you have to make. First, you need to identify and decide on which type of surrogacy procedure do you need and which process would you go through. When making the decision, it is important to have a medical professional or surrogate doctor to guide you. One of the options is artificial insemination where the woman never has enough or lost egg cells.

Since the intended mother’s eggs cannot be used, the sperm of the intended father will be artificially inseminated to the surrogate mother’s egg. Therefore, the child will be biologically related to the surrogate mother. The procedure mentioned falls under the type of surrogacy which is referred to as traditional surrogacy.

Since the child has no biological relation to the intended mother, there are legal implications that must be followed. The intended mother must adopt the baby once he or she is born to have a legal claim and be recognized as the child’s parent. The intended parents must ensure that the surrogate mother signs a legal agreement that she will give up her parental rights.

In some cases, the intended parents agree or allow the surrogate mother to have some form of visitation rights since she has a biological relationship with the child. It must be noted that all these details are arranged and agreed upon before the child’s birth.

If the traditional route is not a good option, you can opt for gestational surrogacy. This procedure allows the intended parents’ egg and sperm to be combined through the process called in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The resulting embryo would be inseminated or inserted into the surrogate’s womb. This process is done if the pregnancy is dangerous to be carried by the intended mother. In other cases, gestational surrogacy does not entirely need the intended parents’ egg and sperm. If either of the intended mother or father is infertile.

A sperm or egg donor will be utilized. The same IVF process will be used and the embryo will be transferred to the surrogate. Gestational surrogacy is the most common procedure since the surrogate mother has no biological relations to the child.

Whichever method you plan to choose, the surrogate mother will also experience emotional complexities, which is why she must be emotionally stable. Some intended parents choose to do the procedure independently and choose a family member or close friend as the surrogate.

Such independent arrangements have some benefits such as there is a greater level of connection between the intended parents and surrogates. Since the surrogate is a close friend or family member, she can stay in contact with the child. It is also way cheaper than going through an agency.

However, there are major disadvantages to going to the independent route. You still need to stick to a legal protocol even if your surrogate is a close family member. There must be lawyers involved to create an agreement for both parties. Your surrogate choice and her partner will also need to have medical testing which you have to organize for yourself. The medical tests include physical and psychological tests.

The process is too unnerving and difficult. You have to learn everything for yourself with no one else to guide you. This is why partnering with a dependable agency is a great solution and you will reap surrogacy benefits while in the process.

You may feel odd that you are involving a stranger to this very sensitive experience but at least, you have an assurance that the surrogate underwent rigorous screenings. A reliable agency will always keep you updated and informed through all the stages of the process.

One of the best surrogacy benefits you can gain with an agency is that they will have to do the hard work and update you on what is needed. This removes the stress of the journey from you. The agency will get your medical history, as well as your potential surrogate’s physiological and psychological tests. They will use this information to match a compatible surrogate that will match your needs.

Ways to Maintain Mental Health

Life can sometimes present challenges that can drastically affect your mental health. A tragic event such as the death of someone close to you or the loss of a job can cause you to fall into a state of depression. While turning to alcohol or prescription drugs may offer temporary relief they will only mask the problem.

Abstinence from Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Using a substance to relieve your pain or frustrations is not the answer. In fact, they will do the opposite and prevent you from dealing with your life. Additionally, by consuming a large amount of alcohol or abusing drugs you can put yourself at risk for developing a dependency. The good news is that if you find you can’t break free of this bad habit, there are facilities and places that have drug detox programs that can help you experience a full recovery.

Face the Problem

Life is not always easy and you will encounter times of extreme difficulty throughout the course of your life. The best way to appease your mind is to deal with the situation at hand. If you lost someone very close to you, try to focus your efforts on the good times you both enjoyed. If your source of depression stems from losing a good job, put all your efforts into finding a new one. Thankfully, with a good support system in place that includes your immediate family and friends, you can get over the hurdle.

Positive Thinking

There are two types of people, those that think positive and those that don’t. If you fall into the latter group, you view everything as doom and gloom. Remaining in this state of mind can cripple you and prevent you from enjoying living. You can turn yourself around and begin to view the glass as half full. It will take some effort, but you can do it. If you can’t seem to break free of the negative thoughts, therapy may help you get started. Sometimes, just talking in private to an unbiased person can help you open up and release the bottled up feelings.

Get Away

Working all the time and caring for a family day after day, leaves very little time for rest and relaxation. In order to heal and keep your mental health in a good place, you need to take a vacation from the drama, the stress and just focus on you. A weekend getaway with your spouse a few times throughout the year will not only let you leave your troubles behind, it will also let you strengthen the bond you two share. If you have children, share a vacation together once a year and learn to partake in simple, fun activities weekly. This will calm the home environment and make every person who lives there feel a part of the team.

Take a Walk

When life overwhelms you take a brisk walk and let the fresh air and the scenery consume your thoughts. The walk is not only good for the mind it also benefits your heart and instantly energizes your body.

Life isn’t always perfect and you should expect that you will encounter bumps in the road. However, if you learn to face your problems head-on and think positively, you can overcome anything life throws your way.

Hair Removal Guide: Find The Right Method For You

With the warmer months on their way, it’s time to pull out the summer wardrobe. Whilst many people choose to embrace their body hair, for others, they like to get rid of as much as possible! There are so many methods nowadays, so here we will look at some of the most popular techniques, and perhaps the little rating system will help you to make an informed decision before you begin tweezing and plucking this summer!



The easiest, quickest and most common method of hair removal that we all rely on, at least every now and again. Yet, it can leave the skin bumpy, stubbly and irritable. Shaving can be a bit risky, unless I’m just unbelievably clumsy, as the amount of times I accidentally catch myself with the razor isn’t ideal. A bonus of shaving is that it can remove dead surface skin cells as you shave, leaving the skin smoother. Unlike many of the other treatments that require pre-booked appointments, you can leave this method of hair removal to the very last minute, which is another bonus..


Price: 10/10 – probably the cheapest of all!

Effectiveness: 2/10 – compared to the possibilities of new technologies like laser treatment, this doesn’t cut it.

Pain: 3/10 – although actual shaving is painless, I had to add a few points for the occasional scapes…


Laser Hair Removal

Of all the treatments, this is certainly the most effective and long lasting. Modern technology can treat different skin and hair types specifically, and although the hair remains in the skin after treatment, all of the hair will fall out after around a week. The downside of this treatment is the cost, as following the initial treatment, a few follow ups are required, all of which come at quite a cost. It is always recommended to have this treatment done at a qualified aesthetic clinic, and although this can increase the cost, the implications of not having the correct treatment are not worth the small saving. Laser hair removal can be painful, and varies across the body depending on the area being waxed. People have mixed opinions of the pain rating, but for many, the short period of pain is worth it!


Price: 1/10 – very expensive!

Effectiveness: 10/10 – the most long lasting treatment that can last years.

Pain: 8/10 – painful, but not as painfully boring as having to shave your legs all the time!



Waxing is a cheaper method of hair removal, and can be done at home or in the salon, which makes the price vary quite a lot. Waxing lasts substantially longer than shaving, and can keep you smooth for a good few weeks. Unfortunately, there is a major downside, THE PAIN! I personally don’t have a very good pain threshold, yet I’m sure many of us understand the tear-jerking pain of having strip after strip brutally ripped off, so much so you’d think the beauty therapist had a very personal problem with me! Unlike threading, the pain is over relatively quickly after each strip, so out of the two, I’d say waxing is more bearable. This is especially the case on the face, rather than on the legs which takes much longer.  So, although this is a relatively long lasting solution, for me, the pain is certainly not worth it!


Price: 6/10 – it can be more expensive when done in a salon than at home, hence the mediocre score.

Effectiveness: 7/10 – compared to other methods, this lasts quite well.

Pain: 9/10 – not for me!



Many people have their facial hair threaded, as it is quick, easy and lasts around the same amount of time as waxing. As threading simply uses… a thread… treatments can be very cheap. However, threading is not usually available for large areas, so is best for the face. You may sense a recurring theme here, but once again, the pain of threading is unbearable for me. Friends of mine said it was painful but bearable, but after almost crying for the entire time (a whole 2 minutes) of having my upper lip threaded, I struggled to drag myself there again! The results are great and last well, but for me threading simply isn’t the best option.


Price: 9/10 – very affordable.

Effectiveness: 7/10 – on the same level as waxing, impressive!

Pain: 9/10 – not so bad for other people, but unbeatable for me.


Of all the choices, I’d definitely recommend laser for a long lasting solution. Although it is very costly and must be done by medical professionals, the amount of time and energy saved in the long run is certainly worth the investment!

Learning When You’re Fertile

Building a better understanding of your body is always important. It helps you feel at home in your skin, and understanding the processes going on under the surface is a good way to spot when something is going wrong. Knowing what’s normal means something abnormal stands out early. It also helps you be a better advocate for your own needs when you’re talking to a doctor, a partner, or even a manager at work.

If you’re trying to get pregnant then understanding your fertility specifically becomes absolutely vital. It’s no longer a theoretical issue: this could cut months off your journey to conceiving!

You are fertile for a surprisingly few days in each menstrual cycle. To get pregnant you need sperm to encounter a fertile egg. Unfortunately, when an egg leaves the ovaries (the process known as ‘ovulation’) it’s only fertile for 24 hours at most. Sperm have a longer lifespan, at a maximum of five days. The time when these lifespans intersect (the four days before ovulation and the day after it), is known as your fertile window, and it’s only during your fertile window that sex can reliably result in pregnancy.

There are two easy ways to boost your fertility without medical help: identifying when you ovulate, to pin down that fertile window and boosting the health of eggs and sperm to help them reach that maximum lifespan that gives them the best chance to meet.

Detecting Ovulation

The best way to identify and predict ovulation (especially if you have a condition like PCOS, where hormones interfere with your body’s ability to ovulate) is to track your Basal Body Temperature. This changes in a distinct pattern when your body is getting ready to ovulate. Hitherto it’s been quite a difficult task to track it accurately, but using a modern fertility monitor device, you can automate both taking your temperature and turning that information into a prediction.

Boosting Reproductive Health

Plenty of services promise an ideal ‘fertility diet’, but there’s no single cure all that boosts your fertility easily. It’s best to talk to your doctor to get some specialist advice that applies to you specifically. In general, one of the best things you can do is boost the amount of leafy green vegetables you eat. This gives your body better building blocks to build healthier eggs or sperm (depending on your body!), as well as topping up some of the important electrolytes your body uses to regulate important processes (including fertility cycles!).