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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR, India

In the pool of app development companies, it becomes quite difficult to believe who is the best when everybody is trying so hard. I was in the same confusing situation some time ago and decided to do a full research. Delhi has a huge app developers market which makes it quite a job for us to find the right company.

After researching well, I found that the following points should be considered when choosing an app development company:

  • The client’s feedback on various platforms about the company
  • Its previous products and services
  • Talk to the ex-employees or the clients about the client-company relationship
  • Learn everything about the company from their websites to know what to expect from them

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Now, let’s see which companies have made it to this list:


Appinventiv is a mobile app development company in India and the USA. They specialize in mobile app development, strategic consulting, product design, project management, web development, quality assurance, chatbots, and blockchains. Appinventiv has a flexible engagement model which meets the client’s needs and budgets. They understand the user psychology and develop models on that basis.

Address: B 25, Sector 58, Noida 201301, UP

Phone: +91 8826909998

Think Future Technologies

Having a huge worldwide presence, Think Future Technology is a leading Software development and Testing company. They focus on Security, Artificial Intelligence, BOTS, and apps. With their hard work and dedication, Think Future Technologies has acquired clients like Shutterstock, Bond University, American Greeting, Webdam etc.

Address: 1st Floor, AIHP Tower 249G, Udyog Vihar Phase IV Gurgaon 122015, Haryana, India

Phone:  +91 1242807000

Saffron Tech

Saffron Tech has been in business for over 20 years and handled 1500 projects for their clients. They have 200 clients all over the world which proves their quality of work and work ethics. Having expertise in Custom Development, IT Consulting, Microsoft Technology, Mobility, Cloud Computing, IoT has partnered with big brands like Apple, Google Play, Hubspot, Microsoft and Google.

Address: Building No-1, Lane-1, Westend Marg, Saidulajab,

New Delhi 110030, India

Phone: +91-88000-23729


Appster is an app development company from Australia and has opened its office in Gurgaon. They believe in their mission and vision strictly and deliver excellence through their work. Along with development and designing, they also market the product.

Address:  Appster Building, 15, Aricent Lane, Electronic City, Udyog Vihar Phase IV, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana 122015

Phone: 0124 405 5329


With a mission to make an impact on the app development world, Techugo is has helped big brands like BJP, Airtel, Style Match and Prozata. They proudly say that their team works together on all levels and encourages the free flow of communication to work efficiently. They have a team of 120+ skilled developers who represent clients from over 15 countries around the world.

Address: A-26, Sector-63, Noida, UP, 201301

Phone: +91 966-7134400


Appslure is a digital agency that specializes in mobile app development, web development, and digital promotion strategy. They have a total of 126 completed projects with over 26M downloads. Appslure calls themselves “Team lures” and are open for any opportunity coming their way. One of their biggest achievement is the Cafe Coffee Day app which is India’s favorite cafe of all times.

Address: 21/C9, 2nd Floor, Sector-7, Rohini Opp Metro Pillar No. 400, New Delhi – 110085

Phone: +91 9717154422


Codecube is an app development company with a very impressive client list. The list is quite long but here are some clients which also has Fortune 500 companies- National Geographic Channel, Samsung, ICICI, Bharti AXA, NIIT, Canara HSBC, etc. Codecube has successfully completed 280 projects with a team of 80 skilled developers and designers.

Address: A 133, Ashok Enclave Part 2, Sector 37, Faridabad, Haryana 121003

Phone:  0129 431 9393

How to Pick the Best Line of Credit and Loans in Canada

Financial burden can often derail personal or business success. However, financial options such as a line of credit can help you sort out your financial needs. The best thing about it is that it gives you access to a sum of money up to a specified limit that you can get or borrow anytime. Also, you only pay interest when you actually borrow the preferred amount, which covers that sum alone. Nonetheless, if you are looking to secure the best line of credit loans in Canada, the following tips will help you.

  • Shop Around

Do not just rely on your current financial service provider, ensure that you shop around. Consider various factors such as accompanying or hidden costs, repayment terms, speed of funding, and the application process of potential lenders. This effort will assist you in settling for the best.

Make sure to visit Smarter Loans – Canada’s Loan Directory for a list of Canada’s top loan providers, their products and interest rates, as well as reviews by customers.

  • Go for the Lowest Interest Rate

Keep in mind that different banks provide varying interest rates for their lines of credits. Hence, when shopping around, you have to make sure what you go for is favorable to you, one with the lowest rate. Doing so will ensure that your debt is not too much to meet when repaying.

  • Do you have a Good Credit Score?

As with other forms of credit such as loans or mortgages, you have to ensure that you are credit worthy. Banking institutions determine this quality by looking at your credit score, which is influenced by your credit history. In this case, bear in mind that lenders mainly look at your past debt repayment history or rather how timely you are in repaying loans. If your score is high, you not only increase your chances of getting the required financing but also at a lower interest.

  • Risk and Profitability

In case, you are seeking a line of credit for your business, or other type of business loans in Canada ensure that you consider your enterprise’s risks and profitability. Lenders will be highly interested in such factors and so should you since you will have to repay the money after borrowing. For instance, lenders will go through certain risks such as a considerable investment in new cutting-edge machinery that could interfere with your repayment as well as your company’s profit and loss records.

  • Can you Meet the Repayment Terms?

Your potential to repay the borrowed amount is a critical factor for most lenders. The more likely you are to pay, the more chances of securing the best line of credit loan at a favorable rate. As such, before you approach your desired lender, ensure that you are trustworthy. Aside from your credit history, lenders may focus on aspects like your current occupation, for instance, if it is sustainable or how much you earn.

Once you get the preferred line of credit, remember it can be tempting since it is similar to a credit card.  Be sure to bite what you can swallow or rather borrow the amount of money you can afford to pay comfortably to avoid getting into a cycle of debt. Personal loans and business loans in Canada are available from various online lenders. Check out Smarter Loans to ensure you are dealing with a reputable and established financing provider.

Why Should You Invest in Custom Tracksuits?

Sportswear customizations are opening a lot of windows for sportsmen and sports clubs around the world, with the most significant being better and bigger sponsorships. Almost every sports club and team that has invested in personalized sports kits have all the good things to speak about it.

So, how can sportswear customization benefit you as a club or a team?

In multiple ways, we say. But let us first understand what a personalized sportswear is.

When we say personalized sportswear, we mean a kind of sportswear that is made to order or created to meet certain specifications. These specifications come from the club or team that is personalizing a sportswear. With the advent of technology, customizing has become extremely easy and interesting, thanks to the 3D Kit Designer – a tool that enables you to design your own sportswear online.

Some of the leading custom sportswear and sports equipment manufacturers like Zapkam offer this 3D Kit Designer online for free. You can use this kit designer to design your own sportswear in different colors and styles. Best part, apart from the fact that you can create your own sportswear in almost any color under the sky, is that you can add your team’s or club’s logo, your sponsor’s logo, and team members’ names, numbers, and initials.

Not only sportswear, but you can also customize tracksuits and coordinate the design with your game day team wear. Opting for this will fetch you many incredible benefits. Here we have mentioned some.

Team Branding

There is no doubt about the fact that personalized sports kit is great for team branding. You will not only be adding a unique edge to your team’s style, but will also be leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your fans and onlookers. This personalized team wear, therefore, will soon become your team’s identity, especially in the way that your fans would be able to spot you in a crowd easily. What’s more? They may even want to show support or simply borrow your style by wearing your team wear during matches or on other occasions. This, in turn, will bring extra income to your team or club.

More Sponsors

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, personalized sportswear including custom tracksuits could help you get more sponsors. Here’s how. Custom sportswear helps you add your sponsors’ logo on your team wear using the 3D Kit Designer. When prospective sponsors will see these logos on your team wear, they will feel propelled to approach. On the other hand, if you are approaching new sponsors, you can create 3D mock-ups of your team wear with the prospective sponsor’s logo. You can then add these mock-ups to your proposal/presentation which would certainly increase your chances of succeeding.

There are many more benefits of investing in a custom tracksuit. For instance, these tracksuits could easily become your team’s uniform off the field. And would, therefore, increase the visibility of your club or team outside the court or ground. To present another instance, consider a situation where you do not have to maintain a brick and mortar club shop for team wear and team merchandise. With manufacturers like Zapkam, you can set an online club shop and direct your team members and fans directly to these shops for any orders. In short, it’s a win-win.

Here is how solar companies have become more efficient with the use of technology

Solar power has grown tremendously owing to its clean energy nature. The infinite source of power emits minimal greenhouse gases. For instance, an average American household is responsible for the release of 14,920 pounds of carbon dioxide annually by using approximately 957-kilowatt hours of non-renewable energy monthly. However, solar panels cut the carbon dioxide emission by 3,000 pounds yearly.

Moreover, solar power generation helps cut down electricity bills. All these beneficial features of the clean energy have encouraged the growth of solar manufacturers. Statista provides a record of the revenue of the major solar companies in 2016. You can view the graph below. It exhibits the growth of the major players in the solar industry.

At the same time, technological advancements aren’t under wraps. In fact, the feats achieved by tech stand in the limelight across a broad array of industries. These include progress in the healthcare field, renewable energy, the fashion industry, and so on.

The solar industry has also employed technological development to its advantage. In fact, it is by means of these technological advancements that the solar industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

Here is an in-depth look at how solar companies have harnessed the potential of technology to become more efficient:

Solar companies use tech to boost the efficiency of solar panels

A company thrives on the basis of a unique product. This holds true in the case of solar companies too. Solar initiatives either install solar panels or provide the panels themselves. Typically, such solar panels can convert less than 14% of the sun’s energy that reaches them, which is pretty inefficient.

The story doesn’t end here though. Solar manufacturers are actively using new technology to boost the efficiency of solar panels. A case in point is SunPower that has enhanced the efficiency of their photovoltaic system from the market average of 14% to 22%.

Presently, further advancements in solar power tech are in the pipeline. Such innovative tech can increase the efficiency of solar panels by about 50%. It does so by combining semiconductor panels. For the time being, however, such tech is limited.

Solar industry utilizes technology for developing solar tracking mounts

Another factor concerning maximizing the efficiency of solar panels is their positioning in respect to the sun. In this regard, a key tip is to make sure that the panels are directly facing the sun throughout the day. Tech plays a significant role in this context too.

Solar companies have come up with ground-mounted solar tech that tracks the movement of the panels. In doing so, the PV tracking system increases electricity production by moving the panels in the direction of the sun.

Put simply, the trackers tilt and shift the solar array’s angle so that it is facing the sun. Solar manufacturers are increasingly embracing this tech since 2016. A GTM report confirms a 254% upward trend in the tracking system’s popularity.

Solar ventures are employing tech to boost solar panel designs

When it comes to solar installation, a major turnoff for homeowners is the appearance of the solar system. Solar companies are, however, not letting that become an obstacle to their growth. To this end, the industry is utilizing the potential tech.

An inspirational example can be drawn from a Boston-based design firm, Sistine Solar. The venture works for enhancing the aesthetic enhancement of the solar panels to give them a customized look. The startup has designed a “solar skin” that makes the solar panels look like a roof without negatively impacting their efficacy.

Likewise, Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk is also working on creating revolutionary solar roof tiling. These tiles will come in a broad range of shapes and sizes and will generate electricity.

Solar manufacturers are using tech to create floating solar farms

The solar industry is also enthusiastic about saving precious space. Consequently, the concept of floating solar farms has surfaced. Ciel & Terre International, a French solar company, has developed the Hydrelio Floating PV system. It allows the installation of PV panels on water bodies like ponds, quarry lakes, and canals.

The company initiated work on this project in 2011. Its product is increasingly gaining prominence for its features of simplicity, easy installation, and economical pricing. Such innovative tech offers extensive benefits for water-intensive industries.

Solar initiatives use tech to develop innovative solar storage batteries

Since the sun rises only during the day, the concept of solar storage and off-grid solar has attracted sufficient attention. Consequently, the solar industry hasn’t missed a beat concerning the development of solar storage. This is where tech comes into the picture again.

Take solar famous, Tesla Powerwall, for instance. It worked on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and launched them in 2015. Since then, it has led the market by offering solar batteries.

Solar companies use tech for boosting their services

Solar ventures also use tech to maximize their marketing endeavors and services. As an example, we have the mobile software. The application allows solar companies to boost their sales. It also allows companies to monitor the maintenance work and performance of their solar products at their customers’ end.

What’s more, the app streamlines all the data concerning the installation of a PV system. This boosts the efficiency of the solar providers. pulls data together to create personalized reports for clients too. Therefore, enhancing the service delivery on the part of the manufacturers, making them more efficient. Companies such as Sigora Solar and Max Solar reap the benefits of this application.

Wrap up thoughts

All these examples show how solar companies are becoming more efficient with the use of tech. The manufacturers use tech to boost the efficiency of PV systems, store surplus solar power in batteries, and boost the looks of the system too. Solar ventures have also employed technological advancements for swelling sales and services.

Plus, technological progress promotes the growth of convenient PV systems such as the floating solar farms initiative too. In this way, the industry has grown significantly with the help of tech.

How to be Beautiful in a Very Natural Way.

Do you want to look beautiful in a natural way? Then you need to use the natural products. There are many good natural products available and you can make use of them for your delicate skin. There are many products available like creams, face wash, mask etc.

You need to make use of cream for your body and face. The cream must be made up of all natural ingredients that will keep the skin soft and nourished. You need to see a variety of such products and then decide which one can be the best for you. You can check them online and also order them online. They are available at the most affordable rates.

Natural products are good for your skin always. If you are looking for a good cream for your face then you can get the best all natural face cream.  This will help you to have a natural glow on your face. They are best for all types of skin. They are made up of natural and vegan ingredients. This is an easy way in which you can look good. You may find many brands in the market and you need to choose the best one for you.

There are different types of natural products that can be used for your skin. There are some of the green brands those are made from leaves extract. You can have a search online and see which of the products suits you the most. If you order them online then that will save your time and money as well. You can avail many discounts for ordering the products online. There are many good products and you can select the best one for you.

If your skin is delicate then you can also get a customized product. You can tell them what ingredients you want to have and they will make that for you. They will use the nice combination that will make your skin glow. There are also some makeup kits that you can order for your skin. These products are made up using only some natural raw material and no synthetic colors or cosmetics are used in this. There are different types of creams and you can buy natural organic face cream for you.

They will tell you about the main ingredients of the products and this will help you to select the best one for you. They will tell you what ingredients can best match you. You need to see what all things are available and order them online. You need to first see if the product suits your skin type or not. If you have a delicate and sensitive skin then you need to be very careful while you pick a product for you. Your skin will glow, grow and will be healthy as well. Get the perfect brand for your skin and have a healthy skin type. There are many actors who make use of these natural skin products to make their skin glow. Make your skin look great with these great products.

Interesting Wedding Appetizers for Your Reception

It used to be that attending a wedding meant that you would be dining off bland soup, mass-produced bread rolls, and a choice of dried out chicken or beef. Now, wedding food has become a multi-million-dollar industry that continues to get more creative every year.

From interesting canapes to visually arresting cakes, to caterers who bring in 1,200lb offset BBQs—wedding food is big business and it’s changing the face of the wedding industry.

When your guests attend your wedding, they will want to be wowed by the food! This doesn’t mean you have to throw a 5-course, extravagant meal, it just means you have to get a little creative when you think about your food offerings.

JJ’s House designer Jessica has noticed that modern weddings often lean towards appetizers and finger foods instead of full, sit down meals. While not necessarily cheaper (we’ll get to that momentarily), it offers a greater variety of choices and permits chefs to batch make more specialized appetizers.

Here are some of the most popular finger foods that Jessica has seen:

Milk and Cookies

This adorable and incredibly simple appetizer uses shot glasses and mini, homemade chocolate chip cookies as a take on the classic milk and cookies.

The shots glasses are filled with milk and the cookies are balanced on the rim of the cup and they are distributed as cute little desserts. You can offer a variety of cookies, so long as they’re sized down to match the shot glass.

Crostini Stations

To cut costs on servers passing trays, many weddings offers stationary “food bars”. One amazing idea is a crostini station that offers crackers, pickles, cheeses, slices of bread and jams and sauces to create your own crostini.

Mini grilled cheese with tomato soup

This cold-weather classic gets recreated as a tiny appetizer. By utilizing the ever-popular shot glass filled with a gulp of rich, warm, tomato soup and a bite-sized portion of gooey, melty grilled cheese balanced on top, you give your guests a filling little bite.

Assorted popcorn

In either small paper bags or served up in a big bowl with a scoop, assorted popcorn is a great addition to any boho, barn wedding. Get sweet popcorn, cheesy popcorn, candied popcorn, or mix them all together to give guests’ taste buds a sweet and salty adventure.

Strawberry shortcake in a jar

You knew we weren’t getting through this without at least one Mason jar showing up! These tiny strawberry shortcakes in a jar have rich layers of shortcake, strawberry compote, and whipped cream in a visually decadent display. Hand them out with little spoons and watch guests dig in!

Keep in mind that offering food this way at your wedding won’t necessarily be cheaper than a traditional meal. A variety of appetizers can be just as—if not more—labor intensive to produce as a traditional, sit down meal. While you and your guests will enjoy the interesting amuse bouches, don’t be surprised if the price per head isn’t far off the cost of a full meal.

Why Include Rummy in Wedding Parties?

Weddings are big events in India. Our nation spends a lot on a wedding. These occasions may last anywhere between an hour to ten days. All relatives and friends get together for a wedding party. Keeping such a vast crowd entertained can be quite a challenging task. That is why rummy card game is an ideal addition to wedding parties and events.

Most People Know the Game

In India, most people know how to play rummy. That is why if you include this game in a wedding party, most people attending will be able to participate in the game. It is vital that you choose a game that most people are familiar with to keep the guests interested in the party. It is easy to arrange tables and provide a few decks of cards so that people have a fun time.

Easy to Teach the Game

In case you end up with a couple of people at the party who are not aware of rummy game, it is still ok. This is because the game can easily be grasped and the rules of the game are not tough to understand. This makes the game simple and interesting to most people.

Flexibility in Number of Players

Most of the popular card games restrict the number of players to either 2 or 4. In rummy, there is a flexibility in the number of players. This allows you to easily arrange tables among guests for a wedding and coax them to play rummy. This is another reason why rummy is a great choice for wedding parties.

People of all Ages Can Play the Game

Another beauty of classic rummy game is that it can be played by people of different age groups. It does not matter whether the player is a youngster or an old man, all can play and enjoy the game equally. In a wedding, people of different age groups meet at one place. If there is no one common factor to bind them, the gathering can be disorderly. That is why a round of rummy is most welcome in such parties. It helps to organise the gathered crowd. It also helps them interact with each other on a rummy table.

Easy Way to Keep People Engaged

People often get bored during long marriage parties. The game is the best way to keep the people gathered engaged and busy. People need to be kept busy in order to avoid chaos. It is not always possible to manage the crowd during occasions unless there is an organised way to entertain them. Rummy is a great way for sure.

Some Additional Tips

When you decide to include rummy as a part of entertainment in the wedding, you need to make arrangements for the same. Make sure you have tables arranged where people can take time to relax and play cards with others. You also need to arrange for refreshments at regular intervals at these tables. Make sure there is good lighting and ventilation so that the guests are all made comfortable. Organise some rummy tournament to encourage participation in the game.

How to Plan a Party for D.C Comic Lovers

What’s better than watching you favorite superheroes in action on a Sunday morning fresh out of bed? A superhero themed party!!

If your child or sibling has been obsessed with the world of superheroes, is spending all their pocket money on comic books and catching up on the animated series as well, you don’t need to scratch your head too much to plan their next party.

A DC superhero themed party could be the best surprise for your kid and help him gain the extra points among his friends so here’s how you pull it off;

The Party Favors

The Party Favors

Image Source

Giving your guests gifts and thanking them for lighting up the party is a great gesture. There are tons of ways to make superhero themed party favors;

  • You could make super hero masks. Either buy them or cut them out in cardboard and decorate with paints.
  • Superhero body bags that are filled with delicious chocolate and candies
  • Capes might seem a bit too extravagant to make. Getting a big cloth and sewing it might be a wonderful idea and may win your child the praise of every kid.
  • Medals- If there’s one thing that kids love more than candy, it’s being treated like a hero! Make medals out of construction paper or card boards and glue the initials of the superheroes to them then just before leaving, award each kid with a medal of bravery.

A Themed Sleep Over

Superheroes need to keep up their strength and rejuvenate with a fun sleep over! Set the matching batman joker socks with comfy superman Pj’s, which you can find on The League of Geeks online store, for a deathly combination. You can also divide the kids into teams for batman vs superman and have them duel it out at a game of charades or hide and seek with walkie talkies! Make sure they have ample place to set their sleeping bags and the parents are okay with their kids staying over. Don’t leave a lot of candy lying around, they might get a high sugar rush!

Divide and Conquer

To really have a fun planned day with the kids, get a few Batman T shirts and some Superman T’s for the kids and divide them into teams to look for the hidden treasure in your treasure hunt game. Make it exciting for the kids and set a time limit with a winning prize. You can even have multiple games like tug of war where kids can enjoy and run around. Water fighting seems like a pretty great idea on a hot summer day.

Smash the Piñata

With the super strength, kids are now ready to charge and smash the piñata to reveal their earned prizes inside. A joker themed piñata doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all since he’s the favorite villain DC has ever had.

Get candy from the Villain

Get candy from the Villain

Image Source

Dress up an adult as the joker who will steal the candy from the kids and run. The kids have to chase him down and capture him with the help of a hula hoop or wonder woman’s rope of justice! When the villain is caught, he gives the kids candy for his freedom.

Comic Cones

Pass around Cheetos and chips in cones made up of comic book papers. You don’t have to tear up actual comic book papers, just get them photocopied!

Bonfire Fun

If you’re planning on making it a night thing, a bonfire seems like a perfect idea. Roast mini adorable marshmallows that look like superheroes and have them share stories of their favorite superhero!

Costs and Considerations of New Windows

A window replacement will improve your home’s aesthetics, energy efficiency and marketability. Because most of the heat that escapes from your home is going out the window, a window upgrade is one of the most effective ways to really improve your home’s efficiency. New windows also make a home more attractive to potential buyers, which is a perk if you ever decide to sell your home down the road.

Things to consider when budgeting for a window replacement.

There are things to consider when estimating the cost of a window replacement. These include the size, type and number of windows you will need. For example, standard slider windows will cost less than a bay or bow window. You will also pay depending on the windows efficiency features. Though all windows that are ENERGY STAR rated for our climate zone will improve efficiency, you can pay extra for additional energy efficiency features. For instance, triple-pane windows cost more than double-pane.

Window companies can give you an accurate quote on both products and labour. In most cases, a window installer will give you a discount on labour per window if you are installing multiple windows at once. If you were planning on replacing a window or two every year until they are done, it could end up costing you more in the end.

Read How much will windows cost to learn more.

Common costs for residential windows.

According to HGTV renovations, the average cost to purchase and install a 5 by 7 window, including trim and flash, is approximately $1,000. Obviously, the price will go up and down depending on the type of window, size and material.

The average single detached home has between 10 to 15 windows. That means your window replacement will cost approximately $10,000 to $15,000 dollars.

Is a window replacement worth the cost?

If you are planning on staying in your home into the foreseeable future, then a window replacement is definitely worth the cost. Investing in energy efficiency will reduce your impact on the environment, prevent wasting energy and lower your heating and cooling costs by at least 8 percent each month. New windows will also improve your home comfort and its resale value.

If you are planning on selling your home, you have some things to consider. While a new window replacement will increase your home’s resale value and marketability, it will not recoup the entire cost of the project. You can expect to get back about 74 percent. However, in addition to that return on investment, your home will be more attractive to potential buyers, especially when it’s competing with comparable homes that do not have new windows.

Read Choosing new windows to help with the choice.

Things To Do in Dallas at First!

So, your big journey in Dallas starts right now! Are you going to travel with your family? No problem! Dallas has got a lot of opportunities for having fun. First of all try to click here and rent a car at the Dallas Airport to get more opportunities to travel not only in the city, but far around it. Also, the city is full of free adventures such as Museum of Nature, Trinity Groves or Design District. Whenever you go in the city you can find a lot of interesting things to fill your day. Don’t forget about restaurants, exhibitions, performances, and other adventures.

The car or even a van if you are traveling in a big company will help you to get from the district to district easily. Also, you can leave your car in the city center and ride a bicycle to get to design District. This is a place where you can see as much art objects as you can. After, try to get to the Downtown Dallas and Oak Cliff. This is a city of opportunities. Whenever you go, you’ll get an unforgettable experience.



Texas Adventure! Feel Like a Cowboy!

Enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes by riding a horse. And you don’t even go out of the city. There is a big park, situated 8 miles from the center of Dallas. The park is called Trinity Forest Adventure Park. Actually, this park is a part of a big leafy forest. Just enjoy riding. Don’t forget to make a stop at the Wild Bill’s Shop to buy a cowboy hat on your way.

Learn American History!

Dallas is a good place to learn American history. The first thing you should do is visiting Dealey Plaza to see where the former president was assassinated. Then go to the sixth floor museum at the same hotel. You can learn much about George Bush’s life and get a picture of him. How about taking picture in the president library? All these attractions are absolutely free!

Go in Sport!

If you like sports and want to try something in Texas style, take the VIP-excursion to AT & T Stadium to enjoy the game of Dallas Cowboys. What is more, you should drive your car to Arlington, TX to watch the Texas Rangers at their finest.

Texas Rangers


Feel Texas!

If you are in Texas, you can enjoy the local delicacies. Street food is not what you need. You’d better to raid in the local eateries. The food is not expensive but very tasty and rich. How about trying meals from the world popular chefs Dean Fearing and Stephan Pyles? Also, you can visit Deep Ellum for the tastiest BBQ. Trinity Groves welcomes you with more than 15 original meals and marvelous city views from the restaurant window!

Smoke Restaurant - Dallas


Explore Suburbs!

There are about 20 districts in the city and around. Each of them is unique and worth visiting. If you don’t have much time for traveling around, pick one or two. Thus, Uptown can boast the most interesting historic street McKinney Avenue and fashion restaurants and cafes. Looking for the night attractions, you should visit Grinville Av. with the amazing restaurants and night clubs.

Bekah Timm (RE-EDIT!)


Go Shopping!

Hunting for the best shopping, first of all, go to BIG in the NorthPark Center, where you can find about 200 shops and one of the newest fashion collections. You can find everything you need, including the Apple Store, Nike, Tesla store and many others world brand shops. If you are tired, make a stop at the cinema or cafe. There is one more interesting place to visit – Galleria Dallas. This is a place where you can drive not only for shopping, but for a huge skating rink. TaxFree Shopping program makes your shopping enjoyable.

Have Fun with Night Attractions!

Dallas is especially beautiful at night. How can you see it? You may simply start from observing the city from GeO-Deck Reunion Tower. This is a visiting card of Dallas and very popular place for tourists. Then go to Deep Ellum. This historic region is popular of its street music, friendly atmosphere, creative people, and public bar. Try to learn more about this place before you go there.

a Calatrava Bridge - Dallas TX


Learn Arts and Architecture!

Dallas is popular with not only its rich history and bright historic places, but artistic objects. Just drive along the city streets and never miss Dallas Art Museum, Nasher Sculpture Center, and others. But if you are fond of architecture, go to the Flora Street. You can see 5 unique buildings, specially constructed for Pritzker-Prize.

Of course, traveling to Dallas, you have a chance to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. You may go to the Klyde Warren Park to spend some time there. This is a fresh and green space in the middle of the noisy city. You can find everything here, including picnics, picturesque trails and pathways, and other outdoor attractions. Have a nice day! Dallas is waiting for you!