5 Scenic Places to Camp in the US

camping in USA

Camping is one of the all-time great ‘uniquely American’ activities out there. This is thanks not just to our pioneering spirit but also because of the incredible wildlife, wide prairie ranges, open spaces and of course the medley of diverse climates. In short, there is something to suit everyone, especially when it comes to absolutely gorgeous vistas that can literally take your breath away with their sheer beauty.

Many Americans simply love to ‘turn off the grid’ so that they can also commune with Momma nature.  Let us look at some of the most eye-catching campsites in the good ol’ U.S. of A.


Should you be camping with your family and friends that have distinctly eclectic tastes, opt for places where it would be possible to vary your experience daily! This is the part where the Ludington State Park in Michigan comes into the picture. Why? Quite simply because it can keep everyone entertained easily enough. Prepare your lightweight campers and put your outdoor gear in order before heading out to this magical destination.

For starters, there is the possibility to take a dip and go swimming in Lake Michigan. However, if getting all wet and bothered is not your style, then there are kayak rentals, jet skiing, sand dunes, beach walks, and of course, taking long rambles through the forests simply made for nature hikes. This is an ideal place to pitch your tent and get on with your trip.


This place is an ecological marvel. There’s so much to explore than exceptional trees and hiking trails. The destination has three different ecosystems, all in the same park. From hills to forests, it has it all. Here, you can not only take your evening constitution on a hill, but you can also easily watch the great whales on their annual migrating to their summer or winter feeding grounds as well.

o   White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

If you are the hardy and pioneering sort and want to emulate the trailblazers of yesteryears, then a rugged hike on raw mountainous terrain is just the thing for you.  In fact, there is no need to look further than the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire. This park is located in the northernmost part of the Appalachian Valley.  The best season to camp here would be in mid-fall. The sights are particularly magical at the time when the leaves are in free fall. Apart from that, this place is absolutely huge.  As a matter of fact, this forest park has no less than four drive-in campgrounds and all combined, they boast of at least 800 campsites in total.

o   The Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

The Shenandoah National Park is merely a short drive from Washington D.C with an estimated 500 miles of trails all along its pathways. However, the highlight of this scenic park is the Old Rag Mountain hike. The scenery from the top is absolutely gorgeous. It’s open in all the seasons, barring winter. But make sure that you have the right tent with you in case, there is a tropical downpour. The last thing you want is to worry about wet clothes!

o   Assateague Island Campgrounds, Maryland

The Assateague Island Campgrounds are located only a scarce nine miles or so south of Ocean City. These camping grounds mean miles of sandy beaches for swimming, kayaking, camping, surfing, crabbing biking, and horse riding.

o   Conclusion

These are but only a few of the great camping spots in the USA and there are plenty more other equally scenic sights, should you be interested in looking for them. So which one would you choose first?

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