Should You Eat More Dried Fruits?

Should You Eat More Dried Fruits?

It is an undisputed fact that fruits are healthy and can bring so many benefits for our body. However, it is not always possible to get fresh produce, especially in areas with especially long winters. Fresh fruits will need to be brought from outside the country and they can be exceedingly expensive. For the sake of convenience, people in these areas often turn to dried fruits. When mixed with nuts, these dried fruits can be potentially healthy. This is the kind of choice that you need to make, if you want to stay healthy. Regardless of your location, vegetables and fruits are needed to help you stay healthy. They are natural wonders that are filled with so much beneficial antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Our body will be cleansed from free radicals.

It is generally advised to have about 10 servings of vegetables and fruits each day, depending on your activity level, weight and age. However, getting fresh produce isn’t always an easy thing. Fresh fruits don’t last indefinitely in refrigerator and even freezers, due the relatively high water content. Having vegetables and fruits in restaurants during winter can be quite challenging. It is not uncommon for people to turn to canned and processed food that can last longer in room temperature. Dried fruits are among things that we can choose and for some people, they could become the go-to solution for having real fruit intake.

The big question is whether dried fruits are really healthy. By definition, dried fruits are fresh fruits that are desiccated with very little water content remaining. Moisture is needed for bacteria and fungal growth, which promotes the risk of spoilage. Well processed dried fruits placed in the proper storage area could last for a couple of years. Grapes, figs, apricots and plums are often dried as a method for preservation. Water can be removed using commercial grade ovens or direct sunlight exposure. However, you should know that constant heat exposure could affect the nutritional content in fruits. When fruits are dried, calcium, potassium and vitamin C can be easily affected by deterioration.  It’s true that dried fruits don’t lose their dietary fiber level and mineral content.

During the drying process, sulphur dioxide can be used to maintain the color. During the drying process, fruits can be badly discoloured, making it less appealing for consumers to purchase them. This chemical is known for its ability to provoke or aggravate asthma problems on many people. It is also important that you avoid any unwanted additives that can be found on dried fruits. So, it is a good idea to choose dried fruits from organic plantations, so you won’t ingest trace amount of pesticide. Another thing that you need to consider when eating dried fruits is the amount of calories intake. It’s really easy to eat a few dozens of raisins while watching a 30-minute sitcom on TV. This will elevate the amount of sugar that you consume each day. This situation won’t help your weight loss program.

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