TOP 8 Safety Tips for First-Time Budget Travelers! Read and Start Packing!

It is not a secret that experience is very important for travelers. It makes us happier. So, stop thinking that traveling is impossible when you don’t have much money. It is possible to travel on budget! There are many helpful advices to help you! First of all, start planning your trip from home or even on the way. Try to book a car from Enterprise rent a car in Austin when you are going to Texas. Remember, whenever you go, there is always a big choice of cheap cars for rent. It is much cheaper to book them beforehand. What’s next?

Here are few more helpful advices for first-time young travelers. Saving your budget is important but traveling safe even more important. Where to start?

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Get Insurance

Of course, it sounds like an obvious routine thing. Nevertheless, you can be surprised of how many people are so exited of their future trip that can easily forget about the main thing. It is all about insurance! If you still don’t have a traveling insurance, you definitely need it! What does it mean? It means that you protect yourself from health problems, luggage loss, flight cancel. It can happen that you don’t use your insurance at all! But nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

Minimum Gadgets

As a rule, people try to take as many gadgets as possible for traveling. It can be digital cameras, pocket irons, laptops, smart watches, trackers, boilers, chargers. Stop! Do you really need that big camera and accessories? Do you really think you’ll have time to work on your laptop on the go? Your smartphone is all you really need! This is a good gadget to check your mail, use GPS, find a good room for sale or book a table for dinner. Don’t forget to charge it from time to time!

Watch Your Way!

Be fast and attentive! If you don’t know the way, use your GPS to find it. Navigation means much. It doesn’t take much money from your budget if you take a car with navigation. Also, try to use your phone to learn more about the city or state you are going through. You may even use your earphones and voice guide.

Minimum Alcohol

Definitely, you may have dates, meet new people, visit bars, concerts, eat in the street cafes, anything. Just be careful. It often happens that you can be fooled by bad people. Watch your drinks and try to use less alcohol in a company. Trust to no one!


Use Apps

As it was told before, you need a smartphone with different apps. You don’t know for sure what app you will need in future. There must be a moment when you will lose your way and walk around the same place for many times looking for a museum. Your Must-haves are:

  1. Uber: The most of the experienced travelers already have it on their smartphones. If you can’t drive for any reason and you are really scared of using public transport, you should try Uber.
  2. Rental24h: This app is needed to rent a car from home when you want the cheapest one. It really works!
  3. bSafe: This app is very helpful for young and solo travelers. If you are in danger just click and send a SOS message to your friends or relatives. Of course, if you are traveling through the country, your friends can hardly help you. Nevertheless, they can call the police.
  4. Drunk Mode: You can use your app when you feel you are lost and your company is far from you. Just click and find your company. It is not a pleasant thing to lose your way in a new city.

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Watch Your Expenses!

Traveling on budget you have to count! Also, don’t forget to keep your money in safe. Don’t forget to inform your bank that you are going to travel to avoid possible uncomfortable situations and money limits.

Wear Neutral

Traveling solo makes you keep an eye on what locals usually wear and how they look like. It is not a key factor of your traveling but it helps to feel like locals. Even if you are traveling through the American states, clothes of the South state people differ from others. Try to be neutral for not to attract people attention to your traveling person. Also, this advice is important when you are a traveling woman.



Learn Address of Your Country’s Embassy

Embassies and consulates of your country can be very helpful when you have difficulties or troubles. Try to find out the address beforehand. Traveling through the USA you can assign for Smart Traveler. This free service helps to give your any needed information on your request. Why don’t you use it?

First time travelers make many mistakes, especially budget travelers. It’s natural! Don’t be afraid to travel from the state to state and discover new places. It is interesting for your age. Moreover, it is absolutely possible to travel on a small budget. Start saving money right now!

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