3 Reasons Why Everyone in Thailand Goes to Krabi for Relaxation

Bangkok might be the most popular place in Thailand for outsiders, but those that actually live in the country know that Krabi is the place to visit if you are looking for relaxation and a break from everyday life. In case you have not visited Krabi yet for some reason, or if you have only arrived in Thailand recently, here are three reasons why you need to spend some time in this South-Thai province on your next break.

The Luxurious and Relaxing Resorts

With some of the best views of the Andaman Sea and in close proximity to the stunning Koh Hong islands, the Krabi luxury resorts are all by themselves – reason enough for people to come to the province. Klong Muang, Ao Siew and Tupkaek are the three beaches where some of the best resorts in all of Thailand are located, with the likes of Dusit Thani, Ritz-Carlton and Sofitel operating in the area. If you want a truly refreshing and relaxing vacation at a world class resort, built in the middle of lush green forests and right beside gorgeous beaches, you just have to visit this part of Krabi.

The Street Food

While your resort will of course serve great food, it is recommended to make your trip more interesting by experiencing and experimenting a little with the local dishes as well. Once you decide to step out of your resort in Krabi and explore some of the local food, you will be pleasantly delighted, even if you have been living in Thailand for a while.

The street culinary culture of Krabi is among the best in all of southern Thailand, although Bangkok gets most of the spotlight. South-Thai food is quite spicy and hot though, so you may want to try a small portion of gaeng som or gaeng tai pla first, before committing to the whole dish. Khao mok gai, on the other hand, is a rice and meat-based dish that would be more tolerable (sort of!) for the unaccustomed stomach. For the western crowd, there are plenty of steak and grill options as well.

The Lovely Elephants

Thai people have an ancient connection with the local elephants, but modernization, hunting and commercialization almost destroyed the local elephant population once. Elephant sanctuaries all across Thailand have since managed to better protect the gentle giants in recent years and these sanctuaries are open to visitors as well. Unlike some places that still exploit and demean elephants by letting people ride them, the protective elephant sanctuaries of Krabi only allow friendly interactions with the animals. There is nothing more relaxing than spending some time cuddling with a baby elephant in the mud, or just observing them in close proximity.

This list was made mostly by selecting the most relaxing of all available activities in Krabi, but if you are looking for adventures in Thailand, there are so many options for that in Krabi. Travelers can canoe, speedboat, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, water raft, trek, hike and climb rocks in Krabi, which is not even the full list! There’s just something for everyone here in Krabi, and you will be glad you made the trip.

IMG Description: Tropical island with resorts – Phi-Phi island, Krabi Province, Thailand

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