OP Luxury Places To Feel Athens In Perfect Way

OP Luxury Places To Feel Athens In Perfect Way

Where can you see famous 2 000 year old Acropolis and Parthenon? Welcome to Athens! This is one of the oldest cities on earth! The most popular city sights are placed in the heart of the old city. It is better to walk there. If you want to see more, use Goldcar Greece rental car services to discover new and new places every holiday.

Exploring Greece

Athens is a city that is more than 7 000 years old but combines ancient history and modern life. Athens can boast a collection of charming villages. Your road trip takes you far from the central streets to spend some time among a collection of timeless bijou houses and numerous taverns. Goldcar rental by Rental24h will help you to explore real Greece faster. Drive slowly to see the sprawling markets on Athinas St, the herb shops on Sofokleos St, the olive shops everywhere and the Apollo Coast is the Riviera. This territory boasts one of the finest beaches in the Athens located 20 kilometers from the airport. If you want to have and see more, Athens car rental by Goldcar takes you to every place, lux or budget.

Of course, such a lux country as Greece expect for a high class service. So, what are the most luxury tours you are offered in Greece?

  1. Luxury Greece highlights
  2. Flavors of Greece: food and wine tour
  3. Sailing tours through the picturesque Greek islands


Tips for Lux Travelers

Don’t want to buy a tour? Do you prefer traveling on your own?

Even a student travel or a family trip can be luxury! Athens is a changing city! Don’t think of the financial crisis! The city continues transforming into a popular but chic destination with a rich historical heritage. Want to see the unbelievable Acropolis and Parthenon temple? Athens has many places like this. That’s why Athens has become a city for luxury travelers. Looking for the most luxury places, you shouldn’t go far. Your Athens car travel should be planned in the way to see the most luxurious and atmospheric places to eat, drink, shop or relax.

What are they?

Thalaspa Chenot Spa

This is the most beautiful and relaxing place you’ve ever visited. You cannot see many furniture and lights here. The design and decoration style is minimalistic. This is a place to enjoy a multitude of holistic treatments for big money! The most popular procedure here is Bio-Energetic Beauty Treatment. Traditionally, this sort of therapy uses Chinese medicine to have you energy channels balanced. The procedures are amazing and aromatic.

Brettos Bar

This is a bar that welcomes you at night. This is also a pleasant place to enjoy your drink and good company. Look around! The interiors are incredible. It is a big joy to sit at the bar counter among the numerous long-long shelves of bright bottles. The choice of drinks is impressive. You may choose from over 40 exclusive liqueurs, cocktails, or over 200 wines.


Galaxy Bar

Meet the best bar in the city that can be found at the top of The Hilton. The interior is white and atmosphere is very friendly. You should spend some time on a bar terrace to admire the marvelous city views and enjoy your cocktail. People are ready to pay big money for the unique combination of panoramic views of Athens and the night sky.


If you want to try real Greek cuisine in the finest surroundings, book a table at Varoulko Restaurant. This seaside restaurant is recognized as the most exclusive place in the city for dining. You can try here everything that can be related to the traditional Greek cookery, including fresh seafood. As a restaurant of lux level, you are offered to enjoy new dinner of the day every evening.

Closeup photograph of red wine poured in wineglass at a fancy restaurant

Golden Hall

If you want to learn Greek shopping culture, drive your car to the most popular place of luxury and design shopping. The shopping culture in Athens starts right here! The Golden Hall got the prize for being the best European shopping mall in Europe. You can see a big choice of shops and restaurants with popular brands and lux service.

Villa Mercedes

This is a unique but hot place where you can dance, eat and drink the whole night. The interior of the restaurant is created by the best city designers. It’s one of the city’s trendiest places to hang out with friends. The young, rich and stylish come here. If you want to have tasty dinner, go to the restaurant. If you want to hit the club, go to listen to some of Europe’s best DJs at Villa Mercedes.

Dj Shocca

Spondi Restaurant

The restaurant was named as one of the World’s Top 50 Restaurants and boasts two Michelin Stars. Of course, this is the most desirable and luxury place to eat. It is better to book a table beforehand. The dishes are worth tasting!

Athens is not just a place for learning history. This is one of the liveliest European capitals. The friendly cafes, restaurants, bright shops and night clubs go side by side with historical city sights. Nevertheless, there is always a space for luxury life. It’s not only about car you rent or hotel you stay, but also places you spend the most of time to.

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