Do Your New Hires Need Microsoft Word Skills To Be Productive?

Do Your New Hires need Microsoft Word Skills To Be Productive?

In today’s time where the world is going digitalized and the use of computer has become the part and a parcel of routine, suffice, it to say that every candidate who is looking for an employee must be aware of using the computer. Often when we say computer the operating system that clicks in our mind the first is Windows. Windows has many features out of which excel PowerPoint and the Word is some of the most commonly used ones. If you are hiring candidates whose job would be to work on such parts, most are expected that the person must have good MS word skills.

Know the purpose of Microsoft Word Tests:

The purpose of such assessment is to understand whether the candidate whom you are planning to shortlist holds good skills and abilities to work on the Microsoft word, excel and even PowerPoint or not. It is expected from a candidate to understand whether they have the knowledge about the shortcuts, page layout, review and references that can be used or not. As an evaluator, you are expected to put the questions that would be associated with performing the task with the help of shortcut keys, menus, toolbars. Ideally, the time gives for this test could be almost one hour maximum for the 35 questions.

What does the Test Include?

The candidate who answers a maximum question in less span of time is expected to be the part of the next round of interview. This way, the test gives a platform for the employer to evaluate and compare amongst the potential candidates and then draw the fruitful; conclusion on which would be the right candidate to be selected. The test usually consists of the questions associated with 2013 and 2016 platform or even the earlier one since till date they are used the most. The test level may vary depending upon the experience of the person. This way it is categorized into advanced, basic and even the intermediate level.

The test also includes the questions on some crucial topic such as Editing, File Management, Tools & Automation, Formatting, Tables & Graphics, and Printing to name a few. This test is ideally best suited to hire the people for the position of clerical skill, accounting position, and even the regular employment skills. With quick analysis and easy to conduct, as an employer, it should not be any problem for you to do the assessment through such test.

The reason why you are advised to conduct a Microsoft word test is to understand whether you have the candidate who can fulfill the job requirements or not. This will eventually reduce your time and money that you would have to spend on training the candidate. Rather, it gives you an efficient yet the fastest solution to make the smart hiring decision. With investment in form of money and great returns in form of the candidate, suffice it to say, that hiring the right candidate with such assessment will certainly be fruitful.

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