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Brain Test App Sets The Bar High For Cognitive Screening Apps

Brain Test App Sets The Bar High For Cognitive Screening Apps

BrainTest App is a useful brain-training application for iOS and Android users to keep their aging cells active. If you are confused about how brain training is stimulated digitally, don’t think too far. Remember the age-old crosswords in newspapers? It’s only the format that has been digitalized, but the methods and techniques are still very much practical.

That being said, these apps are not new in the market to challenge your brain cells and put them to work. There has been a separate brain-training genre for decades in different forms to address the grey cells of your brain. It was first introduced with the name Nintendo DS and was later translated into various handheld devices. Today, our smart gadgets – including tablets and smartphones – are no exception.

This phenomenal app that helps with cognitive screening is based on a familiar format. However, the idea behind this particular app is not to put your brain to some exercise but for assessing your brain’s functionality for symptoms of cognitive issues.

While the idea behind this and the various similar apps is to boost your brain performance, the question is how worthy and useful they are? Let’s dig deeper into a BrainTest review and see what the app actually is and how it sets the bar higher for cognitive screening apps.

The idea behind BrainTest app

BrainTest app is one of the many cognitive screening apps that are earning so much popularity. The application is an effective and revolutionary way of keeping up with one’s brain health. The app was designed and introduced at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, under strict guidelines of the experts to derive actual results from its usage.

The app features a quick assessment task that engages key brain functions to determine the signs and symptoms of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The different phases of the app help detect if the user is experiencing any cognitive ailments or dementia. However, the assessment of the app should always be confirmed after a detailed examination carried out by medical professionals.

An in-depth analysis of the application was carried out to determine the performance and results of the BrainTest app. Read on to learn more.

How does the app works?

The most popular instrument used for cognitive screening is the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE). This instrument helps in identifying various types of mental and cognitive impairments. The BrainTest app is inspired by this constructive tool and is considered to be the digital version of it.

SAGE, however, has gained worldwide popularity for its effectiveness in identifying mild cognitive, memory, and thinking impairment. The test was further validated by the researchers of the Ohio State University. The experiment involved around 1000 people from different backgrounds, age groups, and genders. The research had all the participants take the test for at least 45 times to deliver accurate results. More than 70% of the candidates showed normal cognitive condition, while around 10% indicated MCI and 18% had symptoms of dementia.

The results were derived based on the test range for different conditions. The course was based on a five-year period.

The target market for the app

While anyone can use the app for cognitive screening, it is specifically for those who:

  • Experience symptoms of cognitive issues and suspect suffering the condition
  • Have a family history of cognitive problems
  • Need to ensure clarity of thinking or memory impairments.

Among numerous inevitable aging factors, a decline in brain function is one of them. However, the natural aging decline is very minor, and the changes are not extreme or worrisome. However, if you can significantly point the changes out, it may be an indication towards symptoms of cognitive ailments.

Before you go for a clinical assessment, an app as effective as BrainTest can help you with an instant assessment. It will further validate if you require proper diagnosis.

It’s the lack of awareness and acceptance towards mental health ailments that keep people from seeing their healthcare professionals until the damage is done. If you also suspect that you may have some cognitive issue but are perplexed about visiting a professional, BrainTest app can be a game changer.

It helps you with an early diagnosis so that you can take a proactive approach towards your treatment. Identifying the problem in its initial stages gives you better opportunity to address and fix it.


The user-friendly app is easy to run and control. In addition to guidance at every step, you can also enjoy an audio soundtrack that makes the app engaging. You can pick your language from a vast selection to make the test easier for you.

With minimal user-interface, the app is easy to understand and use.

About the test

The test is short and highly effective. It only takes 15 minutes to carry out your initial assessment of cognitive disorders. Patients can take this test themselves for a proper self-assessment and more authentic results.

Adding to the efficacy of the app, the BrainTest program allows the app to adjust the results based on age, gender, and education level of the individual to offer reliable outcomes.

A study shows that the results derived from BrainTest app can offer 95% accuracy. It implies that if your result falls out of the normal range, you must immediately seek professional medical help.

The test results will appear along with what they indicate. There are three basic categories to assess your test scores. These are:

  • Score within the normal range: indicates no present concern
  • Score towards the lower end out of the normal range: constant monitoring required
  • Scores significantly lower than the normal range: symptoms present for a further diagnosis

The test is also suitable for people who know people with cognitive issues. As caretakers, they can take the test on behalf of their loved one to gain more awareness of their condition. The science behind the app has also been featured on CBS News and the New York Times.

Added Features

There are many beneficial features of the app that help people with detailed self-assessment, resource material, test logs, and updated news on the subject. The test log enables you to access the history of scores gained over time. It could help you assess how an individual’s cognitive efficiency changes with age and situations.

You can use this information for reference in future. The resource material includes information on different types of cognitive issues, their symptoms, and guidelines for caretakers on how to take care of such patients.

The app also features latest updates on the subject and keeps you updated on more studies, research, and development in this field of brain health.

Use the ‘physician location’ feature of the app to find medical professionals you can consult in your area. All of these features make BrainTest app one of the most reliable and versatile cognitive screening app as compared to others.


The application is free to download on iOS and Android with the following pricing for in-app purchases:

  • 30-day free trial wellness plan – $24.99
  • Single BrainTest Plan – $39.99

The price is comparatively high, mainly because there are other free apps available out there. However, keeping in mind the SAGE accuracy of the app, the cost is absolutely worth it.

Final Word

BrainTest is not just any another app to help you figure out your brain’s power. It is a science-backed, highly-researched application that offers an effective and easy way to carry out home-assessment for brain functions.

Once you are done with the test, consider the results and see your doctor if your score recommends.