Five tips to positively increase the airG reviews of your app

Mobile apps are constantly changing the way we live our lives today. From a local coffee shop to the grocery store around the corner, we have an app for everything. There are over 3 million apps in Google Play and App Store altogether. In such densely crowded space, it is essential for developers to use the best means possible to set out from the rest in the market. Scoring maximum positive ratings and reviews will help your app make it to the top charts. Studies reveal that online reviews play a paramount role in ranking applications.

On a general note, the opinion of others plays a major role in purchasing decisions made by most people. Virtual world also follows a similar mindset. Users prefer seeing ratings when deciding which app to download. Around 85% of the consumers trust online reviews as much as the personal recommendations. In short, positive reviews will quite definitely enhance discoverability of your app and amplify the download numbers.

As far as review forums are concerned, a multitude of platforms exists online allowing people to communicate and share their views over various topics. Among these, AirG Buzz and AirG Lifestyle Chat are well-known for their easy interface plus meaningful discussions. Essentially a mobile software industry with a huge variety of mobile applications, AirG has built up a reputation of being exceptionally diverse. These forums discuss a variety of topics varying from celebrity lifestyles to the efficacy of different mobile applications. In addition to that, the products and services of AirG serve over 100 million consumers globally which makes it integral for the app developers to ensure positive AirG reviews for their application.

Here are five ways to help your mobile app get more positive AirG reviews as well as other platforms:

Plug-in feature for App Review

The easiest way to get reviews and positive ratings for your app is to prompt your users. Numerous turn-key plugins are available for iOS and Android making the whole process of leaving reviews quite simple. For instance, you can go for embedding a feedback function within the application or incorporate pop-ups that appear at fixed intervals. An important aspect to note of is that you must be careful of timing these pop-ups because there’s a very thin line between being annoying and being helpful. If you do not take care of that, you might end up with poor reviews and disappointed users.

Invest in a good user interface

One thing that is a constant for all kinds of the app is that it should be user-friendly. Regardless of the function, you are providing to the target market; it is important that each app should be usable. This means focusing on display items such as background, icons, and font as well as ensuring the content you provide is meaningful. If none of these are viable for your consumers, there are high chances that they will turn to others in the market leaving disappointed remarks across notable review forums. A good user-interface does not compel people to surf through and struggle to find what they need, but it tends to solve problems even before the user thinks about it. Hence, the whole layout of an app matters as much as the content.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers only prefer businesses that are responsive and efficient. The high degree of responsiveness plays a key role in ensuring that users return satisfied. The mobile apps that are slow in responding can get a user frustrated, and eventually, he/she deletes the app. So, it is essential that you provide an excellent interactive environment to your users. There are various options of web-based dashboards that are integrated to have a live, two-way instant messaging window within the app. Such systems allow you to go way beyond a pre-populated mail form and provide an optimized customer support experience.

Offer incentives for app reviews

People often choose to ignore app review requests. If you are willing to juice up your app review numbers, you need to go an extra mile. Incentivizing reviews is a good option. A powerful incentive on virtual grounds might be an in-app currency or additional points. It is advisable to use incentives that are ethical and not forceful. For instance, compelling users to watch videos and in turn, making them earn access to exclusive features. Quite obviously, these measures will not bring honest feedback, and your app might score negative reviews on other platforms.

Avoid resemblance

Unique outlook and features are crucial components to secure a distinct identification in the market. If you are offering an app that is more or less similar to others in the stores, it is probable you may never make it up the charts. App monetization is indeed a fundamental feature to consider if you are willing for maximized positive reviews. Whatsapp versus IMO is a good example of app monetization. To cut it short, very few people will come across and download your app if you are offering similar features as others.

In light of these ideas, it is quite clear that if you are willing to get positive AirG reviews, the first and foremost step is to increase traffic on your mobile application. You need to begin with flawless strategies to make your mark in the industry using distinguished features and offering unique services to your users.  Give them a reason to rate and review. Your whole focus should be on developing an exceptional application and delivering the best services. If a user returns satisfied, they are surely going to rave about your app.

So, work hard on improvising, optimizing and progressing. Positive reviews are surely coming your way if you follow all these basics of app development.

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