How To Cope With The Quarantine

How To Cope With The Quarantine

With everything that is happening outside at the minute, it’s extremely important to keep your mind in safe place. Sometimes, in fact, being forced indoors could lead you to dark, unexpected thoughts. It is mandatory, during this period, to keep your mind safe by focusing on all the beautiful things you can do at home (yes, even by yourself!) 

Video Chat

We luckily live in a world which lets us connect with each other with just the touch of a button. During this quarantine, if you want to keep contacts with your friend, you can use a number of applications like Skype, Zoom, Facetime and even party games hosted via webcam like Houseparty. It’s important to stay indoors but it is also extremely important to check in on your friends and family. 


Physical exercise is mandatory to keep yourself fit mainly for when this is over. Imagine leaving your house after this long quarantine and realising that you are not able to do small physical efforts like a simple run. This is the reason why, even when forced into quarantine, you should keep yourself doing some physical exercise (especially cardio-related). Gather your fitness clothing and start sweating! 


There are plenty of videogames and consoles you can buy for a little price right now, plus all the games already available for your PC and mobile phone. Videogames like Animal Crossing, for example, are very likely to help you relax during these dark times. Animal Crossing is a routine simulator with a lot of cure characters on a fictional island. Or, if you’re more of an action guy yourself, you may want to consider Call Of Duty of FIFA to play with your friends. 

A Simple Book

Nothing keeps your mind at peace than a good read. When forced into quarantine, a book could help you in maintaining peace of mind by leading you to great stories. There are endless studies of doctors admitting the power a book could have on your serotonin creation, also known as the protein of happiness. Reading is extremely important when being isolated from the rest of the world, regardless of the length or complexity of the title, which is why we’ve included it into this list. 

To Conclude 

Being isolated could suck, but, if you keep yourself occupied, it could potentially become a decent experience. We hope you stay safe and good luck!

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