5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Beautiful

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Beautiful

Small changes make a huge and unexpected impact.

Making your kitchen look beautiful is a lot more than just choosing the right appliances, tiles, tools, and cabinets.

Here are a few designer tips to make your kitchen look fancy and up to date.

1. Add a new Layer of Paint

Painting your kitchen is very easy, even the laziest person can do it by themselves. Painting your kitchen cabinets is the simplest and effortless way to bring a new look to your kitchen. If your cabinets are dark colored, paint them with a coral shade to add a pop of color to the dull room.

Justin Riordan, senior designer at Spade and Archer Design in Portland, share some secrets of how to modernize your kitchen with a plain white color.

Wash the cabinets with TSP, make sure to wear gloves and a veil for protection. Choose the perfect white color from the color pallet. If you want to be creative then select a tea pink shade. Prime the cabinets first, once it’s dried, apply a single layer of paint. Let the paint dry before you apply the second layer. Make sure your strokes are light and in vertical directions.

2. The Hamilton Beach Toaster

Apart from being a toaster and toasting bread, this Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven will simply make your kitchen look more expensive and fancy than ever before.

The material used in the making of this toaster is rare and costly. Coffee houses and restaurants prefer purchasing this Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven as it is easy to use and transforms the entire interior look.

3. Purchase a new backsplash

If you’re excited about upgrading your kitchen, then invest in a new and shiny backsplash.

A brand new and well-organized back splash can instantly change the look of your entire kitchen and make it look as modern as a brand new one.

CEO of modern design and remodeling suggests, updating the back splash with a unique material. You can utilize geometric tiles, or lightly shaded glass sheets as a replacement for a fancy back splash.

These materials are not only cheap but both long-lasting and easy to take care of. You can also use porcelain tiles.

The backsplash is the first things that a person will look at in your kitchen. If you’re trying to portray a personality then invest in a good quality and fancy backsplash.

4. Change your Hardware

When you pay importance to your kitchen tools and appliances as much as you are concerned with the interior, you will see how fun it is to shop for even the most unnecessary things that could make a huge difference.

Hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen. Sometimes it may take 6 years for you to replace the broken knob, but when you finally do it, you will see how a small thing can change the look of your kitchen.

If you’re a wise spender then invest in good culinary, new cabinets, potholders, knives, doorknobs and a good floor polish.

However, if you’re low on cash, purchase a few cheap spray paints from the local store and paint all your hardware for a glossier look.

5. Reconsider storage

The idea of making changes to your cabinets and hardware might sound funny to you but accurately making changes to your stock can either make or break the entire kitchen look.

Add a few extra cabinets, add a glass or wooden dining table in the kitchen for quick bites with your family. If you’re still using the traditional stove then switch to a modern one. An electric stove with a built-in oven is both useful and fancy.

If your kitchen windows open into the backyard, you might want to add a flower vase and a few herb plants next to the window. This will not only make your kitchen smell nice, but you will also have an unlimited stock of fresh herbs available at all times.

What’s even more important is how you maintain the changes you have made. Set aside a day every week to clear all the cabinets and clean the racks. Wash the floor, the stove, and regularly polish the backsplash and tiled floor for a shinier and glossy look.

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