Beat The Summer Heat With Trendy Swimwear

Beat The Summer Heat With Trendy Swimwear

Swimwear is not only for women but for men and kids alike. When choosing the best swimwear, it is advisable to consider your body type, structure, height, and weight. Also, you can consider how much you want to hide/show your body.

For women, choosing the right swimsuit is essential because women wish to look sexy and feel at ease at the same time.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you are planning to swim amidst a huge crowd, you surely want to avoid any embarrassment. For instance, the straps fall off hence it’s better to choose a fabric which is stretchy and light.

If you have smaller boobs, wear Brazilian swimwear because these are specially designed for women with a small bust. Such women should preferably wear a two-piece instead of one-piece swimwear. Padded tops with a touch of underwire and adjustable straps are an excellent choice. Bandeau tops only go well for small bust women. So go on and show off that bust.

Halter-top bikinis are a good choice for heavy breast women to show off their sexy cleavage. Buy wide straps rather than thin ones to give extra support and lift. Avoid strapless bandeau tops.

Bikini with cut high on thigh will make your legs look toned. Shun boy shorts in skirted bikinis that make you look smaller. Instead, opt for a printed top and solid colored bikini that will draw attention to your curves.

For long body shape, boy skirts are a decent option. You don’t want to look like a beanpole at the beach, right? Simply put, stay away from stripes. Instead, buy swimwear in bright and vibrant colors. Scratch terry and velvet is suitable for such body types.

But I have a Small Waist?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Slim women mostly wear a strapless bandeau or one-piece swimsuits with a cut high on thigh. One shall enhance illusion by adding ruffles and bows to hips.

For wide shouldered women, lessen the effect by evading the “V” silhouette and wearing the bikinis with sports accents at the hips. Wide shoulder straps and square necklines make you look incredible.

If you are a plus size woman, wear dark colors and floral middles. Avoid too much fabric and remember – it is perfectly fine to avoid revealing too much skin. Here’s a friendly reminder – A deep v-neckline can change your look completely.

Got “big bottoms”, mini-skirted bikinis are just right for you. Don’t go for frill ones though. Get a solid bottom and printed top for a chic look. A horizontal neckline and wide straps will balance your look.

Make sure to have measurements before you set out to buy the best swimsuit.

Can Men Wear Swimsuits?

Of course, they can!

Most men prefer to wear shorts to show off the well-toned quads and calves. Ideally, avoid shorts with large prints. For taller men, a good balance between legs and swimsuit is the safest option. Opt for long shorts – i.e. ones that are knee-length.  Tall guys have the most freedom in choosing swimwear.

For healthier looking men, it is vital to maintaining a balance. If you are short, don’t go for long shorts since it makes the stomach look fatter. If you are tall, avoid tight shorts. Sport cuts shorts are ideal for healthy swimmers and dark colors are good to streamline the silhouette. Go for vertical stripes, these will make you look taller and thinner. Flat front shorts with ties are perfect for people with extra weight.

Kids Can Have Fun Too!

Likewise, kids can buy their favorite swimsuits. Two-piece tankinis look adorable on infants. One-piece infant suit with flowers gives a perfect beach look.

Shorts are the stellar choice for infants, toddlers and boys alike. For young girls, one piece is a safe option however for children above 6, 2 piece suits are the best. Boys usually love superheroes, cars, or dinosaurs on their suits. While girls like floral prints.

Whatever you wear, make sure it makes you feel happy! Don’t put yourself down thinking others look better in a swimsuit. As long as you are comfortable in your swimwear, nothing shall make you feel low.

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