How to Pick Appropriate Travel Clothing for your Dog

Planning your first ever trip with your canine friend? Day in day out, your furry friend can greatly benefit from the protection of clothing, just as much as you do. While sportswear and costumes add fun to events and holidays, good travel clothing is all about helping your dog better adjust to climatic changes and enjoy more time outdoors. Therefore, you must know how to pick appropriate travel clothing for your dog. We thought it is better to ask the professionals, so we had a conversation with Martine Funari, CEO at Fluffy’s Pet Shop. Here are some of the most important tips that she mentioned:

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Cold Destinations

When exposed to the cold, it may only take a couple of minutes for your adorable dog to become dangerously chilled. Unless your dog is a breed that naturally adapts to cold weather, your pet will most probably need something to keep it warm. Like humans, dog breeds with short hair are more susceptible to the cold. It’s therefore prudent to choose a winter coat to keep your pet warm. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets can also work effectively to conserve your best friend’s body heat.

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Tropical Climate

Under extremely hot climate, your dog can suffer heatstroke. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in protective clothing.  For dogs with white skin and those with excessive fur loss, they need maximum protection against harmful UV rays as they are more susceptible to skin cancer. You can also add light protective clothing such as a cotton jersey or light t-shirt. This type of clothing can help prevent sunburn, as well as keep your dog cool by reflecting the sun’s hot rays.

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Rainy Weather

Nobody enjoys being drenched, over-chilled, or just plain filthy. Pets don’t either, so it’s only right that you buy clothing that will keep your dog dry and comfortable. Investing in a rain coat and a heavier sweater will be thoughtful.

Additional Tips for Other Items to Buy

  • Boots: If you’ll be walking on rocky paths, across hot sand at the beach, through snow, or on sizzling summer sidewalks, boots should be on your priority list. They will provide your dog’s paws with excellent protection against these extremes and other hazards.
  • Pyjamas: It is not usually easy for pets to keep a blanket over them throughout those chilly nights. It’s therefore advisable for you to include pyjamas in your dog’s travel bag.
  • Personalized reflective gear: This is an important addition if you’re planning to walk around with your dog in the evening to enjoy the local nightlife in a foreign town or city. It will come in handy in the event your dog gets off leash, as it helps with night-time visibility.
  • Emotional support bandana: If you are battling an emotional and mental condition, you can travel with your dog for emotional support. You can buy an emotional support bandana for your dog. This will also make it easy for other people to know why you are travelling with your dog.

While most dogs readily accept and appreciate being clothed, some may take a while before getting used to the idea of getting dressed. If yours is in the latter category, you shouldn’t give up on it. With a little patience and practice, your canine friend might come around. You can try to offer treats to encourage cooperation.

Remember that there’s no harm in clothing your dog, whether it’s for function or fashion. What’s of essence is for your dog to wear clothes that are appropriate for the destination you’re both visiting. Be sure to properly measure our dog before ordering its clothes to ensure that they will be comfortable in them.

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