Hair Removal Guide: Find The Right Method For You

With the warmer months on their way, it’s time to pull out the summer wardrobe. Whilst many people choose to embrace their body hair, for others, they like to get rid of as much as possible! There are so many methods nowadays, so here we will look at some of the most popular techniques, and perhaps the little rating system will help you to make an informed decision before you begin tweezing and plucking this summer!



The easiest, quickest and most common method of hair removal that we all rely on, at least every now and again. Yet, it can leave the skin bumpy, stubbly and irritable. Shaving can be a bit risky, unless I’m just unbelievably clumsy, as the amount of times I accidentally catch myself with the razor isn’t ideal. A bonus of shaving is that it can remove dead surface skin cells as you shave, leaving the skin smoother. Unlike many of the other treatments that require pre-booked appointments, you can leave this method of hair removal to the very last minute, which is another bonus..


Price: 10/10 – probably the cheapest of all!

Effectiveness: 2/10 – compared to the possibilities of new technologies like laser treatment, this doesn’t cut it.

Pain: 3/10 – although actual shaving is painless, I had to add a few points for the occasional scapes…


Laser Hair Removal

Of all the treatments, this is certainly the most effective and long lasting. Modern technology can treat different skin and hair types specifically, and although the hair remains in the skin after treatment, all of the hair will fall out after around a week. The downside of this treatment is the cost, as following the initial treatment, a few follow ups are required, all of which come at quite a cost. It is always recommended to have this treatment done at a qualified aesthetic clinic, and although this can increase the cost, the implications of not having the correct treatment are not worth the small saving. Laser hair removal can be painful, and varies across the body depending on the area being waxed. People have mixed opinions of the pain rating, but for many, the short period of pain is worth it!


Price: 1/10 – very expensive!

Effectiveness: 10/10 – the most long lasting treatment that can last years.

Pain: 8/10 – painful, but not as painfully boring as having to shave your legs all the time!



Waxing is a cheaper method of hair removal, and can be done at home or in the salon, which makes the price vary quite a lot. Waxing lasts substantially longer than shaving, and can keep you smooth for a good few weeks. Unfortunately, there is a major downside, THE PAIN! I personally don’t have a very good pain threshold, yet I’m sure many of us understand the tear-jerking pain of having strip after strip brutally ripped off, so much so you’d think the beauty therapist had a very personal problem with me! Unlike threading, the pain is over relatively quickly after each strip, so out of the two, I’d say waxing is more bearable. This is especially the case on the face, rather than on the legs which takes much longer.  So, although this is a relatively long lasting solution, for me, the pain is certainly not worth it!


Price: 6/10 – it can be more expensive when done in a salon than at home, hence the mediocre score.

Effectiveness: 7/10 – compared to other methods, this lasts quite well.

Pain: 9/10 – not for me!



Many people have their facial hair threaded, as it is quick, easy and lasts around the same amount of time as waxing. As threading simply uses… a thread… treatments can be very cheap. However, threading is not usually available for large areas, so is best for the face. You may sense a recurring theme here, but once again, the pain of threading is unbearable for me. Friends of mine said it was painful but bearable, but after almost crying for the entire time (a whole 2 minutes) of having my upper lip threaded, I struggled to drag myself there again! The results are great and last well, but for me threading simply isn’t the best option.


Price: 9/10 – very affordable.

Effectiveness: 7/10 – on the same level as waxing, impressive!

Pain: 9/10 – not so bad for other people, but unbeatable for me.


Of all the choices, I’d definitely recommend laser for a long lasting solution. Although it is very costly and must be done by medical professionals, the amount of time and energy saved in the long run is certainly worth the investment!

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