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A Summer Wedding to Remember: the Essential Dos and Don’ts

A Summer Wedding to Remember: the Essential Dos and Don’ts

Summer weddings might just be the pinnacle of all fairytale weddings. The sweet summer breeze, the enchanting outdoor setting overlooking an expansive landscape or the city skyline, the light attire and the refreshing palate, all of it makes for a wedding ceremony to love and remember.

However, planning a summer wedding is no walk in the park, as there are plenty of common mistakes couples make that end up hindering the entire party. Here to help you avoid these slip-ups are the essential dos and don’ts of summer weddings you want to follow to the tee.

Do: opt for lightweight wedding attire

It’s already sizzling hot outside, so why make it even hotter by dressing up in layers? A wedding dress can fit perfectly and look just as gorgeous if complemented by a simple hair vine instead of a full-length veil, and the same approach can be used when designing the groom’s outfit of the day.

Instead of a three-piece suit made of heavy wool, why not opt for a honey-hued linen jacket with a pearly-white button-down shirt underneath? The possibilities are numerous, but choosing lightweight attire will be crucial in organizing a comfortable summer wedding.

A Summer Wedding to Remember: the Essential Dos and Don’ts

Don’t: start the wedding midday

Many couples make the inadvertent mistake of scheduling the ceremony too early in the day, inevitably regretting their decision when the midday summer heatwave strikes and the temperatures rise to unbearable degrees. Instead, you want to choose one of two options: an early morning wedding, or an afternoon wedding.

Seeing as nobody wants to get all dressed up for an 8 o’clock wedding ceremony, it’s best to start the show later in the afternoon when the heat has subsided. Plus, this will give you the chance to welcome the cool evening breeze and let the celebration last late into the night.

Do: let a professional lend a hand

Many couples love to be the orchestrators of their wedding, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t make every decision along the way. Just make sure you do it with a professional planner by your side. The truth is that, even though you might have immaculate taste in design and symmetry, professional wedding styling can be of tremendous help in crafting the fairytale wedding experience everyone will love.

A Summer Wedding to Remember: the Essential Dos and Don’ts

An experienced stylist will be able to advise you every step of the way, from inception to finalization and help you choose everything from the perfect color scheme, to centerpieces, props, lighting, accents, and furniture. This is also a great idea for couples who want to have custom-made pieces for a unique look people will remember.

Don’t: make everyone stand in the sun

It should go without saying that there needs to be ample sun and heat protection, especially if the entire event is to take place outdoors from start to finish. This is a great opportunity to raise beautiful natural shades from lush greenery and frame the design of the entire setting to create a serene oasis of love and happiness. Moreover, you also want to instruct the waiters to quietly hand out refreshing drinks throughout the ceremony.

A Summer Wedding to Remember: the Essential Dos and Don’ts

Do: stick to light summer food

Last but not least, a hefty menu does not go well with a sizzling summer wedding. Instead, you want to craft a refreshing palate made of light foods, complete with chilled desserts and beverages. So, think more along the line of summer cocktails, chilled fruits and veggies, and some light, lean meats such as chicken or fish. This will not only keep your guests sated, but cool and satisfied as well.

A Summer Wedding to Remember: the Essential Dos and Don’ts

Organizing a summer wedding might seem like an easy task, but it does require plenty of planning and preparation to make the entire celebration enjoyable and memorable. With these essential tips, though, you will have no problem avoiding some common mistakes, and organizing the summer wedding you always dreamed of.