Benefits of Using OCR Technology

In recent years, computer work is increasing day by day. You all have a series of files and you waste your valuable hours typing the same information again and again. Your fingers must be aching from the constant typing and copying every character mentioned in the text of the file There seems to be no option. You must thankful to the technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which gives you some truly necessary relief. This technology is capable to deliver you editing, file scanning, and insertion and allows you to make content without the dreary typing. It delivers superior document support and storage and enhances every office environment.


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OCR technology allows converting printed or hard copy content into digital files. It makes the data entry work easier. It is used to transfer the documents such as industry articles, payrolls, invoices, tax documents, financial statements, legal filings and contact information to PCs, tablets and more. OCR syncs them to each framework and ensures automated presentations.

The company Soft Solutions has developed the software named JPG to Word Converter which is basically developed to fulfill all these requirements. The procedure for converting the file is very simple. First of all, you need to download the software and then, there are some steps you have to carry out:


  1. Once the download is completed, install the software.
  2. Now, select the image file you want to convert. You can take the scanned file as well.
  3. Choose the output format “Word (Doc)”.
  4. Select the desired language and check the “Auto Rotate” and “Auto Skew” options to correct the rotation and the skew of the file.
  5. It is time to click the option “Save”. Your file conversion is done in just few minutes.

In summary

JPG to Word Converter is worthwhile for the people who have a daily task of converting the image file. It is capable to convert your document in any format like PDF, DOC, and HTML. You obtain lots of features at one platform. Also, it makes your work error free. Hence, I suggest tech users select this software to do the work of converting the file effectively.

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