Streetwear Predictions for 2023

Are you a massive streetwear fan, and are desperate to know what the biggest trends for next year will be? Well look no further, here are fashion expert’s predictions for what the biggest streetwear trends will be. These predictions have been made through studying past trends and the runways. 

Designer Sneakers

Designer sneakers have never really gone out of style since the 90s, however there will remain a fundamental part of streetwear going into 2023. There are some amazing collabs coming out next year, and designer sneakers are predicted to dominate trends again. One thing that goes in and out of fashion is the style of upkeep when it comes to shoes- clean and well kept trainers will be most in fashion next year. There are many ways you can keep your trainers clean and prolong their life– so you can have great looking sneakers all year round. 

Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers are predicted to remain one of the staples of streetwear in 2023. There are many different styles of cargo pants from wide leg, slim leg, shorts and much more. Because cargos are so versatile and diverse they can be paired with a lot of different styles of outfit. 

Maxi Skirts

Long skirts are one of the biggest trends right now, and they will only become more popular next year. These are a great pick for all year round, as they are available in a lot of different fabrics and patterns. Lace maxi skirts are a tip to be one of the most sought after items next year. 

Bike Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are set to be one of the biggest items next year. Leather is set to be one of the most popular fabrics across all genders and items. Be on the lookout for leather trousers, jackets, skirts and leather detailing on t-shirts. However, biker jackets are going to be massively on trend. Red leather detailing and motorcycle branding on the jackets are also set to be huge. 


Fleece will be massive next year. Fleece jackets have become a massive staple of modern men’s streetwear, with many sports brands releasing fleece jackets for the winter season. They are also very utilitarian, as they are great at keeping you warm. Fleece this season has also had a bit of a revamp, now being available in a variety of colours and patterns. 


All-denim outfits are set to be a big staple of streetwear in 2023, inspired by Y2K fashion coming back into fashion. The more denim, the better. Think of the iconic red carpet picture of Britney and Justin at the VMAs. This is predicted to be one of the most popular looks next year. 


Sportswear has been big in street fashion for a while now, but that has only intensified. It is predicted that even more people will be wearing sportswear this year. Baseball caps are set to become a big thing again, alongside logo polo shirts. A full tracksuit is also set to be an outfit that will dominate fashion trends next year. 

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for these picks if you want to be ahead of the curve in 2023. 

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