Impact on local store owners from online grocery delivering system

The technology keeps on changing every day. The Internet has connected each and every person from all directions of the earth. With the introduction of the internet, it has caused changes in every little thing. Everything has now become easily accessible even when sitting at home and doing nothing. The Internet has introduced us to the online ordering system. The introduction to online ordering and delivering system has changed the whole scenario of every industry as it is delivering everything with only a few clicks of the user.

Effects of Online Ordering System

With the introduction of e-commerce, everything has become easier as the payment of purchased goods can be done by card or an e-wallet system. Even cash on delivery option is available for every product. Due to attractive promo codes and offers the shipping charges are either decreased or even not applied. This all has resulted in higher demand and growth of an online retail business. The startups in the online retail industry have cost the local retail industry a huge decrease in earnings. Because of the attractive offers and easy delivering system, it sometimes cost less than buying it from local sellers. This affects the business of local retailers.

E-Commerce is taking over in each and every category of retail industry. Electronics, clothes, footwear, jewelry and what not. Even they take the order of monthly groceries and deliver to your doorstep. Before the launch of applications or websites for ordering groceries online, the customer had to visit the local store and buy everything by himself/herself. But now applications like Instacart has taken up the responsibility of providing groceries to the doorstep of the customer.

Ordering Groceries Online With InstaCart

The customers can order the groceries online and they do not need to go to any local grocery store and ask for goods. The application will take care of it. It will take the order from a user and provide the ordered products from the local store only. It will notify the local store owner of the requirements of the user and the shop owner will use the delivery system provided by the application to deliver the order to the user. The payment of ordered things can be done either via card or cash or an e-wallet system. It does not limit itself until here. These applications also provide exclusive offers which are successful in attracting customers towards them. With the medium of such offers, the advertisement of certain brands or items can be done effectively. They also take good care of products/groceries when in transit. Which allows the items to remain in the fresh or unbroken state during transition also. As the delivery is to be done from local shops only, it takes less time to deliver these items to the customer. Also, the customer can schedule the delivery of items by “buy later” option. The customers can also track the order in transit and can contact the delivery person also.

Thus the Instacart works as the mediator between the buyer and the shop owner. It arranges the delivery of items from the shop owners who are well known in the local market and thus guarantees best products or from the store user was used to buy groceries. Hence the user has been assured for the quality of products being the best as either he/she has already bought products from the store in past or the store is known locally for providing best quality products that the Instacart is ordering from now. Hence it provides a business opportunity for local store owners and delivery persons along with ensuring the best quality products to the buyer. So this application is more likely to increase the earning of stores that are registered with it. So the belief of negative impact on the business of local shop owners is proved to be a myth.

Opportunity Knocks!!

An application like this turns out to be a better opportunity for entrepreneurs. They can own such application or website and work as a mediator between customer and shop owner. But owning one such application or website demands a higher need for investments. But the small startups cannot support such expensive needs. Also if they are owning one such application or website, it will need an entire staff for the maintenance of this application or website. Which results in higher consumption of money.

If an option is available which includes the ownership of application along with the assurance of fewer charges required after maintenance than that is an opportunity to grab right away. With the current trend of on-demand applications like instacart clone it is possible. This option helps in owning a similar application which works just like Instacart and comes with a benefit of costing fewer charges. It will cost less and you can demand changes in it whenever it is required. Also, the attractive features of it turn out to be more user-friendly and are beneficial for increasing earnings.

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