The Big Day Has Come – Are You Ready for It?

With all the pre-wedding jitters and planning the entire event to the smallest detail, thinking about your own look will probably be one of the most stressful steps. From making sure your hair appointment is scheduled, to actually living to see your dream hairstyle with your wedding gown and the perfect maquillage to complement the entire look, it would be an understatement to say the whole process is nerve-wracking. However, if your big day is approaching quickly, this is what you need to make sure of in order to be completely ready to walk down the aisle.

Your hair will need to shine

Making sure your locks are in tip-top shape is one of the essential steps in wedding preparation. Having in mind that you’ve already booked your hairstylist and talked to them about the way your hair should look, now is the time to put the work into action and create the perfect locks. In case you haven’t done anything with your hair in a few months, you might want your ends trimmed so that the hair will get a fresh look and make the curls stand longer looking as fabulous as ever.

Get your skin glowing

A proper cleansing, moisturizing and toning routine should be on point from the day you book your wedding venue. You’ll want to look your best and have makeup sit flawlessly on your face, which will require dedicated skincare. In case your face needs a bit of touch-up, have a facial at least a month before the wedding so that on the big day you don’t have to fight discolouration, spots or nasty blemishes. You might also be interested in a glycolic peel, which you should schedule 2 weeks before the wedding.

Make-up on point

One of the most important aspects of wedding preparation is certainly make-up. You should make sure to pick out the look that will best emphasize your facial features and bring out the most of your natural beauty. Your eyes should definitely take centre stage, which is why you may want to add a wow effect with eyelash extensions. Make sure you look for a professional who’ll use quality eyelash extensions and schedule your appointment for a week prior to the big day. Test various makeup looks to find out which suits you best, and always have a backup for the original vision of yours.

Brighten your smile

A pearly white smile is an absolute must, so be sure to use plenty of whitening kits in the month before the wedding. From whitening strips to toothpaste and various kits from the pharmacy, to homemade hacks, you can easily get a shade or few lighter a smile that will look absolutely stunning on your wedding photos. In case none of the options work, feel free to visit your dentist and have professional teeth whitening treatment that will ensure a Hollywood-like smile for weeks to come.

Get a spray tan

Are you getting married in the winter or spring, and you didn’t get the chance to pick up some of that bronze tan? Worry not because with a little bit of spray tan, you’ll get the perfectly sun-kissed skin that will look absolutely stunning in your white gown. Just be sure to schedule a trial spray tan to see which shade will be the most suitable for your skin tone. You do not want to look like Oompa-Lumpa, so schedule a trial at least a month before the big day. If you’re happy with the results, schedule the actual appointment two days before the wedding so that the colour would sit well on the skin and make your glowing tan as natural as possible.

Don’t forget the manicure

There’s not an elegant bride without perfectly polished nails. Therefore, don’t forget to make a mani-pedi appointment and get your nails and toes buffed and polished to perfection. For those brides who’d like a gel mani, it’ll be necessary to make an appointment one to three days before your big day in order to look fresh and last even through your honeymoon. If you opt for regular nail polish, use a long-lasting top coat to ensure a shiny and durable manicure.

Final thoughts

Getting ready for the big day is quite a challenge, but with this small guide, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with everything. Just make sure you plan everything in advance and schedule appointments on time, to avoid any additional stress.

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