4 Ideas For A Memorable Anniversary Celebration

Sometimes anniversaries come and go so quickly that they often get lost and forgotten in amongst your busy day-to-day lives. Whether you’ve been married for 1 or 20 years, it’s important that you take the time out to make your anniversary more meaningful than your last – after all, every anniversary is an exciting new milestone in your lives. 

So many of us forget to invest a little bit of time into our anniversaries and, instead of doing something new or memorable, after a few years, you might find you’ve grown bored of meals out or going to the cinema, so here are some ideas of how you can have a truly memorable anniversary celebration. 


Plan An Exciting Trip

In an ideal world, many of us would jet off and go on the most lavish and extravagant vacation we can afford for our yearly anniversary celebrations. However, the problem is that sometimes finances, jobs and busy lives often don’t allow us to take those lavish holidays we all dream of. 

However, as a couple, you should never forget just how valuable it is to just get away from it all for a couple of days. Even just a change in your daily routine is enough to reset your batteries and feel more intuned with one another. Plan a trip to a new destination and enjoy making new memories with your partner.


Cook Your Wedding Menu

At the time, choosing your wedding menu is a fun thing to do with your husband or wife to-be and seems to be one of the most important tasks when planning a wedding. However, on the day you’ll probably have been so wrapped up in the rest of your wedding that you didn’t really pay much attention to it. 

If you and your partner are having a relaxed anniversary celebration, then cooking your wedding menu is a great way to surprise your other half and is a great way to create some fun memories – even if it does all go disastrously wrong, at least you’ll both laugh about it! 


Enroll In A Fun Class 

Sure, luxury jewellery and flowers still make for nice anniversary gifts, but if you and your partner find yourself often doing the same things all the time, then use your anniversary as an excuse to book something new and exciting which you can both learn and do together. 

Whether it be rock climbing or cooking, you’ll both have fun getting involved in something new together and it may even kick-start a new hobby for you both to enjoy when you have time together. Try to choose something which you wouldn’t usually do and which neither of you has tried before – this will make it even more fun!


Go On A Scavenger Hunt

If you want to spend time together as a family celebrating your anniversary, then a fun scavenger hunt is a great way to get out and enjoy the day together. Create a map and take them to some memorable locations which signify something important within your relationship, such as your first date location or where you got married. 

Try to include some clues, riddles or I-Spy games if you have younger children, or plan a nice meal to enjoy at the end of your scavenger hunt if you have older children. 

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