Why everyone loves Mumbai

The commercial capital of India; Mumbai is famous for its chaotic streets, impressive structures, and lively atmosphere. It is being said that one should visit the city at least once in a life. This is a place where high-profile fashion stores stand side by side with a street market. Similarly, an expensive restaurant is placed near the street food stalls. The city also has a rich history as well as cultural background. It is considered as the home for stunning shopping markets, wonderful art museums, and India’s best nightlife. One more feature of the city is it has the biggest tropical forest in the middle of the city. Some of Asia’s largest slums are also located in Mumbai. People from all over the country and globe love Mumbai for many reasons. Let’s have a look at those reasons.

  1. Delicious food-

    The city has transformed from a small village to the metropolitan area over the years. At the same time, the cuisine has also undergone a great evolution. The food options in Mumbai mainly include rice, fish, vegetables, delicious curries and sweets. You will get to test a variety of options especially when you try from the street food stalls. You don’t need to dress up and go to the lavish restaurants to taste delicious food. You will find stall and vendors at every corner. The must-try dishes are the Bombay sandwich, Bhel Puri, Kebabs and Kanda Poha.

  2. Shopping markets-

    Mumbai is filled with so many captivating markets. If you want to explore the city, the best way is to roam around from market to market and do a lot of shopping. You can experience the thrill of shopping in traditional bazaars as well as modern options like shopping malls in the city. Some of the famous shopping spots are Fashion Street, Zaveri Bazaar, Chor Bazaar for antiques and many others.

  3. History and culture-

    Mumbai have many sites that showcase the historical heritage. The Gateway of India is the most iconic place in this capital of Maharashtra. It also has many museums, caves, attractive architecture. One of the most remarkable places is Elephanta Caves which has many temples, halls along with the sculptures of gods engraved in stones. The old city of Bombay is also endowed with many temples and monuments including Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Haji Ali Mosque, Gandhi house, and many others. So, have a stay in any of the best hotels in Mumbai and ride a local or taxi to visit these places when you are on a tour to Mumbai.

  4. Nightlife-

    The nightlife of the city is considered as the best nightlife in India. The streets come after the sunset with various food stalls, nightclubs, and bars. The party lovers can have the best time visiting the clubs and shaking the legs on rocking music.

  5. Bollywood-

    We all know very well that, Mumbai is the home for Hindi film industry which is known as Bollywood. Many of the visitors come to Mumbai just to visit those wonderful theaters and the studios of Film City or to have the glimpses of their favorite Bollywood stars who are residing mostly in Bandra.

These are a few reasons why everyone loves Mumbai. If you are also willing to visit the city and experience all the joys the city has to offer, plan your holiday, do online room booking and get ready to witness the glory of the city.

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