TOP 6 Colorado Motels to Stay Close to Nature

What is your favorite travel destination? Speaking about America, you should try Colorado. It is extremely popular for all natives and foreign tourists. People come here by car from all over the continent. Colorado car travel opens new horizons, and new interesting places to visit. It is not a problem to rent a car in Colorado and go to explore the city and neighborhoods. Let’s find out why?

Squaw Ridge Lava Bed Wilderness Study Area from Green Mountain Campground


Why Visit Colorado?

There are many reasons for that:

  1. Mountains

Of course, the most popular reason why people come to visit Colorado is nature, mostly mountains. You can find serious peaks here. You should visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, and never miss all nearby natural top-high attractions.

  1. Skiing

Legendary ski resorts are popular far abroad the country. Some of them are the best in the world. Remember this name: Winter Park Resort. It offers three peaks for skiing.

  1. Spas

The Spas are usually offered as additional piece of service. After a hard adventurous day you have an opportunity to enjoy the local SPAs.

The list is not full. Every tourist come to find own emotions and new impressions. But, the hot question is where to stay?



Where to Stay in Colorado?

You can find a lot of different places to stay here: hotels, hostels, apartments. You may try even couch surfing programs. The choice is huge. There are also really scaring places, like from the Stephen King’s scripts. So, let’s check them!


Want something local and colorful to stay? There are many houses in Colorado. But you have to spend time to get to. They are mostly situated high in the mountains or deep in the forests. You have to go miles and miles to reach the hotel. The most popular place for hiking tourists is OPUS hut, offering marvelous views and local meals. That simply means that you have to spend the most of your free time for walking and exploring places around. The service is good, including full-meal set. Of course, it is needed to pay additional money for lunch and dinner. The price for room is about $40 per person. Come here in summer!

Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout

This is a popular building located on the top of the mountain. Its unique location and facade made of old stones and glass is impressive. People come here to spend the night! You have to give about $100-150 to stay here. The second floor is made of glass. Thus, you can meet the sunset lying in the bed. There is no water communications here, so to take a bath you have to fire the water. If you feel hungry, you have a well-equipped kitchen in the house. But still, you cannot find the water. It is better to take it with you. It’s not easy as you can get here only by hiking.

Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim 0044


Carr Manor B&B

The simple but atmospheric hotel was a Cripple Creek school building many years ago. The classrooms have been rebuilt into the hotel suits. But the atmosphere is till like in the old school house. There is even a blackboard on the wall. You can take a chalk and leave your message here. The place in filled with antique furniture. There is even a big ballroom that was an old auditorium in the past life. What about the prices? The rates start from $100 and go up to $500.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in the most popular place to stay that all people know. It is situated in the Estes Park. Why popular? If you know about the Stephen King’s The Shining…it was writing here. Since then, the hotel is rated as a historic place, including movie history. The prices for a room start from $ 200.

Antique Piano Stanley Hotel


Best Western Movie Manor

What an interesting idea to combine a motel with the movie theater. Didn’t you expect that? Just imagine how romantic it is to stay in your room and watch movie through the room window on the big screen. This hotel is comfortable situated in the South part of Colorado. The Sand Dunes National Park is near here.



Far View Lodge

This is a unique place that is situated on the territory of National Park. Wow! You are in the center of the Colorado main attraction! It’s very comfortable for tourists who come here for exploring natural sights. What can you see from the hotel window? The most of the windows go to the state nature. The most expensive, the lodge windows go to the wild nature. The rooms don’t have TVs or WiFi connection. But there is a cozy restaurant. Hurry up! The hotel welcomes visitors in spring and summer season. The cheapest room starts from $120. The price also depends on the season when you come here.

You can find your own favorite unique place to stay in Colorado. If you are nature lover, you may simply rent a minibus and stay on the camp in one of the state parks. That’s adventurous! Remember, local hotels are not high0fashion luxury apartments. They are plain and simple, made of natural materials and located in the heart of Colorado wild life.

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