Deciding the Right Time to Downsize your Home

Are you wondering when is the right time to downsize your home? Well, to be honest, the answer to that question will depend on many factors as well as your life situation. Some people decide to downsize because they want to live simpler lives, some are preparing for a new chapter in life like retirement or a new job, and some just became overwhelmed by the amount of stuff around them. All these reasons, as well as many others, are more than legitimate! But, one thing is for sure, downsizing is a big trend nowadays. Moreover, it really helps people live better lives. So, it can be said that the right time to downsize is NOW! However, if you are not persuaded yet and you need help deciding the right time to downsize your home, keep on reading.

You Are Ready For Retirement

Probably the best time to think about downsizing is when you are close to your retirement. Many people actually include downsizing in their retirement plans too. So, this is nothing new. Taking care of a big house is time, money and energy-consuming. And who would want to spend their golden years looking after a big house? Nobody really. So, if your retirement is approaching, start downsizing now! Declutter your current home. You can either donate, sell or even throw away some of the items you do not plan on using anymore. Focus only on the things that are irreplaceable and valuable to you, and then call to help you relocate them to your new address. You will see that you are enjoying your retirement a lot more when taking care of a smaller property.

Your Children Have Moved Out

Another great time to start considering downsizing is when all your children have moved out. Some children go to college, some get married and some just want to start living independently. So, there is no point in living in such a big house if you are alone or just with your spouse. Yes, selling and moving from your family home, where your children grew up is hard for all parents, but you should try to focus on more positive aspects of this downsizing process. For instance, you will have more time and energy to devote to your family. Moreover, you will have more money to do something you always wanted like go on some extravagant trip you always dreamed of or do some hobby you never had time for. You should look at downsizing as a new beginning. So, call your local real estate agent, and start looking for a smaller home.

Your Current Home Costs You Too Much

If you live in a big home, you probably know that that comes with hefty price tags. Living in a huge home is all fun and games until those big bills arrive. Everything is more expensive – utilities, taxes, and mortgage, among other things. So, it is no wonder why so many people decide to downsize for this particular reason – to be able to live more affordably and comfortably. Just think about it. You will be able to supercharge your retirement fund. You will pay off all the debts and mortgage too. And, of course, all your bills will suddenly become smaller. Sound amazing, right? However, there are also some people who are just forced to move to a smaller home too. This happens when the bills become bigger than your income. So, if you think that you are in this situation, or close to it, now is the time to start looking for some house removal tips and find a smaller home.

You Want to Live a Simpler Life

As previously mentioned, many people nowadays try to become minimalists. That is a very popular trend, and it focuses on having less material things and living in smaller spaces. People who are following this trend started getting rid of all the unnecessary possessions. They are keeping only items that are of key importance for living comfortably. That usually starts with purging and decluttering homes and then moving to smaller ones. And, they all swear that their lives have changed completely after it. So, if you think that you became overwhelmed with all the stuff around you, maybe it is time to downsize and start living a simpler life. Donate, sell or throw away all the things you do not use daily. Replace your shoddy short-term items with quality long term ones. Donate all those outfits you have not worn in ages. And, most importantly, learn to buy less and say ‘No, thank you’, to all the physical gifts. After all, New Year is the perfect time to start thinking about your new home and your new life.

You Want to Do Something Nice for Yourself

Last but definitely not the least – downsizing in order to do something nice for yourself. This should actually be the number one reason why you should consider downsizing.  Just think about, you will save a lot of money by living in a smaller home. You can finally say goodbye to all those huge bills, taxes, mortgages and similar. Then, you will save a lot of time and energy as you will not have to constantly clean and take care of that huge home. Instead, you can use that time and money and do something you always wanted. Just like we mentioned earlier, if you downsize, you can pay for that trip you always wanted or have more time to do your hobbies or simply have more energy to spend with your loved ones. And, you will finally be able to finish cleaning fast and spend the rest of the day enjoying yourself. Thus, if you feel that living in a huge home is taking all your energy and eating your budget, now is the best time to downsize and focus on yourself, not on your property.



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