The Benefits Of Having A Meditation Garden

The Benefits Of Having A Meditation Garden

Meditation garden or also called the contemplation garden is a great concept that should be applied in your home. It is specifically a serene spot that can be combined with any home design. However, you shouldn’t confuse this garden with the typical Zen garden that we often see in pictures and temple. It’s more about creating your own space in the home where you can feel relaxed and you don’t have to follow a rigid template for your meditation garden. As an example, you may choose to have a dry rock garden with minimalist design and you can choose your imagination choosing the route that you want to choose. If you want to have an illusion of temples, rivers and mountains in your meditation garden, you can do that, but you can still choose a different path.

The central part of the meditation garden is a comfortable sitting space, where you spend your time most of the time. When creating a meditation garden, you should make sure that it is low in maintenance. The garden shouldn’t become an added source of your headache, which will negate the benefits you get from it. As an example, you should go easy with the type and number of plants and flowers. It is important that you spend less time with the upkeep. In areas with cold and snowy winter, setting a meditation garden represents its own challenge. It is important to design the garden, so it will remains look good, even after being covered in snow. As an example, you should be able to obtain good appearance in your garden during the winter with the uses of large rocks.

You should choose having a few large rock boulders, than many smaller ones, so you will be able to reduce the yearly upkeep and maintenance. If you are comfortable with Western-style, you can do that. However, if you want to have a meditation garden that feels like a sacred place, then the Japanese style should be more appropriate. When creating a meditation garden, you should start with the sitting place. You can decide what you want to see and feel nearby, then followed by more distant objects. This will allow you to feel comfortable and have a pleasant surrounding at whatever direction you see. However, you shouldn’t add an object that is too distracting and the goal of meditation garden is to give you a feeling of clarity.

Water-based features are things that you can add, which can provide you with wonderful calming effect. The mere noise of trickling water could provide you with an amazing refreshing stimulus. You should make sure that all of your senses can be stimulated and you are feeling more connected to nature. It should be the place where you can feel protected and comfortable. During a hot summer day, there should be a shaded spot where you can find a nice retreat. You may even use the garden during the winter, although perhaps not as long as during the summer.

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