CoolSculpting for Flanks and Sides: Treatment Centers to Consider

Nobody ever likes being fat. Most of us spend days watching fitness videos and reading special diet articles on the internet. And then we end up trying some of these things. Maybe you did the same. But here is what happened at first, you tried exercising for a few days, saw no result, and then gave it up. You did the same with dieting. Later you learned your lesson that these things require time and patience. So you gave your best in your third or fourth attempt. But although exercise or diet paid off in the long run, one problem remained. And that’s the fat on your flanks or sides.

The flank is the part of your body that is located between your rib cage and the hip bone. Flanks are also called love handles. They are also the part of the party from where fat is the hardest to lose. Sometimes even heavy exercise or extreme diet may also fail to help you lose the fat stored in the flanks. Apart from the obvious side effects of accumulated body fat, the fat in this particular region of your body also affects your body image negatively.

You may fail to fit in some of your clothes because of this fat. And looking at your body in the mirror might make you feel bad about yourself. Negative body image can also cause severe psychological disorders.


A great way to get rid of the fat from your flanks is CoolSculpting. It is the procedure in which the unnecessary fat in your body is frozen with the help of controlled cooling. The frozen fat cells die and then get eliminated from your body. With the help of this simple procedure, you get a well-defined body.

And what’s great about CoolSculpting is that it is FDA-approved. In fact, it is the only FDA-approved non- surgical fat reduction treatment. So you can take your chances with CoolSculpting without having to worry about the side effects. Another plus point about the procedure is that it is permanent. Once you lose those fat cells, they are never coming back.

How does it Work:

CoolSculpting is a highly controlled process of fat removal. It works by targetting fat cells under your skin with precisely controlled cooling. The targetted cells freeze and turn into crystals. Once in crystallized form, the cells die. Over time, these dead cells get eliminated from your body, and you end up with a nicely curved body.

Treatment Centers to Consider:

If you are thinking of getting CoolSculpting for flanks, then you need to know about the best treatment centers. You can’t just visit any clinic that claims to do CoolSculpting as it is a complex procedure and can only be carried out by the experts. Here are three of the best CoolSculpting centers that you can consider:

1. CoolSculpting at Body By:

One of the best CoolSculpting treatment centers in the U.S. is located in Indiana. The best thing about CoolSculpting at Body By is that they think of their patients as individuals. They try to understand each patient’s specific needs so they can cater to them accordingly. They have a highly qualified team of professionals that never disappoint a patient. The experience of CoolSculpting at Body By and team shows in the work they have done so far with their numerous patients. Each member of their team is highly skilled and come together to make a treatment plan for each patient. Making an appointment with CoolSculpting at Body By is pretty easy. All you have to do is enter your
details in a form on their website, and you will have an appointment with one of America’s most successful CoolSculpting team.

2. CoolSculpting Treatment Center New Jersey:

This treatment center is run under the leadership of one of America’s best physicians, Dr. Merlo. She has won numerous awards and is known as the top doctor in New Jersey. The New Jersey CoolSculpting Treatment Center offers a free consultation to all new patients and also 25% off on their first CoolSculpting package. It is the kind of offer that no one should miss. You can schedule the appointment via call or their website.

3. CoolSpa:

CoolSpa is New York & number one CoolSculpting provider. Their team is full of trained nurses, aestheticians, and plastic surgeons. Spas bring comfort and peace to the mind, the same way Coolspa brings comfort to your body by removing the unwanted fat from it. Coolspa has 10,000 successful CoolSculpting procedures to its credit. You can learn more about them via their website and book an appointment through a call.

So if you have gotten tired of exercise and diet then maybe it is time to give CoolSculpting a shot. It is the safest way to lose the fat stores in your flanks. No need to throw away those jeans you can’t fit in anymore. Get CoolSculpting done so you can start wearing the clothes you want.

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