Top Reasons To Buy A Nato Watch Strap

The NATO watch strap is synonymous with the British Ministry of Defence. This is just one military piece of hardware that has found its way to being popular and wanted. Just like the Jeep that also went on to be the inspiration to some of the best 4×4 known. But most of all, the practical NATO watch strap was designed so that no matter what terrain you were in, your watch strap never fell off your wrist, even when a spring bar pooped or broke. Just like anything, there are benefits to having a NATO watch strap. In this article, we will go through those benefits together. 

NATO straps are value for money

Watch straps can be pricey. Especially if you are after rare or expensive materials. Each of these materials requires care and must not be in contact with certain elements, so this should be taken into consideration. So the great factor with NATO straps is that they are budget-friendly. Yes, you could opt for the Omega AD NATO strap in a beautiful colour, but all you’re paying for is that logo on the clasp. You can get just as good if not better quality NATO watch straps at a fraction of the cost. There is an abundance of colours and patterns to choose from.

NATO straps are comfortable

You can have the most beautiful watch in the world, but if your watch band is uncomfortable, it’s pretty much useless. The truth is, any watch is comfortable on a NATO strap. Obviously, there are many types of straps that are comfortable, but nothing compares to a NATO. There is a type of NATO that have tight weaves which make them firm to start with, but they soon soften and become even comfier. The strap somehow manages to take the weight out of the watch with ease. Even if that is a huge and heavy face.

NATO straps are water resistant 

For many years NATO straps have been adapted and used for military dive watches which proves their versatility. When something has been used in such a way for so many years, it is hard to argue that they are not suitable. If you purchase a premium NATO watch strap, you will not experience any corrosion from any amount of salt or fresh water when submerged. If they get dirty, give them a rinse and they dry out pretty quickly. 

NATO straps are stylish

If you’re not the adventure type for the jungle or diving, then you may be more compelled by the fact that they are super stylish. They just look so timeless and beautiful, especially if you get the Bond NATO with its green and black stripes. The NATO comes in a wealth of colours, patterns and designs so that you can tailor them to your outfits. As they are affordable, you can even afford to buy multiple and still be left with change from what you would have spent on that Omega strap. 

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