Prepare for Hiking In The Forest- Make Bear Grylls Proud

Sometimes all you need to relax and get away from the stressful ways of everyday life is packing the essentials and heading out into the wilderness to reconnect with nature. Think about it- when was the last time you decided to venture out into the forest? Above all, exploring wild places you have never witnessed before give you the ultimate power to clear your head and reclaim your energy. However, even though it is an exciting experience, going out into the wilderness may prove to be quite a challenge. Luckily, one can pick up some of the most helpful tips and tricks to make sure things go smoother without any difficulties. So, if you have been planning to spend an epic time in nature, here are the top tips to help you prepare and truly make Bear Grylls proud.

Choose the right type of footwear

There is nothing worse than taking a trip in uncomfortable footwear only to end up with extremely sore and painful feet. First and foremost, pay close attention when choosing the right type of footwear! Some hiking enthusiasts prefer the traditional looking boots above the ankle, whilst others choose lightweight trail running shoes. Even though it might be a lot heavier and it may slow you down, more experienced hikers recommend choosing traditional boots due to their waterproof abilities. Running shoes are definitely lighter, but they will not protect your feet from rain and moisture, so you will end up feeling uncomfortable and possibly sick when you get back.

Break the boots

Another important thing hikers need to think of is breaking the footwear before going off into the wilderness. Luckily, it is quite simple and easy to break footwear; just put the boots on and start walking around. Of course, one needs to do this at least two weeks earlier so the boot’s materials will have time to loosen up and adapt to the shape of the feet. Practice around the neighborhood or even go for shorter hikes to stretch the material and get the footwear ready for the wild.


Know how to pack

What you pack is extremely important, but it is also vital that you know how to pack these items. When a hiker manages to distribute weight in the pack, optimal gravity is achieved. Of course, when someone takes a backpack on the trip, it is quite natural that weight will be put on the hips. Hence, it is vital to find out how to achieve the ideal weight distribution, so here is a brief guideline; on the bottom of the pack should be the sleeping bag, whilst the center should contain the heaviest items such as the food and water supplies. The essential clothing and gear should be put in the sides of the pack, whilst the lid is where the maps and other light things go. Also, the quality of the backpack is of extreme importance. When shopping, look for a high-quality backpack, preferably a waterproof one. Companies such as Bags by Bensonoffer a wide array of products which cater to even the most passionate hikers. Above all, one can choose between leather, canvas or even nylon!

Do not bring a lot of extra clothes with you

If you are a newbie to hiking, you will probably want to bring more than enough clothes with you. However tempting it might be, one should never carry extremely heavy bags along the trip. Why? It has to do with the fact that a heavier load of clothes will only slow you down and make you struggle more. Of course, the only way to make sure you bring the essentials and nothing more is to carefully plan out what you will actually need when in the wilderness. Make sure to check the contents of the pack and take into consideration the weather forecast and the climate. One should always pack extra warm clothes, but remember to not overdo it! Most importantly, remember that getting dirty is just part of the fun of spending time in nature!


Start small for the first time

Once you have gathered all the essential supplies and gear for your trip, you will realize how simple backpacking is. Nevertheless, there will always be a learning curve, especially when first starting out. To make the whole experience less stressful, plan ahead and start small by choosing an easier trail. As you get better with it, you will be more confident and ready for greater challenges.

In summary, backpacking in the wilderness can be an extremely rewarding experience worth the time and effort. Remember to keep it simple and have fun!

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