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Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Help You Lessen The Cost Of Renovation

Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Help You Lessen The Cost Of Renovation

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or make some changes in it, below are some amazing kitchen remodeling ideas that you can use. Even small changes in your kitchen can change the whole look of your kitchen.

For everyone, the busiest place inside the house is the kitchen, whether you live by yourself or with your family. Starting from the coffee that you whip up to help you get out of your slumber every morning to the very last glass of water that you drink every night, the kitchen still remains the center of your house. It is completely understandable that kitchen design should have a breath of fresh air and some upgrading.

Change the Backsplash of your Kitchen

Upgrading the backsplash of your kitchen is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to give your old kitchen a new and fresh look. It is also one of the first areas that you should attend to when remodeling your kitchen. It is because no remodeling is complete if there is no new backsplash installed. Another reason is that area is the most abused/used part of the kitchen. This could be from hot oil splashes to spoiled food.

When upgrading your kitchen backsplash, you should consider if you want to re-do the existing design or just incorporate new changes to the materials in your kitchen. If money and time are limited, you can consider a simple paint. In this way, you can include various styles depending on the existing materials. If you are good with art, you can use a stencil to create more intricate designs in your backsplash.

Adding New Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Adding new cabinets is one of the best ways to do it if you believe that kitchen remodeling should focus more on the look and feel of new products. Kitchen cabinets often take a lot of abuse every day and are usually seen with loose hinges which gives the whole kitchen space an old and ignored look. You should remember that there are a lot of choices to choose from even if you are on a tight budget. And if you have limited experience in handling tools, you can rest assured that all you need to do is to tighten the screws firmly.

There are cabinets in the market that are already ready to be assembled. It comes in a pack with every type of tool that you will be needing to assemble it. One of its advantages is that it helps you save costs on labor charges allowing you to be able to spend more on other quality products. The cheapest option you can buy is a medium density fiberboard. This type of cabinet is also known as substrate, hardboard, or engineered wood. They are produced by pressing the wood particles with glue at high temperatures. Its durability is often compromised because it is a cheaper alternative. If you can afford other cabinets that are a little bit pricier than the first one,  you can choose solid wood drawers that are connected with dovetail joinery. It not only looks good, but it also lasts long.

Add New Flooring to Your New Kitchen

When it comes to various ideas for kitchen flooring, hardwood is the most popular material and standard. However, there are other variations and differences within the hardwood. The most common type of hardwood flooring can come in thick wood planks of solid timber. Solid hardwoods are milled from single pieces of wood. Because of this, it is good at handling different temperatures and the changes in humidity.

Most companies offer flooring planks that are engineered with a thin layer of hardwood on top and are also bonded with different layers. This type of flooring is usually designed to help prevent the floor from moving during the contraction and expansion cycles.

Both walnut and oak woods are two of the most common choices for hardwood flooring. This is because oak planks are both durable and give a nice appeal on the look of your kitchen. Hickory, ash, cherry, and maple are also good choices so you should take your time before choosing which one suits your taste.

These ideas for kitchen remodeling will definitely help you save more money while changing the look of your kitchen.

Leach Field, Mounds, and Other Alternatives To A Septic System

Leach Field, Mounds, and Other Alternatives To A Septic System

Living in a home located in a suburban or rural area would mean that it cannot connect to the municipal sewage system. This means that installing a septic system would be the apparent choice. As practical as septic systems are, they cannot be used in every situation. Locations where the soil is just too shallow or dense or the water level is just too high a septic tank is not viable. Another issue may prevent you from installing a tank underground which leaves you stressed out on what to do. There are alternatives to septic systems that meet local regulations and keep the encompassing environment clean. Some of these alternatives include a leach field or even mounds.

Septic tanks are not always cost-effective in certain areas although it is the most popular option. Knowing the alternatives can assist you financially. It is also important to know which alternative is most useful in your area and which system would be suitable for your land.

Leach Field

A leach field works almost like a leaching system which is connected to a tank without a tank. The effluent goes from the house towards the perforated pipes in a layer of trenches filled with gravel. The effluent goes into the gravel coming from the perforated pipes before seeping into the soil. The leach field requires less space than the traditional septic system. Leach field beds are often layered. There are limitations to the sizes of the beds because the excavation has to be handled from the edges to stop the compaction of the bottom. Slopes that are steeper are not adaptable to leach fields. A minimum soil depth of 18 inches is required below the bed.

Lagoon System

The lagoon system is employed to treat the effluent via exposure to sunlight, air, and bacteria. Storage tanks collect effluent, which drains into solid piping ending at the bottom part of the lagoon. Lateral fields catch the overflow before it drains to the soil. Lagoons are less expensive than septic tanks but septic tanks and easy to install. Lagoons also need low maintenance compared to a septic system. To secure the lagoon, fences and gates are needed. The removal of surface vegetation makes the system efficient. Lagoons are difficult to establish in places with rocky soil or on steep slopes.

Mound System

The mound system pumps the effluent to a mound using distribution networks within the upper portion of the sand. The effluent enters through the soil, into the fill material, before going to the natural soil. This system is mostly deployed in regions with high groundwater, clay, or bedrock soil. This is often beneficial as it only requires a low maintenance system. This system requires level land, which is hard to design, making it more expensive than a septic system. The mound system requires regular inspection of the system. One problem of the mound system is that it can be disrupted by power failures.

Constructed Wetlands

This system features a primary treatment unit that has two compartments, as well as a rock-lined bed. The bed contains 12 inches of rock near an overflow lateral field. This system uses aquatic plants to help the treatment of the effluent. The excess is placed within the lateral field. The fields are often placed on irregular or segmented lots. The wetlands can also be placed in areas with high bedrock and shallow water tables. The disadvantages of this system include the fact that it requires a higher level of maintenance compared to other traditional systems. Constructed wetlands are expensive to install while its longevity is unpredictable.

Aerobic Sewage Treatment System

Aerobic septic systems are residential wastewater treatment facilities. This system adds oxygen to the septic system to help the expansion of aerobic bacteria which will break down the organic waste within the sewage. This leads to a cleaner effluent.

The aeration chamber brings oxygen to the sewage. This allows the bacteria to multiply and break down the waste. Solids fall under a clarifier which is recirculated to the aeration chamber. The effluent becomes free of organic waste and becomes odorless. It rises into another section for disinfection. Once the effluent is chlorinated, the clean water flows to a holding chamber which will be discharged.

Compost Toilet

Compost toilets break down the effluent. The effluent is held on a bin below the restroom. This is where decomposition takes place. Wood shavings, leaves, and straws help the system. The bin is emptied and buried in the yard. This method eliminates septic tanks. Compost toilets are good for areas where other sewage systems can’t be installed. However, many areas do not allow composting toilets as a standalone system. Improper operation of a compost toilet can cause problems with the disposal of solid waste. The disadvantage of this system is the need for constant heating to properly work, needing a continuous electrical supply.

From Kitchen Design to Roofing Repair

From Kitchen Design to Roofing Repair

Here Five Tips On What To Do For Your Home Improvement Project

It doesn’t matter if you live in a condominium, a house and lot, a fixer-upper, or an apartment as long as you reside in it you’ve got to take care of it. Your place of dwelling should be maintained. Owning your own place brings the will to enhance your home or encourage you to perform some necessary maintenance and repairs in your home. A small kitchen design renovation or bathroom renovation could make a serious difference to your home. It can even raise the resale value of your home.

From Kitchen Design to Roofing Repair

A home’s aesthetic is often improved with some minor changes. The kitchen is one of the foremost important rooms inside a home. Renovating or remodeling a kitchen would surely increase the home’s value. If you propose to sell the house within the future, a more modern kitchen design would be an excellent place to start out. After the kitchen is taken care of, you’ll start moving on to other locations in your home and redesign it to your heart’s desire.

Tips on How To Improve Your Home

Focus on Renovations That Have Good Return of Investment

If you’re given a huge amount of money, there will be many tasks and home improvements that you can do for yourself. However, the likelihood that you’d renovate every area of your home is high. Perhaps, you’d want to refinish your hardwood floors, refurbish your living room, renovate the kitchen and update your appliances. You have to remember that albeit you’ve got a huge amount of money prepared for your home renovation, there are projects that will increase your home’s value more than the other areas in your house. You must focus on renovating or improving areas that will provide a good return of investment regardless of what plans you’ve got within the future.

Prioritize Projects That Are Urgent

Even if the season is summer or winter, there are home improvement projects that are important and more urgent. Some projects are simply for aesthetic purposes to beautify your home while others need urgent attention and necessary. If your roof leaks during the rainy season, it’s best to focus your project and time on the roofing repair. If your kitchen is having some utility and piping problems, it’s better to prioritize in that area. It is advisable to specialize in the projects that are considered necessities to help save your money and avoid any permanent damage from happening.

Plan Ahead

It is understandable if you would want to save money and reduce your costs by performing the home improvement tasks by yourself. However, not all home projects are doable with just one person. There are times you’d need the assistance of a service contractor. The best way is to combine DIY and professional jobs to do your home improvement project. You can start performing some do-it-yourself tasks except for the technical projects where you would need to seek the assistance of an experienced contractor.

Invest in the Proper Tools

If you’re still saving money to be able to afford a service contractor, it’s best to start performing some DIY projects in your home. Nonetheless, you have to make sure that you have the required toolbox and equipment to perform the tasks. You have to ensure that your safety is a priority. Your family must also be kept safe from the tools and any partition that you may demolish.

Partner With the proper Contractor

Your house is where you and your family reside which is why it’s important that you work with a reputable and experienced professional contractor to do any renovation in your home. A reliable kitchen remodeler will give insights and proper advice to ensure that you will have better kitchen design ideas. A specialist can also foresee any changes that might be needed in your home. If your budget is limited you can start working on the necessary repairs, proceed to important areas and hire a specialist to work on those specific areas.

Home improvement is an important project that needs to be well-planned. You may not decide to sell your property but the renovations are helpful to determine problem areas that require repair or maintenance. It doesn’t need to be expensive as you can compartmentalize your tasks and focus on rooms that need your urgent attention. Work with a reliable contractor who can walk you through the materials and the process that will be done for your home improvement project.

How To Renovate Your Bedroom Without A Big Budget

How To Renovate Your Bedroom Without A Big Budget

Renovating a space can be quite complicated, especially if you’re not very DIY-savvy. The usage of different materials and planning the actual renovation could be very complicated and could also lead to a very, very stressful time when not set up properly. Budgeting is also another very powerful part which we should consider, especially when done within small environments like a bedroom. Let’s try and break down how to do this properly, shall we? 

Picking The Right Materials 

When renovating any space, especially if very small, it’s very important to pick and choose the right materials for you. In order to choose the right materials is mandatory to evaluate which parts of the room you’re going to change and, whether in case you’ll need to paint them, it’s very important to check if they are connecting well with the rest of your furniture. Contemporary furniture is a great choice to add either a modern or authentic finish to your bedroom.

Having A Plan Of Action

Deciding how you will approach a home renovation is something which will save you a lot of time (and money when buying materials/tools). Keep in mind that a plan of action isn’t just “let’s move this here from there”, but a detailed step by step document which you should follow when actually approaching the renovation, regardless of its size. 

A plan of action should also be heavily relying on your budget and its ROI, so to speak. Don’t exaggerate on a single task if it’s going to slow down the execution of the entire plan! 

Using The Right Tools 

Always underestimated, but vital for a proper renovation or any building-related task, the usage of the right tools is something which is very likely to change amateur work from a professional one. Using the right tools for each specific task will also very likely improve and speed up each individual task, so that’s a big reason why no one should underestimate this task. 

To Conclude 

As you can see, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when planning, executing or even thinking about a small or big renovation. Hopefully, these tips will help you in making your place looking even better than now! 

Top 5 Benefits Of Having Frequent Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services

Top 5 Benefits Of Having Frequent Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services

Carpet cleaning and restoration routines must be consistent in every home and office. A lot of homeowners have carpet installed in their homes due to its classic appearance and the comfort it brings. The carpet is one of the best choices for flooring. However, it is essential for homeowners to properly manage and clean their carpets.

House and office carpets need routine cleaning and regular maintenance. Frequent vacuuming should also be often exercised. Aside from the manual spot cleaning, it is recommended to have a carpet professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning can help in extending the life of the carpet. Moreover, there are multiple benefits that homeowners can enjoy when their carpet is routinely maintained.

Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Avoid Health Risks

Carpets at home can be a good addition to the home’s aesthetics. However, carpets are very notorious as a breeding ground for bacteria. If not frequently cleaned, it can collect dust particles and allergens. If a person is living in a home with ill-maintained carpets, they can develop respiratory problems. People that have allergies can also develop breathing problems. The airborne dust and particles accumulated in the carpet can lead to allergies and asthma.

Uncleaned carpets can expose the family to harmful pollutants. The contaminants in the carpets can cause various health problems. The children, elderly and pets are the most susceptible to sicknesses. Vacuuming can help in removing dirt, bacteria, and dust mites but it cannot completely remove these particles if it accumulated overtime on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning and restoration is a needed routine for households to fully remove the disease-causing allergens and bacteria.

Save Money and Prolong Carpet’s Life

If a carpet has accumulated so much dirt and becomes too unusable, it will be discarded. Carpets are quite expensive, especially the bigger ones. Regular maintenance can help a carpet retain its good condition. Carpets will have a longer life span and avoid the expensive costs of buying a new one. It is more affordable to spend money to have a regular cleaning than buying a new one.

Frequent carpet cleaning is also essential as it can prolong the carpet’s lifespan. Carpets are always stepped upon or spilled on which can result in permanent soiling or stains. If the carpet is regularly cleaned, it can prevent any spots or stains to become permanent.

Improve the Home’s Airflow

Dirty carpets can impede appropriate airflow in a home. The carpet is clogged with dirt and small debris that can compromise the airflow. Areas along the walls that need air to move along will not receive proper airflow. The dust on the carpet will permeate within the rooms. Cleaner carpets will contribute to better airflow and better air quality.

It must be noted that if the carpets are left unclean, it will cause major problems to the air quality. It can pose threats including mites, mildew, and mold. These things do not simply stick to the carpet as it can float around, aggravating allergies and causing an unpleasant smell.

Avoid Carpet Mites

Carpet mites, which are also called dust mites, are tiny bugs that will need a microscope to see them. When a certain area is vacuumed, these dust mites will be stirred and float to the air. Once inhaled, it can irritate allergies, cause breathing problems, and can even mix to the food on the table. Vacuuming does not clean those mites. To fully clean them, the carpet must be professionally cleaned by a reliable service provider.

Minimizes or Avoids Dark “Traffic Lane” Effects on the Floor

Carpets that have the most foot traffic in a home includes areas such as kitchens, hallways, and living rooms. Carpets in these areas will deteriorate faster compared to those that are in the bedroom. Dirt is constant in those locations and can be darker than the carpets placed on the other parts of the house.

If left dirty for a long time, the dirt will stick on the floor, creating the dark “traffic lane” on the floor’s surface. The outline of the carpet will be imprinted on the floor with a black mass. If carpets are often cleaned, these dark areas can be prevented and can also restore the cleanliness of the floors.

Vacuuming and cleaning carpets are great to avoid any dust from accumulating. Nonetheless, homes and even offices need to have their carpets professionally cleaned. People must ensure that the carpet cleaning service they hire is reliable, reputable, and experienced to get the most out of their budget.

Deciding the Right Time to Downsize your Home

Are you wondering when is the right time to downsize your home? Well, to be honest, the answer to that question will depend on many factors as well as your life situation. Some people decide to downsize because they want to live simpler lives, some are preparing for a new chapter in life like retirement or a new job, and some just became overwhelmed by the amount of stuff around them. All these reasons, as well as many others, are more than legitimate! But, one thing is for sure, downsizing is a big trend nowadays. Moreover, it really helps people live better lives. So, it can be said that the right time to downsize is NOW! However, if you are not persuaded yet and you need help deciding the right time to downsize your home, keep on reading.

You Are Ready For Retirement

Probably the best time to think about downsizing is when you are close to your retirement. Many people actually include downsizing in their retirement plans too. So, this is nothing new. Taking care of a big house is time, money and energy-consuming. And who would want to spend their golden years looking after a big house? Nobody really. So, if your retirement is approaching, start downsizing now! Declutter your current home. You can either donate, sell or even throw away some of the items you do not plan on using anymore. Focus only on the things that are irreplaceable and valuable to you, and then call to help you relocate them to your new address. You will see that you are enjoying your retirement a lot more when taking care of a smaller property.

Your Children Have Moved Out

Another great time to start considering downsizing is when all your children have moved out. Some children go to college, some get married and some just want to start living independently. So, there is no point in living in such a big house if you are alone or just with your spouse. Yes, selling and moving from your family home, where your children grew up is hard for all parents, but you should try to focus on more positive aspects of this downsizing process. For instance, you will have more time and energy to devote to your family. Moreover, you will have more money to do something you always wanted like go on some extravagant trip you always dreamed of or do some hobby you never had time for. You should look at downsizing as a new beginning. So, call your local real estate agent, and start looking for a smaller home.

Your Current Home Costs You Too Much

If you live in a big home, you probably know that that comes with hefty price tags. Living in a huge home is all fun and games until those big bills arrive. Everything is more expensive – utilities, taxes, and mortgage, among other things. So, it is no wonder why so many people decide to downsize for this particular reason – to be able to live more affordably and comfortably. Just think about it. You will be able to supercharge your retirement fund. You will pay off all the debts and mortgage too. And, of course, all your bills will suddenly become smaller. Sound amazing, right? However, there are also some people who are just forced to move to a smaller home too. This happens when the bills become bigger than your income. So, if you think that you are in this situation, or close to it, now is the time to start looking for some house removal tips and find a smaller home.

You Want to Live a Simpler Life

As previously mentioned, many people nowadays try to become minimalists. That is a very popular trend, and it focuses on having less material things and living in smaller spaces. People who are following this trend started getting rid of all the unnecessary possessions. They are keeping only items that are of key importance for living comfortably. That usually starts with purging and decluttering homes and then moving to smaller ones. And, they all swear that their lives have changed completely after it. So, if you think that you became overwhelmed with all the stuff around you, maybe it is time to downsize and start living a simpler life. Donate, sell or throw away all the things you do not use daily. Replace your shoddy short-term items with quality long term ones. Donate all those outfits you have not worn in ages. And, most importantly, learn to buy less and say ‘No, thank you’, to all the physical gifts. After all, New Year is the perfect time to start thinking about your new home and your new life.

You Want to Do Something Nice for Yourself

Last but definitely not the least – downsizing in order to do something nice for yourself. This should actually be the number one reason why you should consider downsizing.  Just think about, you will save a lot of money by living in a smaller home. You can finally say goodbye to all those huge bills, taxes, mortgages and similar. Then, you will save a lot of time and energy as you will not have to constantly clean and take care of that huge home. Instead, you can use that time and money and do something you always wanted. Just like we mentioned earlier, if you downsize, you can pay for that trip you always wanted or have more time to do your hobbies or simply have more energy to spend with your loved ones. And, you will finally be able to finish cleaning fast and spend the rest of the day enjoying yourself. Thus, if you feel that living in a huge home is taking all your energy and eating your budget, now is the best time to downsize and focus on yourself, not on your property.



Clean your House Perfectly after Pest Control

Most people don’t realize they need to prepare their house before the exterminators arrive.  This involves getting things away from the wall, noting where the pests are most often observed, and making sure all food items are properly stored.

But, you may also not realize the importance of cleaning your house after the pest control experts have left!

A successful pest control visit means that your pests will be killed. However, this doesn’t mean they will all die during the visit. It can take several days for the pests to all die from the chemicals that the professionals have used.

That’s why you need to clean your house properly after the visit and take as many precautions as possible to prevent it from happening again.

Clean Daily

Any pests that have died will need to be cleared away, if not they can become food for other bugs or simply attract more bacteria. This means vacuuming every day and mopping the floor with a disinfectant solution.

The trick when cleaning is to start at one end of your home and work your way through the house methodically, this will ensure the waste from the pests and any other debris is contained and removed.

It is worth noting that sweeping or even mopping is not enough by itself. Doing sweeping or mopping will agitate the dirt and potentially send dust into the air for you to breathe in. This could be a health issue, especially if you already suffer from asthma or something similar.

To help prevent this you need to use a spray bottle of water and lightly cover all the surfaces, this will prevent the dust from rising into the air. You can then safely sweep or even vacuum the area and be confident that the dust and other debris are going into the bin, where it belongs.

It’s important not just to do the floor but to wash every surface that could have had a pest on it, even if this is a surface that isn’t usually used. Cleaning up properly will make it less attractive to a new pest invasion.

Don’t forget after cleaning your house you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap, you should also consider washing your clothes on a hot cycle.

Check For Holes

A mouse can get through a hole as small as a pencil and rats can get through a hole the size of a quarter. You may have done this as part of your pre-treatment preparations, but, if you haven’t, you need to walk around your property and look for any gaps where a pest could get into your home. Pay particular attention to the areas around the doors and windows.

Verify Traps

It’s a good idea to put down some fresh traps after the professionals have been. This will provide you with a way to verify that all the pests have gone if you find anything in a trap you’re going to need to call the pest control experts back to check it out properly.

Reasons You Might Want to Look Up the History of That House Before You Buy

With the exception of moving into a newly built custom house, any home that you purchase and live in is going to come with existing memories. The old owners might put up a couple of fresh coats of paint, repave the driveway, or even completely renovate the bathrooms and kitchen before you move in. None of these actions are going to erase the fact that your newly purchased home is going to come with a history, which isn’t so bad of a thing if you think about it. What you do need to ensure is that you look up the history of your soon-to-be new home prior to closing. Having the names and pertinent information of everyone who lived in your home previously can make living a lot easier.

Ensuring Your New Home Has a Positive History

So, a lot of people who move out of rentals or choose to sell their property are just regular everyday people. You may use a reverse lookup address service out of sheer curiosity. Perhaps you look up the history of the family living in the home before you to confirm that they were the owner-occupants. Otherwise, people might do a reverse address search to check for any major local news stories related to crime. In this day and age, you really can’t be too safe while in the process of buying a house.

Find Out Who Your Neighbors Are

The history of the home you plan to buy and move into is important. At the same time, the background and identities of your closest neighbors is pretty crucial as well. No, you don’t need to find out the total life story of your neighbors and run background checks on them but it can be good to know what the neighborhood is like. Will you be moving onto a block filled with retirees, working parents, or young professionals who are fresh out of graduate school? Have your potential neighbors been living there for the past couple of years or did they inherit their homes from their parents several decades ago. Seeing who you will be living near is totally a step that shouldn’t be missed when shopping for a house.

Avoiding Being Harassed by Debt Collectors

When you get a new phone number you almost expect to get a bevvy of ‘wrong phone number’ calls, especially within the first 30 or so days. The majority of people simply don’t go through their entire rolodex to let everyone know that their contact information has changed. However, anyone who has inherited the phone number of someone with a lot of bad debt knows that those phone calls pretty much never stop. And thanks to skip tracing if you inherit their old address you can expect to receive phone calls as well as have their letters clogging up your mailbox. Some people can live with that while lots of others would rather not hear from debt collectors indefinitely.

When you buy residential properties, there can be lots of surprises. Sometimes previous occupants and owners leave behind parting gifts and even trinkets. You may see that some last-minute improvements have been made for you and your family to enjoy. Know the home as well as the neighborhood by doing a reverse address search.

Must-Have Items to Include in Your Custom Kitchen Design

When you ask homeowners in which room of the house they tend to spend the most time in, many will answer with ‘the kitchen’. Between meal preparation, cooking, eating, socializing, entertaining, and even sitting with the kids around the table while they do their homework, the kitchen tends to be a very well-used room. With that said, it’s only natural that homeowners often pour a lot of time and money into extensive renovations of the kitchen so it best fits their needs and wants.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to go the route of a custom kitchen design to ensure that all of it fits your lifestyle and vision, then you need to be prepared to make a lot of decisions. With that in mind, here’s a look at a few must-have items that are perfect for your custom kitchen design.

Store Wine in a Smart and Attractive Way

For those who enjoy a good bottle of wine and have a bit of a collection going on, your custom kitchen is the perfect place to install wine storage. Having it available to you in the kitchen means it’s within reach and you won’t forget to enjoy all those great bottles you’ve been collecting. The Eurocave wine cabinet is available in different sizes and configurations, which means no matter what size your collection is, you’ll find a storage cellar that works. You can even have your wine cabinet built right into the design so that it blends with the cupboards and doesn’t stand out.

Second Appliances

Another thing you may want to consider in your custom design is installing second appliances – more specifically a second dishwasher, refrigerator, and/or oven. This is ideal for those with large families, foodies that love cooking, and those who entertain often. Obviously doubling up on appliances will increase your productivity in the kitchen.

Under Cabinet Lighting

This is one of those items that people don’t tend to fully appreciate until they have it. Under cabinet lighting not only serves a practical purpose of lighting the counter, which is handy during food preparation, but it also adds to the overall look and atmosphere of the room. It adds a sense of sophistication and luxury that custom design kitchens usually strive for.

Give Thought to Your Cabinet Height

One thing that people are quick to include in a custom kitchen is oversized cupboards that reach almost to the ceiling, or right to it. While this can certainly make the room feel taller and add drama to the space, it’s not always the most practical design choice. How will you plan to access those top shelves? Instead, you may want to keep things a little lower so that you aren’t having to get a ladder out each time you go into the cupboards.

No Such Thing as Too Much Counter Space

Finally, is the counter space, and there is only one rule here and that’s the fact that you can never have enough countertops. If you can find a way to have both countertops and an island, you’ll be giving yourself a lot more useable space.

Each of these items and tips will help you to create a flawless and practical custom kitchen.

House Removal Tips and Handy Advice

house removal

The annoying search is over and now you’ve got a brand new place, congratulations! However, in the words made immortal by Cage the Elephant, there ain’t no rest for the wicked. The hard part is coming – now you have to actually move house. Yes, it’ll take forever, and you’ll probably be half dead by the time you finish, but – keep your eyes on the prize – after that, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful new home. Here are some tips and tricks to help you go through this as easily as possible.

1. Start early

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you decide to move is the fact that the sooner you start, the less stress you’ll have to go through. When it comes to packing, give yourself a day per room, and start with the room you need the least. That way, you can use the rooms you need most comfortably and for a longer time. Make sure you schedule everything in time, including the mover company and the utilities for your new home. Finally, give yourself a head start if you know that you won’t be able to get enough days off work to do everything properly.

2. Declutter

Don’t take the things you don’t need. Go through all your stuff, from clothes to kitchen gadgets, and discard those you haven’t used for the last year. Organize a garage sale if you can. Donate the things you don’t need, or give them away to friends or relatives who need them. If there are some things that are not useful anymore, recycle them if you can, or throw them away if you can’t. This way, you’ll have fewer things to pack and unpack, so you’ll save yourself some stress. In addition, your new home won’t be overflowing with things even before you set foot in it.

3. Pack an unpack by room

Packing and unpacking can be incredibly tedious and stressful work. In order to make it a bit more organized, make sure you do one room at the time. Label all the boxes as well, so the movers will know where to put the boxes when they take them to your new place. It’ll make your job a bit easier, and you’ll be able to think more clearly. Because of that, the process will take much less time and effort.

4. Use a see-through plastic bin to pack the essentials

After a day of packing, organizing, and overseeing the move, chances are you won’t have the energy required to unpack immediately. That is why packing essentials into a see-through container might be a good idea. Use a big, clear, plastic box or bin, and put the most important things there. Essential kitchenware, bed sheets, pajamas, a vanity purse, and a change of clothes are all things you’ll need on your first night in the new home. If you put them into a clear container, you’ll be able to locate them easily, and the plastic will stand out among all the cardboard boxes.

5. Do the paperwork on time

If you live in Australia, for example, you’ll need to register your address change with both governmental institutions, such as Taxation Office and Electoral Commission, and the non-governmental ones, like charities, clubs, and so on. Go out of your way to make sure you’ve done everything the law requires you to do in your jurisdiction, or you may face charges down the road. Also, make sure your removal company complies with all the laws and has proper insurance. Among the many removalists Sydney has to offer, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a respectable, reliable company.

6. Set up the electronics as soon as you arrive

The first thing you should do when you start unpacking is setting up all the electronics. It’s going to do two things. One, you won’t have to deal with the cables after you’ve already put your furniture in place. Two, it’ll allow you to play music or your favorite show in the background while you unpack, which can make the process a bit more enjoyable. However, be sure to deal with the cables immediately, or you risk tripping on them or having them in the way of moving the furniture around.

Moving house is a stressful business as it is, so take the steps to make it less tedious. Prepare well and be disciplined, and you’ll finish in no time. Here is one last piece of wisdom – don’t forget to crack a bottle and take some time to enjoy your new home after you’re finished!