3 Ways To Transform Your Gym Routine

Getting into a good gym routine can be difficult, however we are here with three simple tips to transform it so you fall in love with exercise again! Exercise is so important for you, from increasing your bone density to building muscle, reducing the risk of chronic illness and helping mental health, so incorporating it into your life is really key. Follow these three steps and get ready to fall in love with exercise! 

Keep Variety In Your Routine

The first thing you should do to transform your gym routine is to make sure you’re keeping variety in your routine. You need to make sure that you are mixing it up throughout the week, so you might be doing weights three times a week, but then do something different on the other days, like go for a swim, a hike or have a cardio day. Not only will this help you to maximise your health, but rather than doing the same repetitive thing all the time, it will keep you engaged. 

We understand that consistency with your routine is also important in terms of progression, as you want to be doing similar exercises each week so that you know when you are able to lift heavier or run further. A great way to mix things up whilst maintaining this consistency is to have 2 or 3 core exercises for each muscle group that you stick to every week and you can benefit from the progress, but then have 2 or 3 exercises that you change every 4-6 weeks. This will help you to train a wider range of muscles, whilst also keeping you engaged mentally. If you run regularly, change out one of your long distance runs for some powerful sprint training. It is so refreshing to change things up slightly, so keeping variety in your routine is a great way to transform your gym routine. 

Train With A Friend On Heavy Days

Another great thing to do to transform your gym routine is to train with a friend on heavy days. So many people like working out on their own which is absolutely fine, but it can hold you back from reaching your potential in some areas. For example, you may feel like you can be lifting more on bench press, but are too nervous to ask a stranger to spot you and it’s not safe to increase the weight without that support. There are many different exercises like this, so a great thing to do is train with a friend on heavy days. They can spot you and you will be surprised at how much the moral support and the safety net of them spotting can improve your performance. So, give this a try and you may find a whole new lease of life with your gym routine! 

Get A New Outfit

This may sound trivial, but when you are working out in an outfit that doesn’t make you feel confident, doesn’t fit you properly or doesn’t support you, it can be so difficult to reach your full potential. You are unlikely to really put your all into the exercises, no matter what they are, so it’s time to invest in some new gym leggings, sports bras, shorts or joggers that fit you great, are squat proof and give you the support to smash any fitness goals you have. This is also really great for motivation, as when you know you love an outfit, you’re going to want to put it on and get in the gym! 

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