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Tips On Finding Confidence After Having A Baby

The act of giving birth is a hard yet rewarding procedure. Every woman faces permanent changes to their appearance as a result of having a baby, which can have a knock-on effect on their confidence. If you are like many other women you might be searching for a solution to solve everything. It is not a way to live your life in anxiety and self-hate, but finally reaching the point of loving yourself again is the ultimate goal. 

Whether you are struggling to shift the remaining pounds, or you are finding it hard to accept this new body of yours, it can be a stressful time. If you are low on ideas and are looking for some inspiration to feel like yourself again, consider the following tips:

Avoid Any Negative Self Talk

When we are in a low mood state about our body or our hormonal changes are taking over, it is very easy to talk negatively to ourselves. This might include telling yourself that your body looks terrible, which can initiate feelings of anxiousness and embarrassment. When you slip into this mindset you should restrict yourself from saying bad things about yourself. This creates the idea in your mind that your opinion is exactly what you look like, and there is no change possible. Instead, look at your body with gratitude and stop yourself from saying negative comments.

Start Gentle Exercising 

If you are thinking of starting an exercise routine to get your body back to peak fitness, you should first create a plan. Getting back into a healthy routine is a great way to get your confidence back and keep busy with your daily tasks. Possibly ask a friend to join you during your workouts when you can spare time away from your baby. Even going a few times a week for 30 minutes will make a huge difference. The act of simply showing up will create a positive perception in your head that you are determined and on the right track. You may even wish to spend more time walking instead of taking part in rigorous exercise.

Consider New Mum Groups 

New mum groups aim to act as a safe space for new mums to share their troubles and anxieties. Often a lot of women within the groups are facing the same problems, but it is a creative support system for finding solutions and helping each out find the light even when things seem dark. There are loads of new mum groups operating within local areas, so do some research and find the closest one to you.

Get Your Body Back

It is normal to have permanent effects on your body after having a baby. Unfortunately, not all postpartum bodies will reverse back to how they originally looked, and that is why a lot of new mums today are opting to get mummy makeovers. They are essentially plastic surgery that aims to manage loose skin, stretch marks, the fullness of breasts, and many other results that are a result of giving birth. Only consider this option if you do not see yourself having kids too soon after, and also if you have the money to finance the procedure. 

How To Style Loungewear In 2023

Loungewear is a fantastic outfit for putting your feet up and enjoying your Sunday evening watching Netflix. Loungewear is one of the best outfits to wear for comfort but it is also easy to style. Furthermore, this fabulous fashion trend is one of the best out there and something which everyone has got on board with. However, there are some things you can get wrong with this outfit. In this article, we will point in the right direction with how to style loungewear in 2023. 

Nap Dresses

First on the list is a dress and it might come as a surprise with loungewear. However, a nap dress is a fantastic loungewear outfit as it isn’t dressy for a formal event. It is the perfect piece of clothing to wear during the summer months as well, especially if you o not want to get dressed for the day. 

This particular dress is not tight fitting and is the length of a maxi/ midi dress. Furthermore, you don’t need to wear dressy shoes with this outfit. You can wear a pair of converse or another type of canvas shoe for this dress. It isn’t your typical night-out dress but it is a stunning dress to wear for your loungewear outfit. 

Oversized Tees

Oversized clothing is the standard choice for your outfit in 2022 and we can guarantee it will carry over into 2023. Additionally, it is easy to style an oversized tee and you can wear it in different ways. For example, you can wear it tucked into a pair of joggers or cargo pants. You can also wear it not tucked into your pants. You could also roll it up so it is essentially a baggy crop top which is very much on-trend. 

Stay Trendy With Accessories

Fashion jewellery is very much on trend at the moment which is a surprise to many. Nonetheless, many people are now wearing them for two reasons. One of those reasons is because of the price of it. Furthermore, fashion jewellery is great to complement your outfit. Just a simple ring or necklace can go a long way with your outfit. Moreover, you can layer fashion jewellery as well. However, a styling tip for when you are layering your jewellery, we advise you to wear rings of the same colour or similar metal. 

Full Monochrome Outfit

Monochrome outfits are very much in style, especially with your loungewear outfit. Now, when people see the word monochrome, they think of white, grey and black colours. However, that is not the case. A monochrome outfit will usually consist of the full outfit in the same colour such as an all-brown tracksuit or black cargo with a black hoodie. 


There are many different loungewear outfits which you can wear. The best part is that you can easily mix and match your different loungewear outfits. A good example would be wearing an oversized graphic tee with biker shorts. Your options are endless with this great fashion trend.

Top Reasons To Buy A Nato Watch Strap

The NATO watch strap is synonymous with the British Ministry of Defence. This is just one military piece of hardware that has found its way to being popular and wanted. Just like the Jeep that also went on to be the inspiration to some of the best 4×4 known. But most of all, the practical NATO watch strap was designed so that no matter what terrain you were in, your watch strap never fell off your wrist, even when a spring bar pooped or broke. Just like anything, there are benefits to having a NATO watch strap. In this article, we will go through those benefits together. 

NATO straps are value for money

Watch straps can be pricey. Especially if you are after rare or expensive materials. Each of these materials requires care and must not be in contact with certain elements, so this should be taken into consideration. So the great factor with NATO straps is that they are budget-friendly. Yes, you could opt for the Omega AD NATO strap in a beautiful colour, but all you’re paying for is that logo on the clasp. You can get just as good if not better quality NATO watch straps at a fraction of the cost. There is an abundance of colours and patterns to choose from.

NATO straps are comfortable

You can have the most beautiful watch in the world, but if your watch band is uncomfortable, it’s pretty much useless. The truth is, any watch is comfortable on a NATO strap. Obviously, there are many types of straps that are comfortable, but nothing compares to a NATO. There is a type of NATO that have tight weaves which make them firm to start with, but they soon soften and become even comfier. The strap somehow manages to take the weight out of the watch with ease. Even if that is a huge and heavy face.

NATO straps are water resistant 

For many years NATO straps have been adapted and used for military dive watches which proves their versatility. When something has been used in such a way for so many years, it is hard to argue that they are not suitable. If you purchase a premium NATO watch strap, you will not experience any corrosion from any amount of salt or fresh water when submerged. If they get dirty, give them a rinse and they dry out pretty quickly. 

NATO straps are stylish

If you’re not the adventure type for the jungle or diving, then you may be more compelled by the fact that they are super stylish. They just look so timeless and beautiful, especially if you get the Bond NATO with its green and black stripes. The NATO comes in a wealth of colours, patterns and designs so that you can tailor them to your outfits. As they are affordable, you can even afford to buy multiple and still be left with change from what you would have spent on that Omega strap. 

Streetwear Predictions for 2023

Are you a massive streetwear fan, and are desperate to know what the biggest trends for next year will be? Well look no further, here are fashion expert’s predictions for what the biggest streetwear trends will be. These predictions have been made through studying past trends and the runways. 

Designer Sneakers

Designer sneakers have never really gone out of style since the 90s, however there will remain a fundamental part of streetwear going into 2023. There are some amazing collabs coming out next year, and designer sneakers are predicted to dominate trends again. One thing that goes in and out of fashion is the style of upkeep when it comes to shoes- clean and well kept trainers will be most in fashion next year. There are many ways you can keep your trainers clean and prolong their life– so you can have great looking sneakers all year round. 

Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers are predicted to remain one of the staples of streetwear in 2023. There are many different styles of cargo pants from wide leg, slim leg, shorts and much more. Because cargos are so versatile and diverse they can be paired with a lot of different styles of outfit. 

Maxi Skirts

Long skirts are one of the biggest trends right now, and they will only become more popular next year. These are a great pick for all year round, as they are available in a lot of different fabrics and patterns. Lace maxi skirts are a tip to be one of the most sought after items next year. 

Bike Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are set to be one of the biggest items next year. Leather is set to be one of the most popular fabrics across all genders and items. Be on the lookout for leather trousers, jackets, skirts and leather detailing on t-shirts. However, biker jackets are going to be massively on trend. Red leather detailing and motorcycle branding on the jackets are also set to be huge. 


Fleece will be massive next year. Fleece jackets have become a massive staple of modern men’s streetwear, with many sports brands releasing fleece jackets for the winter season. They are also very utilitarian, as they are great at keeping you warm. Fleece this season has also had a bit of a revamp, now being available in a variety of colours and patterns. 


All-denim outfits are set to be a big staple of streetwear in 2023, inspired by Y2K fashion coming back into fashion. The more denim, the better. Think of the iconic red carpet picture of Britney and Justin at the VMAs. This is predicted to be one of the most popular looks next year. 


Sportswear has been big in street fashion for a while now, but that has only intensified. It is predicted that even more people will be wearing sportswear this year. Baseball caps are set to become a big thing again, alongside logo polo shirts. A full tracksuit is also set to be an outfit that will dominate fashion trends next year. 

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for these picks if you want to be ahead of the curve in 2023. 

Men’s Guide For Dressing Smart Casual

There is an art to dressing smart casual. It can be difficult to get it right while also looking stylish. Smart casual can be defined as ‘somewhat formal, whilst also being casual.’ This can be difficult to get right as these looks are somewhat conflicting. However, there are many style tips that you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe that can make your smart casual look incredibly stylish. Revamp your wardrobe today by making these small changes to your shopping journey and adding these classic staple picks. 

Collared Oxford Shirt

This is one of the best classic picks to start building a smart casual wardrobe. Oxford shirts are a great pick as they last a long time due to the way of making the fabric. The collars are incredibly smart and can be a great staple piece. They are really versatile and can be paired with so many different types of outerwear and styles of trousers. Invest in a few oxford shirts in different colours to be able to mix and match your everyday smart casual outfits. 


Flannels can be a great pick in terms of smart casual outfits. They are less formal than oxford shirts, so this can be a great pick to make your everyday look a bit more casual. They are very on-trend for winter as well, and go great with black jeans and a smart coat. Flannels are also available in a multitude of different colours, so you will always be able to find a style that suits you and your wardrobe palette. 


Chinos are a great alternative if you find jeans too casual but don’t want to wear formal trousers. Chinos are very comfy, but also look incredibly smart. You can wear them in plain black for a classic look, but they are available in a range of colours from tan to burgundy. They look great with a multitude of different outerwear and types of shoes. 

Smart Shoes

Investing in a good pair of smart lace-up shoes should be a must-have staple when it comes to building your smart-casual wardrobe. A good pair of shoes can go with almost any other item of clothing, and investing in sturdy leather shoes can also protect and nurture your feet. Black and brown brogues are a great pick for a pair of smart, well-made shoes. 

Dark Coloured Jeans

A lot of people think jeans can’t be smart casual, but it’s only a matter of finding the right pair. Dark-coloured, slim fit jeans are a great pick when it comes to men’s smart casual wear. In summer, pair these with a polo shirt. In winter, these look great with an overcoat, jumper, oxford shirt and smart shoes. 

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are sometimes considered sportswear, but more and more men have been wearing them as smart-casual wear. They are very breathable in the summer, which is great if you’re working in an office. They are available in a range of different colours, which means you will always be able to find something that suits you. 

Stylish Blazer

A stylish blazer is incredibly versatile and goes with anything. This is the number one pick for men’s smart-casual wear. For a more formal look, you can pair this with a collared shirt and chinos. However, if you want to add a bit of street flair to your smart casual wear, pair your blazer with a heavyweight oversized t shirt and slim fit black jeans. 

Easy Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Shoes!

When you invest in a new pair of shoes, whether it’s a pair of work shoes, high heels or designer sneakers, you want to make sure that you make them last as long as possible. Our shoes are some of the easiest pieces of our wardrobe to get damaged as they are constantly in contact with tough surfaces, dirt and all other sorts of things, so protecting them is important. This is how you do it! 

Avoid The Washing Machine

When someone needs to clean their trainers, it’s a bit too easy to just think about throwing them in the washing machine and then coming out super clean. However, shoes can sustain water damage when you put them in the washing machine, as well as damage from being swung around in the machine for an hour! Some shoes are more prone to damage, like leather or suede, but it is much safer in general to just hand wash your trainers, or if they’re really bad, take them to a professional shoe cleaner. The last thing you want is for your expensive trainers to come out in pieces, so just spend that extra bit of time or money to get them cleaned correctly! 

Use Protector Products 

It is inevitable that our shoes will be damaged at some point or another, so one of the best things you can do is to use protector products. So many places sell shoe protection products that you spray onto your shoes, which then help to repel liquid and prevent stains! So, you could get your foot trodden on, accidentally step in a puddle or drop some food on them and you’ll be able to wipe it straight off. This obviously won’t be very helpful if your shoes are already stained, however if they aren’t, we can’t recommend getting protector products enough! For dress shoes, you might need to use a polish first and then this on top, but make sure that you read the instructions properly to look after your shoes. This can help to significantly extend the life of your trainers. 


Be Careful Where You Store Them

Another thing to bear in mind when it comes to prolonging the life of your shoes is where you store them, as this can have a big impact on how that they last. It’s really important that your shoes are stored somewhere that is cool and dry, away from potential dust, as well as somewhere that has some element of breathability. If you wear your shoes all day, it’s likely they might be slightly warm or moist, so they need to be able to dry out slightly in the storage without any mold developing. You can get shoe storage online designed specifically, or you could store them in the original boxes. You could also get a shoe rack to go in the bottom of your wardrobe. There are so many options out there to help you store your shoes safely! 

Revamping Your Home On A Budget

It can be difficult when you’re not completely happy with your living spaces. However, getting all new furniture and interior decoration can take a lot of money and time. Therefore, many people put it off and remain unhappy with the way their home looks. Luckily, there are many ways you can transform your home and easy and manageable steps. Small changes can make a big difference.  They don’t break the bank either! Here is a guide to transforming your home in just a few quick and easy steps. 


Fresh Paint

Getting new paint for your home can be a relatively cheap and easy way to completely transform the interiors of your living spaces. Paint can transform the way natural light looks in your rooms. The right paint can better compliment your home furnishings. You can paint the walls of your home without getting an interior decorator- you can D.I.Y this easily!

Paint doesn’t have to be used on the walls either, it can also be used on the ceilings and floors. 


Get A Stair Runner

There can be many benefits to investing in a cheap but stylish stair runner. They can improve your grip on slippy, wooden floors. Installing these yourself is pretty simple, and getting the right fabric can improve your safety and also make your home look much more stylish. Stair runners can also add insulation to your home, which could save you some money on energy bills. This adds colour and dimension to your living spaces and can instantly transform your home. 


Add Plants

Indoor house plants have been a home interior trend for many years now, and this will continue long into 2023. Adding a bit of natural influences to your home can be a great way to make your interiors more interesting and lively. Getting plants doesn’t have to be expensive either, there are many ways you can get plants very cheaply, sometimes even for free. Match the plants in your home to the season to get a cohesive and stylish look for your home. 


Get Door Knockers and Door Handles

One of the best ways you can instantly transform your home is through updating your doors. Although this is small, it can really tie together the space. Getting new door knockers and door handles for your front and interior doors can make your space seem much more intricately designed. You can do this for a relatively cheap price too. 


Visit A Thrift Shop

On a budget, but want to get some new homeware for your home? Nowadays, thrift shops aren’t just full of old and worn items. There are many beautiful finds in thrift stores. Many celebrities visit thrift and vintage stores to find vintage luxury homeware. Visit local vintage and second-hand stores and you might just find the perfect addition to your home. If you’re crafty, you could even find the perfect base for an amazing D.I.Y project!


Invest in Statement Rugs 

Statement rugs can really tie your home together and inject colour and style into your home. A rug can make your living room or bedroom look editorial and expertly designed. There are many online retailers that sell affordable and stylish rugs. Look for one or two bold statement rugs to instantly transform the look of your home.

A Guide To Shopping At Oxford Street, London!

Oxford Street in London is the perfect place for a shopping spree! Not only are there great shops, but so many beautiful department stores, iconic British shops, great cafes and even better restaurants. There are over 300 shops for you to explore so you can spend an entire day here, if not more, so we’re here with a few tips to help make the day go as smoothly as possible. So, get ready to head to Oxford Street and have an amazing day. 

Travelling To Oxford Street

The first thing you need to think about for your shopping trip is how you’re going to get there! Luckily, Oxford Street is extremely accessible, both from within London as well as from all over the country. So, you can get the train into Oxford Circus station, you could get the tram to Oxford Circus underground, you could get the bus to one of the many stops along the road depending on the route you’re on, you could park at Oxford Street London Parking or you could also walk from somewhere else in London! Your options really are endless depending on how you like or need to travel, so getting there won’t be an issue. 

Avoid The Weekends in December

Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping streets in the whole of Europe, with up to half a million visitors every day! As a result, you can imagine how busy it gets, which is heightened even more over Christmas. The busiest times are over the weekend, so if you can avoid it, we’d definitely say to plan your trip on a weekday. This will not only make sure that all the shops are well stocked, but it will also make it far less stressful. It can also get busy after people finish work at around 5:30pm, so if you can start early in the day that’s even better. 


Make Sure To Factor In A Break

Last but not least, it is so important that you factor in a break throughout the day. Not only will it do you good to sit down for a while, access what you’ve bought and figure out what else you need to get, but it will also give you the chance to experience some of the fantastic food and drink around Oxford Street! You could go to Bond Street tearooms for some delicious afternoon tea, Kintan Japanese BBQ for an incredible and contemporary Japanese meal or Huffkins Oxford Street in John Lewis for a cute cafe lunch. If you want a quick stop off, there are so many coffee shops on and just around Oxford Street, so you definitely won’t be stuck for choice! Having a break is always a good idea, especially if you visit Oxford Street when it’s busy, so when you are in the shops you’re definitely making the most of it! This is such a simple way to make sure that you enjoy your day as much as possible and also get a chance to relax.