How To Have Authentic Log House Lifestyle?

How To Have Authentic Log House Lifestyle

There are many ways to have alternative lifestyle. Instead of having a normal brick and concrete home, you may choose having a log home. This can be appropriate if you are living in sub-urban or rural areas where you can have more land area. If you choose to have a permanent log home lifestyle as your primary accommodation, you should try to improve your comfort. First of all you need to adjust the proper decoration. The interior design should be different compared to regular house. One important thing to consider is that your personal taste is compatible to log house and its primitive uniqueness. As an example, you should choose designs that don’t diverge too far from the overall design of log house itself.

As an example, you should choose old western design, ranch style decor, traditional wood design or just a typical comfy cabin style. You can add a few modern edges to your log house, but you shouldn’t go too far with those. Although design is essential, costs, usability and practicality should be your main goal. As an example, some affordable wood furniture from IKEA is already good enough for your log home interior, if they have the proper color and wood grain to match the surrounding. However, you shouldn’t choose wood furniture that looks too fabricated with light color and very straight wood grain. Especially, you need to avoid wood-based furniture that is made from thick plywood or particle board. They are simply incompatible with your log house interior.

 However, it is better if you are able to stay true to the original tradition of any log home lifestyle. It means that you should focus on getting handcrafted and antique-looking wood furniture. Modern wood furniture is simply too bright and they often have straight, fabricated looks. Before getting a log home, you should check the area for any talented wood craftsmen who can provide you with marvellous wooden benches, tables, beds and chairs. It is important to make sure that you are able to get closer to the nature and this includes having the right kind of interior details in your home. Having a log home lifestyle is also about adding proper balcony, deck and patio for your house. You shouldn’t arrange any furniture or appliance that can obstruct the view through the windows.

The cool breeze should be able to flow through the windows. You should also have an ideal surrounding with proper arrangement of trees and plants. As an example, your home will look rustic and authentic if the surrounding of your log home has branches, twigs, fallen leaves and pinecones. Your log home should become the centrepiece of your property and supported with other elements, such as the right type tree species and rustic fence designs. Lighting should also be made compatible with your home design. As an example, you may use lighting that looks like old lantern, although it uses normal light bulbs that have yellowish hues to simulate of the color of fire.

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