Utility Wear: How To Pull Off The Latest Trend

Utility Wear: How To Pull Off The Latest Trend

The workwear trend has been around for years, but in recent months it’s evolved into more technical garments, more pockets and better fits, this is now known as utility wear. More fashion houses are moving toward functional clothing that offers a stylish edge, think about military clothing, fisherman jackets and cargos, these are all the basis of the new trend. 

But what goes with what? can you go too far with it? Here’s how you can pull off the latest utility styles:

Start Small

Rather than going big and adding copious amounts of pockets to everything you’re wearing, start small. A pair of fitted cargos are the best way to start off, pair with mens graphic t-shirts and a hoodie depending on the weather, you can layer it up. Or you can reverse it and go for a pair of black jeans with a technical or fishermans gilet, again this can be layered up with a longline shirt and a sweater or hoodie. To kee with the starting small statement, look for blacks and dark greens to keep them as a staple garment in your wardrobe.


AKA wearable luggage, think of a stylish bumbag, that looks much more technical. They can be worn around the waist or over one shoulder and sit across your torso. Its a bold statement piece that works well with cargo trousers and a tee, and while neon and bright colours are available, your basic colour are best if you want a utility accessory that works with most outfits.

You’ll also find utility harnesses making a big appearance in 2020, basically adding extra pockets to you stylish with a military styled garment. Also known as a chest pack or a harness vest if you’re looking to cop this one.


If you’re looking to rep the full utility-style you might as well start looking at boots. Trainers still work with it if you’re not keen, but boots complete a more intentional utility style. Look for chunkier soles, lace-up and dark boots when browsing, something that will match you utility-style whether you’re just wearing black cargos or if you decide to mix it up with camo,


If you’re looking for an ever so slight smarter finish than a shirt can be added to the style. To be more specific, you should look out for shackets (shirt jackets) thicker shirts made with durable fabric and likely have a stiffer finish, camo prints and darker Aztec pattern work really well with utility wear. Match this up with a utility vest and mens spray on jeans for a street style.

It all falls into streetwear as a whole, but you can style utility wear in both a fashion or work sense if you’re looking for a more urban look.

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