Great Benefits You Should Be Offering Your Employees!

It is getting increasingly hard to hire and retain great employees, so one thing you can do to really make them feel appreciated is to go above and beyond in terms of benefits. The absolute minimum for staff that you really appreciate should be regular pay rises and one on one reviews, a clear path for progression, good amounts of holiday and flexible working. However, there are things you can do to be different and to really show you care about your employees wellbeing. Workplaces are changing, and so are employees, so it’s important that you keep up and offer your employees something great! Let’s find out a few things that you can do to achieve just that. 

Dental Subscriptions

The first thing that you should be offering to your employees is a dental subscription. Many people push this to the back of their priorities, however it is such an important component of our overall health, so investing in it for your employees will show you care. There are so many different subscriptions out there that you can get for as little as around £10 a month, which can cover dental checkups, hygienist appointments and then also discounts should people need treatment, like fillings or full dental implants. You may also be able to get a corporate discount if you are getting multiple plans, so this is definitely something to look into. Not only will this help you to retain great employees, but it will also be a strong factor in helping to draw new ones in! So, it may not cost you a lot each month (depending on the size of your business of course), but it can make a huge difference to your employees and how they see the company. 

Financial Support For Hobbies

Employees that have hobbies outside of work are much more likely to be satisfied with their job, as they will have a better work-life balance, giving them the space they need to fully unwind outside of work and come back feeling happy and refreshed. Everyone deserves to maximise their free time, so to do that, you could provide some financial support for their hobbies. This could be around £30 a month for each employee that can then go towards their sports club, gym membership, crochet materials, pottery classes, dance classes, the options when it comes to hobbies are endless! You are showing you really care about them and want them to be able to unwind out of work, which will mean a lot to them. 

Training and Development

More on the work side of things, something that you should be offering to your employees is training and development opportunities. This will show employees that you really want them to grow with the company, plus it will benefit you by helping you to expand on what you are able to offer your clients. This will differ massively depending on the nature of your business, but you should either have clear training programmes in place, or you should make it clear that if employees want to learn more about a particular area relating to their role, or the company in general, that you will help to fund it. This can really transform how an employee feels about the company! 

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