Athleisure Classics to Make You Look and Feel Fantastic

Athleisure is the trend that simply won’t lie down. Why is it so enduring? Perhaps because it’s a grassroots movement rather than something that’s been enforced from the runway down: it started with people’s natural preference for the comfort of sportswear in other situations, which was capitalised on by designers to add a fashion flair to the previously merely functional clothing. Being able to make a fashion statement and signal that you have your finger on the pulse without

Today we’re taking a look at some classics of the Athleisure genre, to make sure you’re not missing any of the essentials in your casual wardrobe.


One of the places the athleisure trend started was the popularity of yoga pants, so picking a pair of comfortable and fashionable sportswear pants is vital to round out your wardrobe.

The ones you pick depend on what you intend to be using them for. If you’re interest in athleisure is to bring some of the flair of the fashion world to the gym, then you’re going to want a harder wearing pair of pants, like Adidas’ own.

If what you’re looking for with your athleisure wardrobe is the comfort of sportswear brought into every day life, you need to look at the luxury end of the spectrum. A cashmere trackpant for example or Versace’s velvet incarnation of the garments bring some luxury to your life and some comfort to your everyday, even if they aren’t items you’d choose to wear to the gym or the athletics track.


An outfit should be built from the ground up, so it’s important to start with the right shoes. Here, fashion, comfort and health all overlap. The athleisure trend takes it cues from the world of exercise, so the trainers and sneakers it produces are often built with those principles in mind: providing both comfort and the necessary structure to support your feet where they need it. The fashion side upgrades these designs with high end materials, and flourishes like a rose-gold finish.

This is one area where there’s a huge amount to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect shoes to fit both your foot and your look.

These are only two of the ways that athleisure has infiltrated wardrobes across the world, but they’re the two most important foundations of an outfit that crosses comfort with fashion for a unique and striking effect so it’s well worth taking the time to get them right!

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